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Ceiling Insulation fitting Recommendation- Melbourne

Hi, can anyone recommend a company for ceiling insulation, we are in Melbourne Inner West and its not something we are looking to do ourselves. Seems quotes can vary a lot from my initial …

Do People Usually Speak to 2 or 3 Mortgage Brokers?

Hi OZB. Starting the house buying process shortly, seems like everyone I speak to swears by the broker they used. Is it normal to speak to 2 or 3 different one, is it likely that one would have …

JB Hi-Fi

New MacBook Airs 10% off at JB?

I've seen comments that JB will always give 10% of Mac's even when not advertised, anyone know if that's true for newly released ones? e.g The new Air's

ShopBack AU

ShopBack and eBay Invalid Tracking

Hi, I've never had an issue with Shopback before having made a lot of successfully purchases over the years until trying to use it with ebay having made a couple of purchases recently. Both …

American Express

Do AmEx Waive The Annual Fee if Threaten to Close Card?

My Amex card is up for renewal and being an ozbargainer naturally I dont want to pay it. I've managed to get it waived in the past from ANX/westpac but never tried Amex, do they come to the …

Faulty Laptop - Being Offered Credit Instead of Refund

Hello I purchased a HP laptop 3 months ago from a store, after 2 months i noticed a fault with the screen so contacted HP & 1 months later I finally get the laptop back. The initial issue was …

Credit Cards - Can I Balance Transfer to Take Me Into Credit?

Hello, wondering if anyone knows if I can balance transfer to take myself into credit on a credit card? so… CC A = Zero current balance & they are offering 12 months BT 0% offer CC B = …

Need to move a loan of $14000 elsewhere

I discovered that my personal loan with NAB has gone up from about 7% to 13.5% sometime in the last year, I did call them but they were unable to advise why or when exactly only that the interest …

Manufactured Spending - Anyone do it in Aus?

Just wondering if anyone here has done this & looked into it from within Aus. Its something I learnt about recently & is huge in the USA, in layman's terms you buy gift card/visa gift …

Why would my partner be refused a credit card?

update we did a credit check last night she got a score of 780/1000, so not sure whats going on, however looks like i'll be flying business class & she can stay in economy Yesterday me …

Paul Smith 50% off Sale

expired Paul Smith 50% off Sale


expired Furby - $54 + Shipping ($10) Amazon.com


Just got a call from Allphones

Confirming my delivery address for my $390 sgs2 :) Hopefully lots more of you get the same call