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Unleaded Petrol 99c/L at Underdale, Plympton and Flinders Park (SA) Today until 8pm


Petrol 99c/l at On the Run Underdale, Plympton and Flinders Park today until 8pm.

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  • Almost as good as the 20ยข/L off voucher… Except this is more…. and only in SA.

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    Time to drive to adelaide from melb for some cheap petrol :P

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    Awesome.. If only it wasn't 2000km away haha

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    I'd buy that for a dollar

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      But sheet, it was 99c

      "We are an independent, family-run business and we want to support the people who support us."

      If only we had more independent petrol retailers across other states who could keep the big boys (looking at you Shell & Caltex) competitive.

      On a side note, do they offer 95/98 RON?

  • My cars tank is empty. Woulda loved to that have in Sydney atm.

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    How much is postage?

    • Pallet tank from Melbourne to Sydney is around 85 bucks to be shipped, that's depot to depot.

  • Thanks OP, just sent this deal around the office…

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    wow haven't seen petrol under a dollar per litre for years…

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    Price match at my local petrol station?

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      I wish OW were in petrol retail..

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        Yep… someone post a receipt please?

  • .

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    Your title is wrong… it's 99c or $0.99, not 0.99c.

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      Sheldon Cooper, is that you?

    • Damn I thought it was less than a cent a litre

    • Fixed, thanks for that.

  • Well, my office is across the road. Enjoy the lineup! Good stuff!

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      Upload some pics please!!

      • Sorry mate. In meetings the rest of the afternoon. But just imagine a massive line-up of cars going to Marion Road and you're there.

  • Will Office works price match it? Stuff it, ill just click and collect it :)

  • that news just make my day.

    shame it's too far away.
    can we get Coles / woolworth to price match this?

    P.S : if Office Works is also selling Petrol…..

  • Costco will start doing petrol soon. Meant to be really cheap.. Can't be much cheaper than the others?

    • Costco can sell really cheap petrol but only if the company is willing to lose money on every sale. The ACCC then comes knocking and asking questions.

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        Yep, just about everywhere ATM is selling it for gate price+ gst + 6c.

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    With the amount of cars lining up, soon it's going to be called Nogas…. I'll show myself out

  • http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/south-australia/mogas-at-...

    That's the result of the other promotion happening at the moment. In the first photo the service station is off camera on the right. It's a pretty busy intersection during peak hour anyway, but with cars lining up it must be manic.

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      "Seaton resident Jasmine White, 21, said she had been waiting for 40 minutes to fill up but felt it was worth it to save a bit of money."

      "In the end, we'll both probably save about $10-$15, but it's still worth it."

      Does that include the petrol burned up waiting in line or your time? Geeze not smart.

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        Also the wasted time and stress being stuck in stop start traffic for that long

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          A relative who drove through the area without prior warning of the fuel price special was furious with the petrol station. Traffic was banked up for hundreds of metres. Police were in attendance to control traffic. A part of me hopes SAPOL will send the petrol station a bill for police time. The station did, after all, deliberately create a traffic hazard.

  • I live in Plympton.. is the wait worth it though?

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    jerry can stock in SA just went up

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    The offer ended after Broden left the station.

  • man.. waited 40 minutes.. when it was my turn cop told me to bugger off, so so devo

  • Was great, waited until 7:32PM to go to competitor (BP) who reduced the price at a nearby outlet to match this offer, drove in, waited 3 minutes max mainly due to the lovely old dear in her Barina in front of me who took about a minute to walk back to her car with her loaf of bread and Cherry Ripe. Filled up, got a wave from a cop who'd obviously just started his shift and was on my way :)

  • Petrol is still hovering around $1.50 in Canberra. The explanation seems to be the dominance of the Coles and Woolworths connections (Shell and Caltex. I never use the petrol dockets for that reason, as it just cements their dominance. I suspect that the fact Shell and Caltex are the largest suppliers of fuel cards for government and leased vehicles exacerbates the problem in this government town.


  • Regardless of how poorly I view everyone involved with fuel prices in Australia, I find Coles to be the worst in SA. They refuse to provide pricing figures to the "RAA cheap fuel" website which allows motorist to check fuel prices in their area (Can't find where they mention Coles refusal). Not to mention every time I have the unfortunate experience of buying fuel from Coles servos I get asked if I want $2 of crap for a further 2c discount. This should be classed as harassment!

    Linky: http://www.raa.com.au/fuelwatch_cheap_petrol.aspx?TerID=1038

  • "Mr West says the last time Adelaide's average fuel price sat below $1 was January, 2009."

    Really? I remember it being well above that in NSW/QLD at that time.

    • Where I am about 100km out of Adelaide I remember it breaking the $1.50 per liter in 2005 for the first time ever. I never remember it under $1 since then either.

      • I know petrol dropped below $1 in Jan 2009 in Adelaide. I took a photo :)

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