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Free Picnic Basket (RRP: $120) + $10 Shipping with 4x 750ml Brancott Estate Purchase - Liquorland


Claim a free picnic basket (RRP: $120) when purchasing 4 x bottles of either the classic Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Noir Brancott Estate wines from Liquorland.

Offer is limited to 1100 baskets, so get in quick. Please note there is a $10 shipping fee.

This is even more of a bargain as the wines available for this offer are normally $15 a bottle, but is currently available as a bundle buy in Liquorland for $40 for 4 bottles - saving a total of $20 on the wine itself!

P.s. Thanks to all who provided additional information regarding this offer. :)

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  • limited to 1100 baskets, currently 1081 remain …. see their website

  • OP, the liquorland website shows various varieties of Brancott Estate wines and at various prices. Are you referring to one variety or are they all able to be part of the 4 for $60 deal?

  • There is a Classic Pinot Noir, maybe that's the only choice?

    Edit : just found it in the FAQ, it is only Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Noir

    Edit 2 : checked at local LL and it is only on these two varieties. Decided a $120 picnic basket was not for me so go a four-buy Wolf Blass Red Label Tawny Port for $8 each. Nice to have just coming into the cooler weather.

  • anyone knows how to get the $40 deal on the wine?

  • thanks OP, just got 4 bottles of the sauv blanc from liquorland thornlie, you have to take a photo of the receipt for validation, estimated delivery 35 working days.

  • Hey thanks op this is a really good deal! but for the 4 bottles for $40, it does say in the terms and conditions "Not valid in conjunction with any other offer." Can anyone confirm that they in fact used both of these offers and it has worked? It might mean not valid in conjunction with any other offer from liquorland?

    • Never mind I have answered my own question. It seems they will accept this offer because they have in the FAQ section a picture of a correct example of a receipt and they have in fact used this offer from liquorland of 4 for $40. So it would be a bit hypocritical of them to reject this offer when they have used it as the ideal example.

  • Bought for bottles of sav blanc for $40 from Liquorland

    Needed to buy wines for a few upcoming events anyway

    One of them being a picnic and i do not have a basket yet (website says u will receive in 35 business days so i doubt i will have one for the picnic)

    Got my flyby pts

    Got my fuel voucher

    Got one of those red enviro bags for free


  • Did anyone who purchased the wine end up with a receipt saying 'Brancott Classic' like on the FAQ page? The receipt I got just says 'Montana Brancott 750ML', so it doesn't specify which type of wine was purchased. Claim submitted nonetheless.

    • I got the same as you Montana Brancott 750ML

      • Brancott is the renamed 'Montana'. Same~same.

        • The point is that the receipt doesn't mention 'Brancott Classic', as per the example on the claim website. I understand that Montana are the biggest winemaker in NZ and own wineries all over the place (I've been to most of them)… but don't see how it's relevant.

      • Thanks, might be safe to assume that's the standard item description in Liquorland's inventory

  • Does anyone know how long it takes for them to validate a claim?

  • Its not free!!
    Firstly you have to buy 4 bottles of wine. Then you have to pay shipping.
    I felt this would of been a much more honest deal

    4 Bottles of wine + Picnic Basket for $50 (Shipping included)

  • Cannot believe anyone will pay RRP of the "picnic Basket"!

    120?20 maybe

    • Yeah I think the RRP is a bit much but I have seen a very similar one to this for $50, but it depends on the quality I guess. I was going to purchase the $50 one anyways but with this offer I get 4 bottles of wine for free, seems good to me.

  • I've got a bottle of the Sav Blanc chilling. Curiouos as to the quality we've all bought into for a picnic basket. Will post my tasting notes soon

    Signing off,
    James Haliday aka jackynhydejr :p

  • I bought this wine for the paella deal and it is really quite reasonable. My online research suggests that the 2012 vintage is better than the 2011 but will have to try for myself. $10 is reasonable - but just got some online recently for $7.90 a bottle shipped, but at this price with a basket is still pretty good

  • Hey hey, boo boo! I think I've found us a pic-a-nic basket!


    Brancott used to be called Montana so the description is likely an old description from a few years ago. Yes, the deal is valid on the 4 for $40 buy. This is not viewed as an 'any other offer', so all good there. Please let me know if you have any other questions and I will try to answer.

  • rep has the Offer reached 1100 baskets yet? i intend to buy it tomorrow, can you pay for it with a business credit card? does any one know if the 4 for $40 from Liquorland offer is still going and if you can mix them?