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Accor Hotels

Refund from Accor hotel due to COVID-19 cancellation

Has anyone had to cancel trips/hotel stays an is awaiting a refund from an Accor hotel? I noticed they changed their policy a few times. I requested a refund as soon as they changed their policy to …

Goodlife Health Clubs

Goodlife Gym - How to Get a Good Deal?

Hey guys, Have been meaning to sign up for Goodlife but want to see if there is a better deal out there than the normal online prices…does anyone have any tips/tricks to negotiating a good …

Buy iPad in the States?

Hey guys, Heading to the States, have been meaning to get the new iPad as a it definitely beneficial getting it in the US? Namely a proper Apple store?

Moneybackco vs Buckscoop??

I know there's an entire thread on Moneybackco, but is Buckscoop worth trying? Which one returns the cashback faster?

Macbook Pro deals?

strongly considering getting a macbook pro, just wondering if any of you are kind enough to share any deals you may know of that are running atm? the best I can find is the edu discount which brings …

Help me get new tyres!?

Hellooo there, Hate to be adding to the female stereotype here but TBH my knowledge on brands/quality/prices of tyres are lacking. I just know that I need to change them. For reference, I drive a …

Any way for discounts from Ticketec?

For some reason I doubt it, but worth a shot if any of you are in the know. Any possible discount codes/promotions/member's discounts? Thanks in advance.

Gilmore Girls seasons/box set

If anyone knows of the cheapest place to get the Gilmore Girls series (all seasons), any suggestions appreciated!

The Perfume Connection $20 voucher

expired The Perfume Connection $20 voucher

Cheap nice USB keyboard?

As above?

Non-generic brand GPS

Looking for best value GPS that will last me many years (won't need to upgrade) Up to $180 Reads street names. Bigger the screen the better. Any cash back deals? or discounts or sales? Much …

Kmart 4x6 collect later photos  - 11c each

expired Kmart 4x6 collect later photos - 11c each

Big W 20pg Photobook - $9.98

expired Big W 20pg Photobook - $9.98

Laptop Sleeve

Hey guys, How much do you think is ok to pay for a 5mm thick Neoprene Laptop sleeve? Thanks :)

In search of an affordable WAFFLE MAKER!

As per title...if anyone knows of anywhere that sell a waffle maker say...$25 and below let me know!! The only ones I ever see in stores are the Breville ones for $40 or $50. Thanks!


[StartHere] Cookies

So what's the general thing about this cookie business? Should I: Clear cookies before I use MoneyBackCo to purchase items? Thanks

Free sample of Biodegradable Golf Tees

expired Free sample of Biodegradable Golf Tees