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Star Trek Enterprise: Season 1 [Blu-Ray] - Non Limited Edition - $15.96 + Postage - BIGW


Not released until 1st of May, 2013.

Seems like a pretty good deal for those who enjoy Star Trek Enterprise. Not the limited edition (Only available from JBHIFI), but great price regardless.

Comparative prices - excluding shipping

JB: http://www.jbhifionline.com.au/dvd/dvd-genres/tv/star-trek-e... - $49.98 (Limited Edition)
Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/Star-Trek-Enterprise-Season-Blu-ray/dp... - $75.01 US
EzyDVD: http://www.ezydvd.com.au/blu-ray/star-trek-enterprise-season... - $49.97
DVDLand: http://www.dvdland.com.au/products/STAR-TREK-ENTERPRISE-%252... -$59.95

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  • +1

    Price error?

    • It does seem unusually cheap. I suppose we will find out tomorrow if that's the case.

  • Wow, superb price - I doubt it's an error, they've done the same thing with the Young Indiana Jones series for quite a while. I'd love to grab it, but already have the DVD version, don't see the point to upgrade to be honest.

    • Except that was the Young Indiana Jones DVD box set. Still worth a shot with this. I don't have the DVD box set of this already so would be a good buy.

      • Sure but what I mean is that they had the Young Indy sets for $16 each whilst places like JB had them for $70, and others like ABC shop had them for $100. Hence Big W has had ridiculously cheap prices for other DVD sets before.

  • If it's a pricing error and it says in their policy that they may reject any orders made through a pricing error.

  • Be super good in High Definition.

  • Bought that and the Star Trek 10 movie remastered boxset for $29. Fingers Crossed.

    • Was this on the Big W site? if it was it now says $98

    • Is that the Star Trek 1-10 movie blu-ray box set?. That $29 is super cheap for that.

      • No , boxset is DVD. But at 2.90 a movie…. Its a long cold winter !

  • It just says "Currently unavailable online and in store."
    but when you search for it, the results say $54

    • It came up at $29 when i bought them at about 1am, but only availiable to preorder, shipping direct from supplier. Payment processed at 2am. Will wait and see i guess. Delivery for mid - late next week.

  • Damn - see what happens when I'm not surfing OzBargain at 1am :)

  • I got an email saying payment received and order processed at $15.96 + $6 delivery with a tax invoice. Says it's been back ordered. You had to of ordered yesterday to get this price.

    There must have been only a limited amount set aside for this special price.

    • I haven't received the confirmation email yet, I purchased it yesterday afternoon.

  • Damn it….can't believe i missed it!

    • +1

      That's why i check Ozbargain a few times a day.

      • Usually i do but didn't bother last night :(

  • Nice! Got myself a copy.

  • Bummer. Looks like I missed out.

  • Perhaps this thread should be marked as expired considering you can no longer order the deal.

  • I see the pre-order is now back up but now at $54

    Oh well those who got in last night for $15.96 got a bargain.

  • Disappointing

  • Yeah it's back to Currently unavailable online and in store.

    Release date is today though

  • Release date is today then i wonder why it's not showing up on the Big W website.

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