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Karcher Pressure Washer K2.080 $59 @ Masters


Good morning all

Bargain of the morning is here

Karcher Pressure Washer K2.080 $59 @ Masters is the lowest price in memory

Non corrosive pump
One jet lance
Detergent injection tube
Can draw water from a bucket or tank
Trigger gun
3m long high pressure hose
Integrated fine mesh water filter
Adapter garden hose A3/4"
Power: 1.4 kW Motor

Have a good day

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    I got one of these not too long ago, lasted all of 5 mins. I believe they are capable of making or re-branding decent quality products that last, but this isn't one of them. You get what you pay for.

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      Yeah I had a slightly more expensive Karcher and it basically melted. Complete junk if you want to use it for more than a couple of minutes.

      Also 'non corrosive pump' means plastic.

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        I was told by the guys at the Bunnings that Karcher got one of the highest number of returns they get and the quality is not good either. They recommend me to buy a generic brand instead. Go for Gerni if you want a reliable one.

        • I ended up going for a Briggs and Stratton 4 stroke instead. No more plastic for me.

  • Good price but 1.4kw isn't much

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    I think I got this same model through buntings. If they do stock this you could get a further 10% off through a price match.

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      Yep, same one.

      Model Name K 2.080 High Pressure Cleaner

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        You may notice the K2.080 has a "B" at it for Bunnings, so they won't match as its not an "identical item". Ergh.

        I found this when I bought mine. The Bunnings version had a smaller hose too!!

        The Supercheap one had an "S" at the end, and had regular size hose.

        dodgy dodgy…

        Not sure if Masters follows the same policy - maybe not. I do like Masters :)

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          Not true

        • Well, it sounds pretty plausible to me…the same thing happens with many other stores/items, i.e. laptops…OW has unique model numbers for the same machine so they don't have to pricematch!

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          Exactly. Bunnings are shifty bastards and get product models badged JUST for them so you have no chance of price matching.

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          Well, it sounds pretty plausible to me…the same thing happens with many other stores/items, i.e. laptops…OW has unique model numbers for the same machine so they don't have to pricematch!

          (To StewBalls) - Yep, Officeworks is owned by the Coles Group who also owns Bunnings. So yeah, they no doubt use the same practices at Officeworks for their Beat it by 10% Offer.

        • Aha, the plot thickens… :)

        • You may notice the K2.080 has a "B" at it for Bunnings, so they won't match as its not an "identical item". Ergh.

          Not sure why everyone negged me when I said this was not true… :)

          Here is a receipt for this exact same model from Bunnings. Model number is exactly the same. There is no B in front. Hose is the same length.

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          Yep - people neg far too hastily here, it's kind of down-putting.

          It simply may not be the case for that product, or the B may be elsewhere. It is definitely true for at least some cases though.

          But yeah - no reason to neg!

          • on another note, my local bunnings has marked these down to $59 also, as theres a masters right next to them!
        • Wesfarmers, not Coles Group anymore.

  • Never been to masters. Are they any good? I know its woolworths vs Westfarmers. But how is their range and service compared to Bunnings?

    Another good thing i noticed about masters you can order online and collect instore. Bunnings still isnt with the times.

    • Neither of them are close enough to me, and masters has online ordering at roughly the same price as burnings products. I but perhaps a little less range.

      The amount of stuff they deliver for $9.95 via auspost is insane though.

      Their checkout process can be a little broken at times, but there are workarounds.

    • My opinion is that they are more expensive. Everything that I'd normally get from a place like bunnings is more expensive at Masters. They are diffrent stores though. Masters seems to be a bit of a one stop shop for DIYers including things like whitegoods etc… whereas Bunnings has stuff more for tradies.

      • I find the same thing. Unless Masters has a specific bargain item significantly reduced, all of their products are slightly more expensive than the equivalent at Bunnings.

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          Yep I found the same.

