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BudgetPC All New Haswell System i5-4570, B85, 8GB, 500GB HDD, Free Mouse, ONLY $559 + Shipping


BudgetPC Ultimate Home System
Now With All New Intel 4th Gen Haswell CPU,
B85 Chipset Motherboard
FREESteelSeries Kinzu V2 Mouse

  • CPU: Intel® Haswell Core™ i5-4570 3.6GHz
  • M/B: ASUS B85M-E
  • RAM: ADATA 8GB DDR3 1600MHz
  • GC: Intel HD4600
  • HDD: WD Blue 500GB 7200RPM
  • ODD: Samsung 24X Dual Layer DVD-RW
  • CASE: Cooler Master K350 USB 3.0
  • PSU: OCZ CoreXStream 500W
  • 2 Yr RTB Warranty

Limited Time Only

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  • +6

    Before people whinge about the lack of a dedicated video card, the new HD4600 runs games at quite a decent frame rate (hell, even the HD4000 isn't that bad)

    Here's a quick rundown of it's performance.


    It's not a game changer, but if you're on a budget, you can still play all the fun titles with decent settings.

    • +36

      more of a game changer than the domino's chef best range pizzas

      • I just feel bad every time when I saw that video on domino's website.

  • +2

    Great Deal, Excellent MB choice.

    • What's so spectacular about this MB?

      Just wondering. Don't know much about differences in MB.

      • +1

        Its for the new haswell cpu's. HDMI seems to have 1.4 - supports up to 2600x1600 @60fps, although the only monitors I've seen that support 1600p through hdmi were the korean variants, dell might upgrade their ultrasharp range.

        Other than that, new 4th gen cpus.

        • I saw something on TV about ultra HD invented by LG? All I thought was whatever it is, it will make my HD6850 shit itself.

  • +1

    4570 huh.

  • Sorry, Orange mouse is a deal breaker…

    • +4

      Look at the votes. This comment has a silent war on it.

  • +21

    From MSY:

    CPU: $223
    M/B: $99
    RAM: $67 (patriot brand)
    HDD: $56
    ODD: $19
    Case: $51
    PSU: $61 (coolermaster thunder 500w, couldn't find ocz)

    Total: $576

    So the price from BPC is quite a deal.

    Integrated Graphics benchmarks:


      • +1

        Thanks scrimshaw :-)

        I would like to add my opinion:

        If you are looking after a new system then the new haswells are the way to go. Better graphics (some significant fps increase while some not so much, about 10% performance increase and some other tweaks. The power consumptions is more or less the same in desktops.

        If on a budget then spend more on graphics card and choose Ivy Bridge.

        If you have Ivy Bridge processors (3xxx) then it is mostly accepted that the upgrade is not worth it. This is especially the case if you want to overclock since IB scales a tad bit better (although this processor doesn't allow overclocking).

        If you are coming from gens previous to IB or even older AMD processors than this seems to be a good time to upgrade.

  • +2


    $23.75 to 2000
    $30.80 to 4000

    • -1

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      • +3

        Somebody's running Magento!

    • $70 to 6000

      • Poor, poor, WA.

  • Free mouse, no keyboard, lol!
    Great deal though :)

    • +7

      At least you can play in the new mouse-friendly BIOS! :)

    • +2

      You can choose 1 from the following 4 colors:
      (Orange, Yellow, White, Blue)

  • Can I change the case to an Antec 302 + HCG 520W?

    How much extra?

  • +2

    Great deal and no Windows tax!

    • +1

      agree!!! wish all laptop has option to incl o/s or not, im happy to trade official win 8 for $50

  • +1

    That mouse is HUGE!!

  • if you plopped a decent graphics card into this would it make a fine gaming PC?

    • +3

      I'd imagine so. An i5 is good enough for gaming. Get something gruntier if you plan to do some video encoding/decoding, or lots of number crunching. Get a good card for about $200-$300, and you're all set.

      • I'm almost certain that almost every decoding is just playing the movie isn't it? Even a low end i3 can do that. As for encoding almost all programs out there don't use the GPU last time I checked last year. I'm happy to be proven wrong but if it was me I'd be happy to forget the graphics card and split the difference to upgrade your i5 to an i7 and use the rest to get an SSD. Of course if you must play your games at Ultra HD on 1080p or greater than forget what I just said and get an i3 and put the money you save on the processor into the graphics.

    • +5

      you'd be battlefield 4 ready

    • TBH as long as it has 4 cores, then you're fine.

      Im running a 3570k with a 7970 and from the stock clocks undervolted to 4.9ghz, there's little to no difference, nothing noticeable unless you have an fps counter on all the time. Maybe 1-2 extra frames on crysis 3 and my computer doubles as a heater.

      • is the 3570k safe to clock to 4.9ghz?
        What program did you use, thats clocked pretty high for ivy bridge isn't it?
        i'm running the same stock cpu

        • +1

          It's highest id go during this winter season, on summer I only ran 4.4 both never went over 85c under load.

