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50% off Food at Selected Restaurants via The Fork


Kicking off on Monday, July 1, The Fork Festival will see over 250 top restaurants across the country offering sit-down meals for 50% off food.

Choose your state to view the list of restaurants here:


Examples of locations in Sydney are:

Pilu at Freshwater, Potts Point wine bar Monopole, Chow Manly Wharf and Berowra Waters Inn, Ormeggio at the Spit.
Fratelli Fresh Alexandria and Crows Nest, and dumpling empire Din Tai Fung in Chatswood, Central Park and Miranda.

More info here:


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  • Is this for the eastern states only? Wil W.A get any love?

  • 50% off $500 is $250.

  • "Melbourne spots include Prahran's Casa NOM, Burma Lane in the CBD, South Yarra's Abacus and Pretty Boy Italian Steakhouse. Brisbane folk can score discounts at the likes of Comuna Cantina, River Quay Fish and The French Bistrot, and Perth diners should put Angove Kitchen & Espresso Bar, Prince Lane and Street Eats Eatery on their radar."

    • I wouldn't mind trying out Burma Lane and Pretty Boy Italian Steakhouse.. at half price, I'm there.

      Hopefully there won't be too many conditions.

      I wonder what other restaurants will offer this promo.

      • My local fish n chip joint will be offering half price on chiko rolls, dim sims, onions rings, corn jacks, fish cakes, battered sausages and large chips. They said they couldn’t risk a defection of their regulars.

    • Where did you find this?

    • Burma lane aside, I don't know what would make these top restaurants

  • Those restaurants regularly have 50% Off, the ones in Melbourne. This is nothing new

  • Hopefully a deal for Meat and Wine Co. In Perth.

  • What thefork?

  • any love for Canberra?

  • This will be good, can't wait to see what's available.

  • It’s only off the food part of the bill, not entire…should update the post

  • How about Brisbane?

  • +2 votes

    This is an ongoing deal just with added restaurants. We are off to harajuku gyoza again with 50% off tomorrow. Still worth knowing the new ones are to be added 30 June.

    • How was Harajuku Gyoza We are planning to go this weekend!

      • Brilliant. Salaryman banquet comes to 17.50 per head essentially all you can eat if you all commit and there is at least 4 on the table. I didn't this time as we had kids but we had all that we could eat with kids lying in a food coma for 5 people and was under $50 excluding beers. Even for an ozbargainer it was a tad embarrassing as I paid given the quality and quantity of the food we ate…

  • TIL - If you having trouble calculating a percentage, just flip it. e.g. 50% of $80, is the same as 80% of $50

  • Yay! Beware some places are only applying it to set menus, and others refuse to accept it even the site says yes (Onda I'm looking at you).

    • I suspect what's already on the site may be a different promo though… As it says the list will be available on the site from June 30th

  • Ormeggio at the Spit was excellent at 50% off when we went a couple of years back. Would even have been worth no discount for those with fancy pants taste.

  • List been published yet? I can't find it.

  • The festival seems to run to Sunday 11 August, as there are no offers available from August 12 onwards (in Melbourne anyway).

    • For the places in my area. Some have been having continuous 50% discount since Feb. Maybe its a off peak season thing.

  • Already planning my Melbourne lunches and dinners even though I haven’t had dinner in Sydney yet haha

  • Beware 50% off set menus, usually they are much lower in value. The exception in my experience was meat and wine co Barangaroo, which had an excellent set menu for around 50 bucks after discount.


    No restaurants in Canberra

    • Zoom right in on Canberra and there's a star at an Indian place on the Kingston Foreshores… but don't know how this whole discount thing works.

  • Thanks OP, 9 bookings made so far. Think you should make it clear though that it is 50% off the food bill (drinks remain full price).

  • Whether it's a first date, a catch up with friends, a family dinner, or Sunday brunch, we have the right restaurant experience for every occasion.

    Your potential partner will definitely appreciate your frugalness with this deal!

  • Any good restaurant recommendations in Sydney

  • Damn, can't see Ripples in Mosman on the list :(

    • Seems to be random. Some places are not there one day and the next day they appear. Some times it's lunch, dinner or breakfast.

  • Site is crashing, keeps showing oops somethings wrong page error.

  • I had to follow up with AMEX to manually add my credits in the last promotion. Even though I linked my AMEX card, booked thru thefork online and paid with my linked card. It seemed the credits are not automatically applied. Does anyone have a similar experience?

    • No issues for me last time. Did about 15 bookings, all came thru. Half of them took a week though

  • Holy (profanity) it has Third Wave Cafe in Melbourne. God tier list.

  • Fork en heck!!

  • pretty ordinary list for melbourne - same as the std list of 50% off

    if you get a chance try Abacus Ringwood may favourite for sure

  • Do people want our recommendations, or happy to read past posts? (copy paste)

    Melbourne - Who's been where and ate what, so far?

    We recommend…
    Henry & The Fox- Australian cuisine, it was good, and safe.
    Massi - Fine dining Italian, small spaces. - Related to Bianco, Kew
    Meat Market - also on the water, great for steak
    Queen St Rescue - Very casual, but we had a salad and it was amazing.

    These places do the 50% off when it's not 50% month too, so you could do these anytime:
    Barolo, Camberwell - Very good Italian, but don't get the seafood
    Marmara Restaurant, Windsor - Turkish, love this place
    Lezzet - highly recommended! Get the platter, we went twice.

    Campari House - Food was fine, venue was nasty. It was like a bar…

    Going to make bookings tonight, shall update this soon.

  • Went to Tutto Cafe Espresso Bar last night in Ashgrove, significant roadworks were being conducted directly outside the venue.
    Don’t judge the decor, the food surprised us in the nicest possible way!
    Even without the 40% off from the website, I’d still have given a 5/5 review. Currently 4.65/5 on Google notbadobama.gif

  • Looked at sydney list for next Mon. It's not that good this time round sadly

  • So I can't find the edit button, but we went to DTF (Emporium) last night :)
    How do people pay full price for food like this? I think it's the atmosphere and space.
    It was pretty good, but not full price good. Recommended though, should mention I don't eat pork (struggles).

  • Went to Mezzo Melbourne last weekend, amazing, thanks OP

  • Onda in Richmond was very good, though the banquet was on the small side.

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