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Waterproof, motion-detection camera to catch littering neighbours

We don't know who it is, but one of our neighbours are pretty scummy and seem to have a habit of throwing litter on specifically our driveway or footpath. I would like recommendations for a …

Win a Trip to Spain Worth up to $10,000 with BWS

closed Win a Trip to Spain Worth up to $10,000 with BWS

  • Prize pool $10,000.00
  • Australia-wide
  • Website
  • Purchase

Polarized sunglasses to fit a big head

My head is slightly too big to comfortably fit the generic sunnies that you find down at the pharmacy and it starts to hurt if I wear them for even a short time. The aviator style ones are the only …

Claiming phone charges on tax return

I've been wondering this for a while. When you're on a phone plan and want to claim phone charges for tax, do you use the "value" as given by the carrier or a proportion of your …

12 Volt diff lock air compressor or solenoid device

Just looking for something for work and I thought I'd try here. We're after a 12 volt device that can be mounted on a tractor (so probably externally, or only semi-enclosed, thus it needs …

Where to buy/Which brand of non printable CD-Rs?

As per the title. I'm after a spindle of 50 or 100 CD-Rs. Most seem to be printable these days, but I want to write on them with a fine pen so the printable ones are out. I prefer something of …

Huawei Ascend G600 Unlocked $188 at JB Hi-Fi

expired Huawei Ascend G600 Unlocked $188 at JB Hi-Fi

Keep money in offset or invest some more?

We have a mortgate with 100% offset and are renting the property out. We're also pretty good with money so the amount in offset seems to keep going up. The ever reducing interest is good, but I …