          My M/B is an asrock extreme 4, cooler is a noctua nh-d14, case is the silverstone fortress no fancy diamond thermal paste used just the one that came with the noctua.

          The fortress has insanely good airflow, pretty much fresh air from the bottom right to the cpu then straight out.

          edit: oc'ing should always be done through your BIOS, its the safest, most stable way to do it.

        • Sweet as! I have a dated i5 760 @4Ghz. I can vouch for the D14… bloody behemoth but so silent. :)

          Looking for a 4770k at a decent price. :( My Nehalem is showing it's age.

        • +1

          +1 for noctua. They make air cooling so effective it almost makes you wonder why you would bother with a water cooler.

  • can i swap HDD for SSD?
    if i upgrade to Z87-Plus, which CPU should I choose?
    will 650W PSU enough for my Nvidia 670 FTW?

    • +1

      Oh wow. Q1, if you do it yourself, yes.
      Q2, dont need to upgrade to Z87 unless your going to go dual gpu.
      Q3, Depends on budget.
      Q4, Most likely, depends on brand. antec HCG 620 will be fine.

      go to whirlpool forums and get a custom build done

      • budgetpc,
        can you answer question 1 and 4 for components listed on your website?

        • +2

          Hi ChimDen,

          Sure you can swap the HDD for SSD, but you have pay for the price difference.
          A Decent 650W 80Plus PSU should be enough for you GTX670 Graphic Card :D

        • thanks,
          i assumed your 650W 80plus PSU upgrade is decent. :)

  • Am I the only one whose browser is getting runtime errors while checking out??? :)

    • Please Clear the recent cache and history of your browser if you got that error, Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Can it support my old nvidia GT 430 ? or a higher end GTX 480 on the MB?

    • +1

      Unless its an AGP graphics card, then yes. It's still on pcie.

      But if you're after gaming performance upgrade, youd get more performance/$ upgrading your gpu than changing the rest of the system. Unless you're on a pentium 4 or something

      • Got a core 2 duo using only 2gb ram and costs $80 to add another 2gb… Cos it's old ddr2. Advise to get this system instead As an upgrade krisspy? That's really my problem. Ram is totally what kills the system.

        • +1

          Well that was unexpected lol…

          Tough situation, I still think a GPU upgrade will yield better results in gaming ONLY. Buying a system will improve everything including gaming (some games like bf3 adapt by removing some ai when there isn't 4 cores detected).

          At this point in time, its a waste upgrading your current system. I'd say get this deal, its a good price for the parts + labor. You might save $50-$100 by going with the previous gen ivy bridge cpus when they go on sale. But for hassle free buy, this is good.

          Either way, you're going to have to upgrade your system and gpu if you want to see gains. Go with a new system first, gpus drop in price faster.

        • Core2Duo and only 2GB of RAM is so long in the tooth now and unless pressed for money I would take this 4th gen chip, not Ivy Bridge.

          Only thing worth noting is the PSU isn't very beefy and wouldn't take a big card down the future (a 430 will hold you back and a 480 is possibly too power hungry for a cheap PSU like this)…for that reason I would grab the optional 650W PSU….

        • It might possibly but at the same time the 430w PSU that came with my thermaltake case is still chugging along like 6 years later haha. It powers 4 HD's and an old ass power hungry 2900XT and OC'd C2D. Like he said though probably not worth risking it but I'd be willing to try given it's less of a noname PSU.

  • Is this the Intel HD graphics card this system would have?


    Source: http://www.videocardbenchmark.net/video_lookup.php?gpu=GeFor...

    • Yes

    • Shizer, I didn't realise they were THAT bad. I've got a couple of Geforce 9800's lying around if anyone wants them for the price of postage.

  • Does anyone know whether these first lot of motherboards have the newer chipset revision? Or, they are the ones with the USB 3.0 not always able to remain active after suspend/resume glitch?

  • Funny how intel criticised AMD when they thought of integrating decent gpus with cpus… now their overthrowing them at their game. AMD needs to pull something out otherwise their going to get kicked out of the desktop scene, even in the budget market.

    Question is, will intel challenege AMD on the power/performance game too for mobile processors.

    • +2

      AMD APUs still have better graphics performance. Intel continue to play the CPU game well (faster CPU with lower power) - they know most people don't need good/great 3D performance.

      The inclusion of GPU in the CPU for Intel is good marketing (potentially more marketing benefits than technological benefits). This way, you don't have to buy a graphics card (which is traditionally a market Intel is not good at, except for OEM).

  • +4

    Haswell is the next generation from ivy bridge? That was quick..

    • +4

      yes, I just learnt that from this thread :D

    • +1

      Tacoma narrows Bridge would've been a better name :/

      BTW people are already talking about Broadwell and Skywell … i think ill wait…until the specs on their successors leak.

      • +3

        Haswell sounds like a company that specialises in manufacturing plates and dishes and cooking pans lol.

