expired Brisbane Launch of Optus Rock Corps, Get Rewarded for Giving!


Just received this in an email from Student Edge. Sign up to volunteer for 4 hours of charity work & get a $70 ticketmaster voucher in return. This is different to the last Optus Rock Corps offer, as that was for a set concert.

Copied from email:

The Optus RockCorps Collective has kicked off nationally and this weekend it's hitting Brisbane! Sign up to lend a hand to Be Uplifted - a charity that provides support to those suffering from Breast Cancer - and Get Given a $70 Ticketmaster voucher as a reward.


Related Store: optusrockcorps.com.au

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    Thanks for the post OP. Great concept but sad that we have developed into a society that needs to be rewarded before we're willing to help. The simple satisfaction that you helped someone used to be enough.

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    When I last tried to give blood I registered on the site and never got called.

    I also applies for volunteer jobs through seek volunteering and never got a single reply.


      You could always go into a collection centre, the larger ones should do drop in collections. I can't give blood but have been in a situation where it has saved my life.