expired Sony iPhone 5 Clock Radio, $73.50 at Big W. RRP $99


I purchased this on release day for $99. On special at Dick Smith for $87, but just seen at Big W for $73.50. If you still want a good looking clock radio and the ability to charge an iPhone 5, this is a good option.

Has 2 alarms and the iPhone dock can close to look quite neat. At $73.50, possibly a better option than buying a $35 audio capable lightning adaptor from apple to upgrade your old clock radio. Also comes with a remote control.

Just one note: only AM/FM, not DAB but not an issue for most, especially those who will be playing off the iPhone.

Model: ICF-C11iP

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    Release day? i must have missed it.. was it a big event?

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      It was MASSIVE. I went in to the store and they were taking the units out of the box. Doesn't get more exciting than that!


      I think it was released around February or March this year. It is a pretty nice one indeed.


        My understanding is that it was released in April and hit Australia in May. Pretty fresh.


    wow!! the FIRST iPhone 5 Dock I have "seen". hmmmmm

    Apple better come up with something special Tue 3am, or it's curtains for them!

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    Thanks for posting deal88.
    Picked one up yesterday and very happy with it. I'm picky about having a dim display on my alarm clock and this one has great brightness settings, including one setting is completely off!

    Finally I can stop using an adapter!


      Thanks for the feedback mate. I am also picky, that is why I was happy to pay full price for this unit. However, I never thought it would be this cheap at Big W.

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