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7-11 Fuel Lock Problems

Has anyone had a dodgy 7-11 employee void their fuel lock price by giving you a different discount on your account such as a $1 discount for coffee? I just went to fuel up today and had my locked …

People who refuse to keep left

I’ve seen so many people driving on clear empty highway just chilling in the right lane, forcing me to overtake on the left which is not ideal. What’s your problem with keeping left?

What's Going on with These Crazy Prices I Am Getting for Insurance?

I am shopping around for insurance for my 2013 Lexus IS 350, the cheapest price I've found so far is around $3000. I am 26 with my full licence no fines/claims ever. Most of the major companies …

Does It Feel Like OzBargain Has Been Infiltrated with Sales People as of Late?

Has anybody noticed almost every post is from an employee and pretty much very little posts from consumers? Also, people are much more likely now to defend shitty business practices.


Woolworths Just Sold All Its Petrol Stations in Australia

I just saw an article saying Woolworths had sold all its petrol stations in Australia. I’m just wondering how this is going to impact people buying e-gift cards for 5% discount.