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Can't Decide on a Halong Bay Tour [Vietnam]

Sorry guys, I know this has been asked before, but it was quite a while ago. Heading to Vietnam with the GF in July. Flying into Ho Chi Minh City and flying out of Hanoi, that's all that is set …


Steam Autumn and Winter Sales Dates Released (Unofficial)

I was just about to buy a game on steam, luckily I looked up that dates for the Autumn and Winter sales because a sale starts in a few hours. While the source isn't Valve, it seems to be …


Need Help Buying a 'dumb' TV, 45" to 55", around $500

I want to buy my girlfriend a new TV for her birthday. She currently has a 40" old TV that doesn't pick up HD channels. Luckily this means pretty much any new TV I get will be a massive …

Vibe Hotel Carlton (Melbourne) over 50% off

expired Vibe Hotel Carlton (Melbourne) over 50% off

Is Parking Ever Included at Any Sydney CBD Hotels?

So I'm booking 2 nights in Sydney with my girlfriend for my birthday. We only live a few hours away from Sydney so we are going to drive up there. I have been looking at hotels for a few days …

Venom Protein 10% off Storewide

expired Venom Protein 10% off Storewide

Shot Glasses

Hi guys, I have a friend who is about to turn 21 and I want to get her some 'Quaffer' or 'Bubble' shot glasses. One of the pubs we used to go to had them and they allow you to …