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Peter's Connoisseur Ice Cream Tubs - Three New Flavours

There are three new flavours of Connoisseur ice creams at Colesworths. They contain 29% cream and between 22.4-24.4% sugar. The normal price is $10 per 470ml :-( Davidson Plum & Cocoa Not your …

6 Millionth Comment Is Coming Soon

It's coming… Currently at 5,999,657 comments. Previous milestones: 1 millionth 2 millionth 3 millionth 4 millionth 5 millionth And soon 6 millionth

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Two new Peters Connoisseur ice cream tubs

There are a couple of new tub varieties of the Connoisseur range: Sumatran Coconut with Chocolate Fudge Sauce Montana Mountain Mint with Chocolate Cookies These aren't new flavours as they are …