Does It Feel Like OzBargain Has Been Infiltrated with Sales People as of Late?

Has anybody noticed almost every post is from an employee and pretty much very little posts from consumers?

Also, people are much more likely now to defend shitty business practices.


  • If only there was someone on staff to ask who does stats on a monthly basis…

    Year Month Rep Post Non-Rep Posts % of Rep Posts
    2017 8 496 2157 18.70%
    2017 9 495 2337 17.48%
    2017 10 500 2193 18.57%
    2017 11 718 3002 19.30%
    2017 12 540 2701 16.66%
    2018 1 423 2314 15.45%
    2018 2 442 2203 16.71%
    2018 3 497 2555 16.28%
    2018 4 462 2308 16.68%
    2018 5 532 2512 17.48%
    2018 6 566 2904 16.31%
    2018 7 507 2572 16.47%
    2018 8 599 2529 19.15%
    2018 9 676 2248 23.12%
    2018 10 655 2464 21.00%
    2018 11 963 3951 19.60%
    2018 12 691 3340 17.14%
    2019 1 600 2588 18.82%
    2019 2 594 2290 20.60%
    2019 3 676 2707 19.98%
    2019 4 663 2374 21.83%
    2019 5 771 2767 21.79%
    2019 6 773 3048 20.23%
    2019 7 709 2994 19.15%
    2019 8 375 1423 20.86%
    • 2 Year Average 18.77% vs. August 2019 20.86%

    EDIT: Messed up the SQL query on the first go. :)


      3.85%?! Damn that's some serious infiltration!

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      haahah Neil doesnt accept upvotes

      I would also say employees are in the know of good deals coming out

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        I would also say employees are in the know of good bad deals coming out

        Fixed that for you.

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      how accurate is that data when its completely up to the user to associated themselves?

      I'm especially talking about deals linked to ebay or amazon accounts


        Mods are very strict with sockpuppeting, and do have checks they can do.

        Not that sometimes things get missed or they can't prove otherwise.

        Still, relax yeah? There's not that many L-plate posters lately, and they all come under scrutiny.

      • Our system audits voting, posting etc and moderators are constantly investigating sockpuppeting. 40 deals were removed in June for sockpuppeting. Obviously we can't find everyone but if you do have suspicions please do use the report link.

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    Please provide some examples.



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    From what I can see on the latest 20 posts, only 4 are associated. So not almost every post. Look at it carefully and get your facts right :)

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    people are much more likely now to defend shitty business practices.

    It's the other way around. If a new business posts a deal. Users won't hesitate to neg if it isn't a bargain.

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      Yup. I'm a lot more ruthless with business-posted deals than consumer posted ones. My logic is, if you're in that industry selling that product, you should know what a good price is. Rather than a customer who might actually think a price is good because it's lower than RRP, etc.

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        Plus by neg voting on store rep deals, you limit their posting abilities.

        By negging an L-plate poster, or someone not sure, it could end in tears :/

        I'll very rarely neg a normal member (tho did today!). If I do, it's because I'm the first (generally), but not to 'gang up'.

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        I'm a lot more ruthless with business-posted deals than consumer posted ones.

        lol. This is why I don't post business deals on behalf of my wife. She has a business & I know that her items are cheaper than other businesses in the same industry (wedding). It won't be considered a deal because it won't appeal to the ozbargain community & may get negged or not enough +. I know her jewellery is cheaper but just the fact that people don't know the real prices, especially men when it comes to organising weddings, engagements etc.

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          Hahaha, while I'm tempted to say "Go for it, we'll be gentle!" I completely agree with you that you'll no doubt get a lot of comments saying "People spend how much for a wedding? That's ridiculous!"

          And they'd be right, no one needs to spend (any amount) on a wedding, but that applies to holidays, booze, chocolates, anything but milk, bread and butter really. So probably the smart choice on your part.

          (Plus, wedding stuff tends to always be in demand. I know some friends in the industry and they get more than enough business just from word of mouth.)


    I've seen more than usual but that's only because I scrolled more pages and more specific areas, each time they've just posted an Ad rather than a bargain =

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    Next question?

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    OZB has been infiltrated by others. I liked it better when it was just us.

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    Not all of us reps post bad stuff ;)

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    I think it's been infiltrated by alcoholics.

    While I was jumpin' and pumpin', building up a hard-earned thirst due to liftin' and shiftin', we had 3 alcohol deals hit the front page in a row at about noon (Grants, Asahi, Kraken). I don't know if it's more concerning that the deals were posted at noon on a weekday or upvoted at noon on a weekday.

    Take it easy, friends:


    My impression and it's only an impression is that the posted Ebay Plus deals have taken off like a rocket lately. After my 6 month free trial expired, naturally.


    I don't think people are necessarily defending shitty practices but some of the expectation some OzBargainers have are just out of this world. Mistakes happen and you have people trying to force businesses to honor pricing errors, etc (some real low stuff). I'm all for an honest deal but some people here will swoop real low just to save a few bucks, for me that just isn't worth it. To each their own I suppose.

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