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Hotmail For iPod Touch/iPhone Mail app Now Free!


Hi everyone,

Some may not find this a deal but for every Ipod touch and iphone owner who wanted to sync their hotmail account with their Iphone without illegally Jailbreaking it or spending $49.95 to use izymail services or Windows live premium, This is great News recently Microsoft decided to offer Pop3 support for australia and canada as they were losing people to gmail because it was not supported on IPhone Now it is! (as long as you have the latest update 2.2.1) Enjoy.

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    +1 for me, wondered why they hadn't done this from the start.

  • Awesome, my mate paid $13 for an App to do the same thing (not sure if it was this or something else). Great for iPhone owners :)

  • +1

    I did it on a 2.2 firmware, great news!

  • it's good news, but not really the iPod deal it's made out to be here. POP3 support has implications for all handsets as well as users of desktop clients. Probably not what I'd call a "deal" anyway.

  • its about time!

  • Not a deal at all, there's a reason for it suddenly being free. Almost 3 weeks ago, hotmail enabled pop3, so you can get this on your phone normally now, without an app, just like gmail/yahoo/etc.


    I'd rather use the phones inbuilt mail function that auto checks (etc) than an app, but that's just me.

  • People still use hotmail?

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