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Western Digital My Net N750 HD Dual-Band Wireless Router Was $99 Now $29 @ MSY


Similar to the last deal I posted up except this ones faster and has gigabit Ethernet. Got the n600 from last deal and running perfectly as a wireless AP.


From msy fb page:

"MSY Technology Pty Ltd
WD Mynet N750 Wireless N Router with Gigabit Ethernet Ports

$29 (was $99)

3 days only 31/05 to 02/06/2013

Pre-order starts tomorrow 30/05/2013

http://msy.com.au/product.jsp?productId=10790 "

Not dd-wrt compatible.


Unboxing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=weFPuB6vevg

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  • do we require any extra adapter to utilize the dual-band functionality?

    • Dual Band means it broadcasts on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. Both bands aren't used at the same time by the same receiving device.
      802.11n and 802.11ac both support these frequencies.
      If you have any 802.11n or ac devices then it's likely (but not necessarily guaranteed) that they'll have Dual band support.

      • Thanks. Just understood the dual bands term now..

        too bad my laptop only supports 2.4GHz.

        • 2.4GHz has better range anyway. The only advantage of 5GHz is that it's currently less common, so there's less likelihood of interference.

  • Can I use this to plug in my non wifi tv and Xbox to my wifi at home?

    • You're after a Wireless Bridge.
      This may have Wireless Bridge as a feature.
      EDIT: I may be incorrect, but a cursory search suggests that this does not have a wireless bridge feature.

      • It appears it does. The manual mentions the extender mode on page 50:
        "Device Mode – Configure your router to operate in router mode or extender mode. When
        the router is used as an access point, extender mode adds wireless capability to your
        existing network, expanding Internet access to all the computers in your home."

        • I don't think the extender mode is the same as a wireless bridge.

          From page 68 of the manual.
          "You can use your My Net router as an extender or access point (AP). Extender mode can:
          Add wireless coverage to a home network without wireless coverage.
          Expand a home network’s wireless coverage.
          To use the router in extender mode, the router must be connected by wire
          to your computer."

        • I think how they wrote it up is a bit misleading. I've got my n600 setup in "extender mode" wired to my main router and wireless devices can access the Internet through the n600.

        • yep that's the way I understand extender mode to work.

          Annon123 is after a router with wireless bridge, it will connect to their existing wifi and then they can plug other non wifi devices into the Ethernet ports of the router set up as a wireless bridge.

          I don't think the router in this offer supports wireless bridge.

  • What is with Dirt Cheap routers at the moment?

    • I think it might be due to the new AC routers hitting stores, but i could be wrong.

      • The cheapest of the dirt cheap routers (assuming you get cashback) is AC!
        And there was never anything like this when N routers came through - perhaps because of the whole draft-N fiasco?

    • they definitely know something we dont

  • "Illegal parameter, please go back to the previous page. If you're trying to hack our program using SQL injection, you IP address has been recorded."

    Might wanna edit that link and remove the " character at the end of it.

  • Damn it, just when I purchased the N600 with their last deal. Would have been happy to pay the extra $10 for this. In saying that though, the N600 is doing great as a wireless AP so I now have a 5 Ghz wireless network.

  • Just bought one, website has the cheap price already.

  • I bought 2 of their D-Link DIR-632 last time for $11 each. Currently using one and the other is still in the box. And now I'm actually getting this one as well for the gigabit port and higher speed. Damn you, MSY!

  • Great deal. This is just a router right, not a modem/router?

  • -1 vote

    Was $19 at Fyshwick 2 weeks ago…

  • Wow that's cheap for a Simultaneous 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual band gigabit router. A pity it's not dd-wrt compatible.

  • I have an old 802.11g adapter in my computer, but I want to take advantage of the upgraded router. Do I need to buy a dual band 802.11n adapter (e.g. TP-Link WDN3800 $39) or can I just buy the cheaper 802.11n adapter (TP-Link WN881ND $18)?

    • I also have a TP-Link TL-ANT2408CL Antenna (https://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&...) as my antenna for my adapter. Can I still use it with a new card? Can I get another one and replace both antennas?

    • Is there a reason why g isn't good enough?
      It's likely faster than your internet speed unless you're on a fast 100mbps or higher NBN or Cable connection.
      The only reason to upgrade your WiFi if you have <50mbps internet connection (like most people) is if you transfer large files (ie <300mb) across the WiFi to another computer on your home network.

      n doesn't have inherently better range (5GHz has less range than 2.4GHz) than g (apart from perhaps tweaks to antenna design).

      To answer your question though.
      You only need dual band if you can see a lot of 2.4GHz WiFi networks from your neighbors.. 5GHz is generally less crowded, so you may see less interference from neighbors.
      (this is really only likely if you live in an apartment block)

  • Would I be able to turn off the wifi feature and just use it as a network switch (not router)?

    • Yes, but a network switch would be a better solution for a similar or cheaper price, you can literally take a switch out of the box, plug it in and you're done..
      With this you'd need to connect it to a PC and turn off all its features, then plug it in and hope you hadn't missed anything.

      • Yeah kinda agree with scubacoles, if you want to do that at a minimum you'd have to check DHCP isn't running on it, then just plug all your devices into the LAN ports and specify your gateway (either from another DHCP server, or manually).

        As a gigabit switch though, it IS cheap - I've yet to come across a 4 Port Gigabit switch for $29.

  • Would this work with NBN? I have googled it and could not find much info about it.

    • This is not a modem. You need to connect this router with your modem - adsl, cable, NBN whatever.

  • I found this deal.
    The price is $158 but can get cashback $100 from D-link. So it will be $58 only.
    Which one is better? Any recommend?

  • I had no idea WD made routers, excuse my laziness but I seen this while out and stopped passed an msy on my way home from work and just purchased it did for the gigabit, are they reliable? are there many drop outs with this router? any background info would be appreciated, I'm looking to use it as a hard wired AP btw.

  • Thanks OP, Just ordered one

  • Just bought one and set it up as an AP and also extended my wireless coverage.
    Will probably buy another for the PS3, WII, T-Box and DVD.
    Very happy with it and was easy to set up.

  • Argggghhhhh…. Not a bad router, but it intermittently drops ethernet completely from time to time, while maintaining wireless. Solely acting as a wired AP now and nothing else.