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Here's a general hint from OzBargain member 'Stitchy':

One day I figured that if I can fix other people's computers I should be able to fix my own car. So I got online and read 'auto repair for dummies' and 'electronics for dummies'. I watched some youtube vids (like 'how to change an oil filter'). I found an awesome website for my car (a hyundai - hmaservice.com)

Soon enough, I had troubleshooted and fixed my blinkers, changed coolant, removed decrepid tinting, changed oil and filter, fixed starter motor.. The thing is.. It felt great! I need few extra tools.. and it became addictive while saving hundreds!

Get amongst it! =p

Here's a hint from OzBargain member 'Stitchy':

So, you wanna get under your car to change the oil filter or poke around. You don't have ramps and don't trust a jack.. whatchya do? Well, do what Stitchy does (must have no shame):

- open a suitable storm drain cover
- carefully drive car over it
- slide yourself into storm drain
- you should now be able to stand and see your car above you ready to work on.
(please don't spill oil/coolant into the drain.. will kill animals and possibly is illegal)


[note from stitchy: mods/anyone please delete my hints if they are too off topic.. i won't get emo over it.]

Cheap petrol day

Anybody in the 5 major cities and surrounds should watch the ACCC page for their city for the right day to buy. Don't assume that the cycle is 7 days; it isn't.

It's better to be a little early and pay a little bit more than the trough than to be late because it shoots up rapidly. Also bear in mind that the graph lags by one day; the last point shown is yesterday.