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New Dark Mode for Chrome Mobile Not Working in OzBargain

Basically what the title says. The new dark mode works for many websites but for some reason it doesn't work for Ozbargain.

Should I Get LG G6 or Samsung Galaxy S8?

So I found a deal for the Lg G6 for 500$ at Allphones eBay and the Samsung galaxy s8 for 700$ on Allphones eBay. I am thinking if spending the extra 200$ would be worth it for the s8. Also giving …

Need to Find a Shoe That Will Suits My Needs

Hi ozbargainers, I need to find a shoe that will be good for tennis and volleyball but would also be decent for some jogging and walking. Basically an all rounder shoe as I am on a budget of 150$. …

How Do You Put a Deal to Have The Red Expired or out of Stock?

Hi I was wondering how to put a deal to show the Expire or Out of stock sign Thanks, Kevin