      • at least no critiques have yet to rename it to Hasbeen

        reviewers have been impressed so far (or paid to be)

  • +7

    I just wonder at the word 'budget' on this post. This PC is a supercomputer for 90% of desktop PC users, barring some extreme gamers, video editing applications etc.

    Go get it folks….

  • See below

  • I'm still on my 1st gen i7 930 OC'd to 3.5GHz, 6gb 2000mhz ram, gigabyte x58-ud7, 2Gb Gtx670 Windforce Hackintosh…..
    I wonder if going to this system is considered an upgrade….

    • Thats a nope.

    • Hah… you're looking for a mobo+cpu upgrade and that should be perfect. :)

      I'm on i5 760 @4Ghz, 16Gb 1600Mhz RAM, GA-P55UD4, 1x GTX670 Asus DCU II TOP.

      Looking for a 4770K + decent mobo. :) Apparently it's up to 40% performance increase over i7 965X. So worth upgrading I guess. I'm looking for an upgrade before EOFY for err.. tax purposes. :wink: :wink:

  • nice

  • I need to connect 4 Monitors to one PC … Is that possible?

    • +1

      Yes. A couple of cheap video cards running 2 monitors each is an option or there are some higher end gaming cards that can run 4 monitors off one card but connectivity might be an issue on those if your monitors don't have display port inputs.

      • OMG I am such an idiot for never realising you could run video off both video cards (I'm assuming they have to be in SLI/Xfire). I always thought that one of the GPUs would take over the thinking and the other one would just lend it's cores.

    • +8

      Fryandlaurie already figured that this system is cheaper than the parts alone from msy. Since peripherals aren't generally included in desktop sales such as this, objecting to the word 'free' is a bit silly don't you think?

  • For the SSD upgrade, what brand is it?

  • This is a great deal but a general warning about the quality of packaging from this company. I bought the last budget PC from here and being in NSW it was shipped but with unimaginably bad packaging, meaning the computer wouldn't start and attempts to fix it with customer support were unsuccessful. Now that I have to send it back to the company for another $25 in shipping, I guess you could say I'm a little bitter. I'm sure this isn't what always happens but when you do checkout, perhaps it would be an idea to request extra padding like I should have :)

    • +1

      Hi JokerCandy,

      Really sorry for that happened, we will wrap the PC with extra padding to keep it away from any possible damage. Would you please contact us with your order or invoice number, so we can give you some freebies. Thanks

      • Well that sucked.

        I send emails to your company and get no response. You offer extra padding and I receive none on the return. You offer freebies, again nothing. In fact, you returned the desktop WITHOUT a power cable I had sent with it. What is this?

        It's a shame this deal has expired, but I will sure to warn any other customers continually about this disgrace.

        What happened? I trusted you to deliver on promises but it turns out your people just couldn't pull through. I'm sure you yourself are not responsible for this but I am highly disappointed in what has happened.

        If anyone does end up reading this, is there any basis for me to complain further for them practically stealing a power cable if I sent it for repairs but never received it back?


        • Could you elaborate? Because when I picked mine up, it had sufficient padding to be shipped, and the customer service has been fantastic, returning my calls promptly when I had a query.

          Did they pay for return shipping?

          I don't think they stole your power cable on purpose, seems like an odd thing to accuse them of.

        • +1

          Hi JockerCandy

          This is (Pic01, Pic02) what your returned computer case looks like. Please
          find attached

          Without hassle you, we have replaced brand new case and all damaged parts
          inside, and sent it back to you with in 2 days. This is good service

          Please don't say "its damaged because we did not put in extra padding", we
          have sent out over 100 K350 computers for the last two weeks, and yours is
          the only one got damaged. We are sorry for this inconvenience causing by
          your local courier.

          Our warehouse may forget to send you a power cord as it's not a brand new
          Our warehouse may forget to send you FREEBIES because when we received it
          nothing mentioned on the box about FREEBIES, and our tech paid full
          attention on how to get the problem fixed then we can get it back to you

          We understand you are a bargain hunter, but please communicate with others
          first, we were not trying to running away from your problem or any warranty

          Please let us know if you want to continue communicate with us about this.
          Happy to send you a cable and FREEBIES.

          Kind Regards

        • Yes, thank you. This is the response I wanted.

          I do not care what the freebies are, or when the power cord is sent back (I have extras). I also respect the short amount of time it took for the main problem (broken computer) to be fixed and sent back. You are correct that this has been 'good service'. I was simply angered by the lack of communication from emails and the fact that these things had been promised but not delivered.

          Since you know which computer was mine, I'd assume you would also know my address and other details. Again, any (useful?) freebies would be fine, I am happy to have the computer running for my dad now.

          Thank you for your replies here on OzBargain.

  • How long will the offer be up for?

  • I want to purchase the system but their website seems to be down. anyone else encounter the same problem?

  • they take the entire site down for public holiday? lol

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