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Telstra $30 Prepaid MicroSIM/NanoSIM for iPad - $0 at JB Hi-Fi Willows Townsville


MOD: 25 April — this appears to be in JB Hi-Fi @ Willows Shopping Centre in Townsville only, instead of Australia wide, nor can OP provide proof on the offer.

Saw this at JB Willows in Townsville yesterday. They are giving out free prepaid starter kits for iPad, no purchase required, only condition was that they activate it in store. Comes with 3gb of data for use in 30 days after activation. Not sure if Australia wide or know long it lasts, thought it was worth sharing either way.

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  • Not bad

  • +3

    Free is the ultimate bargain price.
    Very nice….high five

  • +2

    sounds like they need to boost their connection target. Good on em

  • Mustn't have hit the minimum sales being end of month, JB HiFi being a reseller and giving free $30 sims (activated in-store only) meaning their system would register the new sim card as a re-seller affiliated deal.

    Everyone wins I guess!

  • Can you use the credit on google play store?

    • If you get an adapter or your phone/tablet supports nano sim, yes.

  • -8

    Cool story. Without any links or photos, forums?

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      Its in store what link do you expect? Ingrate stop being lazy and call the store yourself. So rude

      • -6

        It's up the OP to show proof, not up to the regular users to call stores to confirm. Maybe a photo, just like other freebies - http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/100340

        • -1

          The op is not obligated to provide any proof nor are they obligated to post any bargains for people like you who deserve nothing. Go back in your cave.

          Thanks to the op for going out of your way. Not all of us are ingratefull

    • +1

      Only thought it would be worth posting after the fact, only signed up yesterday so didn't think to take a photo or anything while I was there. If I'm passing by tomorrow I'll take a photo and post it up. I've got two on my desk but don't have any proof as they didn't put a transaction through - no receipt. Not sure why I'd make this up either way?

  • Aus wide?

  • Is this available at all JBs?

  • Will go and check this out tomorrow. Cheers!

  • +1

    I got this for $10 when Australia Post were having it on sale. I'm not going to complain about it being free now, the 3G really comes in handy!

  • Is it possible to use these with an iPhone? Not to make phone calls just for the data (and to share it with a personal network with a laptop etc).

    I guess it would be fine but perhaps it is somehow connected to the device when activated?

  • Went to a couple of local JBs and the deal wasnt available. Bought it for $10 from the post office ( http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/100607 )

  • Called Head Office they say they monitor this site I suggested they comment on any deals here.

  • Comment on questions such as

    wtfnodeal 23 hours 51 min ago new
    Aus wide?


    highon2str 23 hours 10 min ago new
    Is this available at all JBs?

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