          - More Expensive prices on like items
          + Cheaper and Better quality homebrand items from USA (eg. Kobalt, etc)
          + Excellent clearance and specials prices (Bunnings "have no specials")
          + Good variety of different products from USA

          + Cheaper prices generally, especially on like items
          - A policy of "we don't do specials/on sale"
          - Products are standard Australian stuff, no interesting brands/designs from USA

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        And again, if you have the time to shop around and the convenience factor does not put you off you can get much better deals than bunnings from wholesalers and direct distributors, especially if you require larger quantities. Apart from their specials and certain low priced items, bunnings is a ripoff in my opinion. If you have a major renovating job do yourself a favour and shop around.

    • Bunnings is still a "proper" hardware store. Masters is like Big W with a few harware items and some tools.

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    use the hell out of it and on the 11Month3Week mark, return it stating that it's faulty, what r they gunna do? test it?

    Cheating is not the ozbargainer way of life.
    A true ozbargainer will never do that

    • +15

      Agreed. I'm as stingy as they come, but even I can't abide that kind of abuse of a generous returns policy!

      It's that kind of behaviour that ruins it for everyone…

      • +1

        Agreed. Also bear in mind, that we don't buy a single item in a year to remember to return it. We buy so many stuff and it is not worth remembering the warranty dates, until it breaks actually.

        It is bad how people return working items damaging company's record for broken items and raising the pricing for the future products to compensate that.

    • I really want to know why some negged your comment..

      • +1

        Because they are the one who on the 11 Month 3 Week mark are going to return it stating that it's faulty and ruin it for the rest of us

        • You do realise that the particular line you are paraphrasing is a direct quote from another comment, don't you?

      • -9

        perhaps it was michael j fox trying to click +

        • +2

          That's not nice…

        • +1

          I lol'd

        • +1

          Is poor taste, but I must admit it made me laugh….

        • -1

          Debilitating disease is funny now is it?
          How clever of you!

    • +1

      Agreed! It's people that abuse the system like such that forces companies to clamp down on such crap. This in turn affects the good folks!

      Please…. stop all these scam shit…. you're as good as a thief and should be thrown in jail for fraud.

  • I am a complete moron when it comes to these things. I bought a house and need something to clean the mould from the driveway and other concrete areas. Is this the right device for it?
    Sorry for such a noob question, but sometime it needs a lot of courage to ask what seems like a noob question, but I want to be safe than sorry.


      This bunnings link seems to be indicate that it can clean driveway and concrete. Anyone can shed some light here?

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      I have the same unit and it can remove green stuffs on concrete. But you need to get the lance to around 10 cm above the concrete, otherwise not enough pressure.

      • Thanks tinx. Based on this comment and another one later in this thread, I decided to give this a pass.

        • It'd work slightly better if u buy the additional rotary accesorries that will add 50% more pressure or so to speed up the work (and it can be further than 10 cm :)). Mind u, unless u have patient, it'd make ur driveway looks half-clean-half-dirty or stripes line everywhere.

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    i have one, but makita brand, but same entry level power. Does a great job cleaning driveway, pavers, retaining walls. Just need time and patience, as the coverage area of the nozzel is not that big.

    • Makitas are normally one of the best. But my limited last 10 minutes research says that Karcher also makes some nice high pressure cleaners. Interested to know what other people have to say regarding this particular model.

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    Save yourselves the trouble and avoid karcher all together. These things are junk, I've gone through 2 of them. Don't believe me? Speak to any returns desk at Bunnings.. They receive these on a daily basis. Will go Gerni when it's next on sale.

    • Thanks mate. Your comment was helpful. I decided to give this a miss.

  • The 3m hose would need to be replaced with something longer. The 5m hose on the cheapo Makita I bought a while back is barely enough for doing stuff around the house.

  • I'm really in need of a pressure washer, but after reading these reviews, will also give this a miss.

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    I suspect the ALDI one is a better quality product

  • To be honest, their previous model that used to sell for $99 was quite good (K2180 I think???). It was replaced by this model. Smaller but not as reliable. They must have started using cheaper parts to compete against the Pope/Scorpion range. Their more expensive ones are still okay apparently, but for those spending more, they will probably go Gerni or something. Briggs & Stratton have a new one out.

