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WOWHD 15% off Storewide + Free Shipping


As title states, WOW HD have 15% off storewide for today only. Free shipping lasts util end of May.

I've bought a few games off this site, shipping is quite slow although it is very cheap so might be worth the wait for some.

15% off also includes pre-orders.

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  • Crappy customer service in previous purchases. I'd rather pay a couple dollars more for Amazon surety.

  • was it 20% before?

  • buyer beware company - you will receive the cheapest version of what you ordered mostly from hong kong - generally over a month for delivery - most australian based companies are the same because they know their's no consumer protection here unless you work for the government or hire a lawyer.

  • I've bought some good DVDs from ie.wowhd.com and uk.wowhd.com; if you find something you want, check the other country sites in case there's a saving. As noted above, my orders were shipped via HK Post.

    This was a one day sale extended a second day (Sat-Sun) so try the European sites if you are shopping for anything.