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Creative Labs TravelSound Popz Twinpack 2 for $9.95!

  • 2 Sets of Creative Popz Speakers. One blue, and one pink. For him and for her!
  • Standard 3.5mm headphone input socket. Compatible with the majority of MP3 players and iPods.
  • Encased pouch. Simply fold and zip it up when you are finished! No separate case needed.
  • Rich audio from premium micro drivers. Two premium high sensitivity 36mm micro drivers for clear audio.
  • No batteries or adapters required. The Creative PoPz is powered from your audio devices. Ideal for travelers!

12 Month Warranty

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  • Not bad considering it was one pair for $9.99 on Zazz on Thursday. But then it is COTD.

  • damn, i bought 2 sets from Zazz on thursday.
    these are great little speakers.

    • Well unless you requested Blue and Pink from Zazz then you will get "better" colours from Zazz.
      I also trust Zazz to have them on your doorstep by the end of the week (20/2/2009).
      Not so sure with COTD.

      • i actually requested blue and black through Zazz.
        i buy quite a bit from both zazz and catch, the shipping times are very similar.

  • Max volume is pretty weak apparently…


    But good price.

  • Just bought one set and will tell you if it's got weak volume after I try it.

    • I just got them today. The volume of the speakers is not weak itself. It is purely depend on the mp3. When I hooked it up with my mp3, i thought there is something wrong with the speakers. However, when I try it with my laptop, it can go very loud. I would suggest you guys to use it for your laptop or desktop for speakers enhancement.

  • My friend has a pair of these and they are pi$$-weak

    • -1

      yeah id say they would be cheap quality.

  • All gone!

    But The Acer AL2416W is quite a good deal for a 8bit S-PVA panel. VA-type panels have much better and wider viewing angle, more color real 8bit bit panel (vs interpolated 6-bit TN panels) downside is slower response time (6ms vs 2-5ms for TN). I did a search it uses the same Samsung S-PVA panel as the Dell 2407WFP. Note that it seems to be the model with analogue vga input ony!

    I remember looking at it 2 years ago , it was selling around $799. I got the Dell2407 myself though..but a good price for those who wants a VA panel for graphics /photo editing

  • no point with the new 2nd gen ipod touch to get these.

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