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Do Main Game and Its Expansion Packs Have to Be on The Same Platform?

If I have a main game on GOG galaxy and I see its expansion packs on special on steam platform, can I buy the expansion pack and will they work? Got my answer, mods please close this.

Waitress refused to change my order even though I am just order more of the same thing

I went to this restaurant today at lunch time at 1.10 pm , I was served by a waitress. I ordered 12 pork and prawn dumplings for $13.80 and some other dishes. They have opening special price of 10 …

Cat Constipated, Can't Buy Pumpkin Puree Anywhere!

my cat is constipated, Asked around online, the best way is to give pumpkin puree. But I can't find it anywhere in Australia, when to woollies, they say they only have pumpkin.


Parcel Connect/Fastway Agent Left Business to Do Personal Errand, then started sexist and racist remarks.

Fastway is the worst service provider I had to deal with in my life. Anyways I bought some weight plates from Samsfitness online, they used Fastway/Parcel Connect to send their item. The Fastway …

Hiring Manager Say "Call Me Back if You Don't Hear from Me by Next Friday", but I Got Afraid on Friday and Didn't Call Back

After a three way phone interview with the department manger and the talent acquisition manager, the TA manager said "call me back if you don't hear from me by next Friday, I have a tight …

KFC Australia

KFC's Hot and Spicy Is Neither Hot or Spicy

As an Asian, KFC's hot and spicy's spicyness is virtually tasteless. Why is Westerners definition of spicy so low?

Job Hunting/Seeking Tracking Software?

Anyone here use Job Hunting/Seeking Tracking Software? If Yes, which do you recommend? I am so disorganised with my job search that I have giving after job hunting after 3 months of dole …


Please do not upload Udemy course with unintelligible accents no matter how free it is

This is my first Udemy ( course that started, and I am giving all my efforts to finish it but it is just an absolutely torture to get through, and it is 4.4 …

Pressured by Op Shop Manager to Work Longer Hours (for Free) than I Want to Volunteer

I just want to know the norm of volunteering for charity opt shops like Vinnies or Salvos? I wanted to some volunteering on the weekend for an hour or two for my local Vinnies, so I called up and …

Who Responsible for Breaking The Plant Pot (Housemate Dispute)

My housemate put a plant pot maybe around 20cm in size on the kitchen indoor window sill. Because it is hot today and I turn on the AC and tried to close the window, the window frame hit the pot …