    Just a question, if you get too close, would these ruin the paint on your car. I sometimes use mine about 2-3 metres away. What would happen if I concentrate on certain spots by going close? Will the paint remove?

    • With only 1.4kw you should be safe. Stay at minimum 1/2 metre away and you'll be good.

      Don't go right up to the mark/whatever and pressure it off. Use a microfibre cloth to wipe it while applying water as to not damage the paint.

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    why are people upvoting this :(

    it isn't a bargain if you are paying $59 for a POS that will work for less time that it takes to remove from the box

    EDIT: nothing against the brand, just their low end units are plastic pump crap

  • Ozbargain what is your opinion on electric vs petrol pressure washers? My dad got one recently and was insistent on a petrol one as he didn't like the idea of mixing water and electricity. The petrol (Makita I think) one he got was an absolute beast but, way overkill for cleaning the driveway.

    • +1

      I've always had electric, after the one in this deal clapped out on me after a few mins use, I got a scorpion petrol one from Masters (5.5hp model) and it's great. The downside is of course having to have petrol on hand and putting it in, but being free of the power cable is worth it as I was always getting the hose / power tangled with electric ones.

      Not entirely sure on the brand I got, but so far it's been excellent. 3 year warranty on the motor, 12 months on the rest. Asked if they get many back and apparently they used to as people were neglecting to put oil in them, once topped up etc they were fine. Spoke with the national distributor who confirmed very low failure rates other than when they first released them re the oil issue.

      This is the model I got, there's also a 2.6hp 1400psi petrol washer too as well as a heap of other plastic ones.

    • Petrol ones were very hand during flood cleanup (no electricity except from generators.)

    • Electric pressure washers are probably a little better insulated than the petrol kind, just less portable and often less industrial. The electrics are often housed suitably within the washer itself, shouldn't have any issue with electricity vs. water.

      As for petrol, they are often lots more industrial, require maintenance, and if you spray water on it, can be a little useless further on. Water vs. petrol engines isn't a good thing.

      You will often get more pressure using a petrol one because they're often more industrial, but there are some awesome expensive industrial-strength electric washers out there. Very much overkill.

    • +1

      Medrad sums up the differences nicely. Also to be considered is the noise factor, petrol ones are generally a bit noisier and sound like a generator or a lawn mower. The cheap electric ones tend to sound a bit like a loud vacuum cleaner. Petrol ones will generally always make a noise, but the cheaper electric ones tend to stop pumping when it has reached a certain pressure.

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    this is bloody cheap. I paid $89 at bunnings. But be warned, if you plan on using this to clean your drive way. Expect it to take at least 4hrs. It's very slow going.

    • +1

      You need the "dirtblaster" extension, which normally comes included on the more expensive models. I bought a cheap model and then got a dirtblaster for $20 delivered from the UK through eBay. The dirtblaster has a spinning nozzle covering a larger area at higher pressure.
      Karchers are very good, by the way. My cheap one is doing well.

      • Same experience for me, I have that spinning nozzle coming with other models I bought long time back, and it does help. Worth to get if you want to clean driveway, but still it'd take a while to make it looks all clean

    • -4

      Your words

      this is bloody cheap


      expect it to take at least 4hrs. It's very slow going.

      are contradictory.

      If it is not a useful device, why is this a good deal? Just because it is cheaper than before does not make it a good deal.

      Even at the lowest wage of $15 per hour, if I can buy something for $150 which might take one hour to clean my driveway, instead of this taking 4 hours, I get my money's worth very fast.

      Food for thought?

      • +3

        No contradiction there at all…pressure washing anything is a slow process, period.

        Is it effective, YES…is it fast, NOOO!!!

      • I don't see the contradiction either.

        I read it as 'wow this is a cheap product, I bet it'll take a long time to do what I want though.'

  • How at these for cleaning the car? Is it better than the legendary hose?

    • Don't throw away the hose. Does ok me before a hand wash. Not enough power to strip the paint off handles, mirrors, etc, which is great. But as mentioned previously the internals are plastic so it won't have the same durability.