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Balloon Payment - You Still Pay Interest on The Balloon Portion, Right?

From: https://au.pfinance.yahoo.com/compare/personal-loans/article... When buying a car, you have the ability to ask for a balloon payment at the end of your car loan. For example, if you buy a …

Jetstar Airways

Jetstar poor customer service, Australian low cost carrier = non sensical service?

So we were travelling back last month from Honolulu - Melbourne, via Sydney. Pre-purchased 60 kgs, carried 3 suitcases checked in from Honolulu. We didn't take note exactly how much weight each …

Paying cash for second hand car by private seller

Hi guys, just need some general info here.

HELP - Portable Hard Disk

Since my less than 1 year old seagate decided to stop working yesterday while I need one for travelling in less than a week, does anyone know if there is currently a good deal on portable hdd (2.5", w

HOYTS vouchers - where to buy $10 or less?

Where do u guys buy movie vouchers these days? Need to stock up with great movies (mostly 3D) about to be released. $20+ pp for 3D is a daylight robbery! Last month I bought couple from a friend, I …