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Travel to Europe

Hi all, Anyone knows about any good deals for travel to Europe this summer?

Credit Card - Best to Earn Rewards

Hi all, Currently I have an ANZ Visa Platinum card. There are no rewards associated with the card. I spend on average about four to five thousand dollars a month on a card and pay all in full every …


Air Asia Boxing Day Special

Hi all, Is anyone able to explain how this Boxing Day Special “2 To Go” from Air Asia works. Whatever I try does not work or make sense.

Travel insurance for round the world trip for student

Hi, my daughter will be going on round the world trip starting this December, for a year. Can anybody recommend good travel insurance. Thank you in advance.

Travel to Laos from Brisbane

Hill all, My daughter is doing some voluntary work in Laos during the Uni break in January. She will start on the 4/01/2016 and finish on the 14/02/2016. We are looking for your help to find some …