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Saxony Outlet Sale at Rosebery 85 Dunning Avenue - Most items Starting from $5


Hi Guys,

First post, be gentle.

This is close to work and like any other sale I didnt think much of it till I walked in.

90% of items are at $5 or $10. Picked up a pair of Chinos, 1 Blazer and Sweat shirt for $20.

Amazing discounts and shows how much we get ripped off!

More clothes for Women..

Ends this Saturday.

Check it out if you in the area.

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  • Some pics for you guys.


    Labels said $80-$300 for the Blazer.

    They seem to cut all the tags before checking out???

  • +1

    Site says
    When: 26/02/2013 10:00 to 02/03/2013
    I gather its still going since you physically went in there today right?

  • yes it is.
    I could not find the flyer so just googled Saxony sale.
    They extended it till this Saturday.

  • In Sydney

    Address: 85 Dunning Avenue Rosebery NSW

    • Thanks.

      Should have been more clearer..

  • Do they have all sizes? Most of these warehouse sales only seem to be really small or really large

    • Yeah plenty sizes left. The chinos I got they had from 30-38
      Blazer as well….

      Best to take a woman along as tons more for them…

      I take no responsibility if everything is gone when you get there….

      Cheap as chips like I said.

  • sales since Feb?

    is there much left?

    • Look at my first pic mate. That is yesterday arvo.
      Also, not very well marketed or advertised.

      Stock should disappear in hours with prices like these…

  • Great post mate! Just got back from there, picked up a full woollen suit for 50 bucks! (men's)

  • Awesome post OP!

    Lots of items when I went (Thursday). Dresses, womens pants, casual mens jeans, all for 5 bucks. There were more expensive items but lots of 5/10 dollar bargains.

    At first I was disappointed because there seemed to be a lot of those horrible slouchy/baggy crotched jeans. But sift through those for some great buys.

    Lady at the counter said the sale has been extended. Can't remember until when but fairly sure you'll have another week at least.

    • No worries guys, sharing the love as you have all done.

      Hmm, They might be getting more stock then..

      The baggy ones are so strange, like made for a giant crotch :)

      Even if you buy heaps of $5 shit and chuck it on Ebay, you will make money!

      Also, did they cut your tags??

      • Yup. I asked and the guy at the counter said it was just for stocktake purposes.

        My family loved all the things I bought. Will probably be back tomorrow. :-D

  • is there parking?

  • Parking on the street :)

  • The lady was saying they are expecting more stock to arrive in the next few weeks. As mentioned above she said the sale had extended for quite a bit to come I think. Yeah they cut my tags too.

  • Got a friend going later today! Does anyone know if its cash/cc?

    • both

      • thank you so much! Man, I really hope she brings me awesome stuff lol

  • If you are in the area, dont forget to sample the most AWESOME Vietnamese rolls in Sydney at Hong ha in Mascot.
    2 min drive from there.

    You will thank me later!

    Beware - If going between 11.30-2pm - Get ready to wait in line for upto 20 min .

    Just Google Hong ha Mascot

  • Hi guys,

    I drove past and the joint is still open if anyone is still keen.

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