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FREE Virgin Atlantic Upgrade from Red to Silver Status


Probably we dont use virgin atlantic that much but this may come handy in the future with all the Travel Bargains that are posted here

As always, Register now and think later

Free is FREE and Awesome

This will definitely be useful one day


Silver Status Benifits here

  • Book Flights: You’ll earn 50%* extra base flown miles on every flight you take with us, so you’ll reach exciting rewards even faster.
  • Premium Check In: You'll have full use of our Premium Economy Check In area, whatever class you're traveling in. If you are flying from London Heathrow you will also be able to benefit from Premium Economy check in kiosks. Less queuing and more relaxation, exactly how journeys should be.
  • You take Priority: If the flight you'd like to book is already full, we'll bump you up the queue. So if anyone fails to show up, you'll be one of the first people we offer a seat to. (Excludes reward bookings)
  • Park and fly: 5% discount and earn miles for all bookings with Purple Parking at London Heathrow, London Gatwick, Manchester and Glasgow. Earn 500 miles per Meet and Greet booking, 350 miles per Park and Ride Premium booking and 250 miles per Park and Ride booking. Log in to book.
  • Virgin Holidays: Take the hassle out of your holidays; when you book with Virgin Holidays you'll enjoy 7% off and earn 2 mile for every £1 spent.
  • Regus businessworld gold: Work, meet and earn even more miles with our new Flying Club partner, Regus, the world's leading provider of flexible workplace solutions. As a Flying Club Silver member, Regus is offering you complimentary businessworld gold membership worth £199 per annum.

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  • Can the upgrade be done using Velocity (the AU Virgin FF program) membership numbers?

    • not sure, give it a go and if it works, ill update the thread

      • Same as Crowmanz

        Unfortunately there were some errors with some of your details, please re-check the fields marked with an asterisk.

    • nope just tried to enter my velocity number got an error

    • +8

      Virgin Atlantic (Flying Club frequent flyer program) is a totally different entity to Virgin Australia (Velocity frequent flyer program). Status level does not transfer between the two programs, so no you can't use this promo to get status on Virgin Australia if any one is wondering.

      Virgin Atlantic routes are mainly between their UK base and America. The only AU flight they operate is VS201 SYD-LHR via HKG. Route map here.

  • australian frequent flyer thread about it…might have some info


  • Thanks OP, registered never know when I'll be flying with them but free is free!


  • +2

    If you register an account, it seems to get silver status automatically.. but good find, will see if I can make use of this when I pop home :)

    • yup register my account and it automatically had silver. I didnt do the upgrade link.

  • How long does it last for?

    • +2

      I think 12 months

  • No idea if I'll ever use it! Thanks OP.

  • time to look for a good price for flight to LA!!:D

  • Thanks - no idea if i'll need it either - They have had fairly cheap flights from BNE - SIN lately (considering a normal LCC fare + baggage + meals is a similar price).

    Gold class would be awesome but heres what you have to do to reach it (Not gonna happen for me anytime soon!):


    • Um… Virgin Atlantic definitely don't fly BNE - SIN, unless you want to do a BNE-SYD-HKG-LHR-SIN route with them lol.

      Pretty sure Virgin Australia don't fly BNE - SIN either…

  • signed up, auto silver - thanks OP

  • Cheers.
    Registered and now Silver

  • +8

    Upgraded, logged in and displayed silver status with a new membership number, thanks OP!

    Rem to register Regus Business Lounge for free:
    Which I am more likely to use…

    • +1

      I couldn't agree more with alwayscheaper re the Regus business lounge…this will come in handy for work as I travel frequently :)

      • Is this of use to someone travelling for pleasure?

        • of course, they don't say anything about just for work purposes but these centres are focussed for the business traveller…they're not like airline lounges with food, etc…

        • Nope, they are mainly just empty offices where people can do business work in quiet and use printing, meeting, and wifi facilities. No food/drinks (maybe water), or showers etc like an airline lounge.

        • +1

          I went to Regus today with my new gold card (printed out piece of paper actually) - Level 39 Citibank building in Sydney CBD. Yes, mostly offices, but free access to a computer with internet and free coffee and tea so all in all OK for nowt.

      • has anyone investigated what limits are placed on access to Regus biz lounges as a gold club member eg 2 free office days per month; per year… just wondering given this could be ozbargained ….

        edit: seems biz lounge is free including wifi and tra/coffee and you pay for everything else:

        T&C: http://www.regus.com/images/BW_enUS_Termsandconditions_tcm8-…

    • Can it be used at Regus in Australia too?

    • Have I missed something; Regus Businessworld Gold membership does not provide access to Virgin Atlantic Clubhouses and lounges. Where are Regus Businessworld lounges located?

    • Thanks for the Regus heads up. Registered there also. +1

    • +3

      I think this is the true value of this bargain. I'm less likely to make use of the gold benefits than I am to use the Regus lounges around the place.

      Nice find!

    • I cant find any lounges at airports - only office spaces. Am I doing this right?

    • does your membership number change? i have tried going through the 2nd link several times but I am still on red. anyone know why? ive logged in and out already :(

  • it says to me: Sorry, this account has already been registered.

    i've made an account. anything wrong ?

    • After 2 hours …. worked

  • +1

    I registered, but got Red status at first. Followed the second link and got Silver. Thanks OP - no doubt will come in handy some day.

  • The link is not encrypted and the secured https. You need to enter you DOB. Third parties can see your DOB & membership number.

    • +15

      Meh. Someone might post me a birthday card.

  • +1
    • Regus businessworld gold: Work, meet and earn even more miles with our new Flying Club partner, Regus, the world's leading provider of flexible workplace solutions. As a Flying Club Silver member, Regus is offering you complimentary businessworld gold membership worth £199 per annum.

    How the above is written, it sounds as if one will never have to pay. Wishful thinking or is it as it reads?

  • Thanks OP

  • Registered, thanks OP

  • -2

    is Virgin Atlantic only for international flights?

    does this apply for domestic?

  • +1

    Just joined and they sent me an email which arrived with a warning - "Be careful! This sender failed our fraud detection checks."

  • What a great way for me to save on inner city office rent for my business. I'll just get everyone to join this and we can start working from one of the Regus offices in Melbourne! Plus no utility bills. Awesome!

    • In Perth, an office for the day is about $150 - which works out to be $600 per month per office (5days x 4 weeks).

      If you had four people, with an office for each, that works out at $2400 per month. Not as cheap as I first thought when reading your post. I suppose it depends on how many offices you need.

  • Got silver too, thanks!

  • thanks OP, great find!
    btw, do you know if I can use this to get priority on Virgin Aus?

    • So far it seems like only Premium Economy checking counter for international flights…

      • Nope. Virgin Australia and Virgin Atlantic are totally separate airlines. They are codeshare partners on the SINGLE Virgin Atlantic flight (i.e. Virgin Atlantic plane not a Virgin Australia plane) that operates out of Australia: VS201 SYD-LHR via HKG.

        See here on the Virgin Australia website regarding the check-in counters. The Premium Economy check-in counter you refer to is referring to Virgin Atlantic's own flights.

        There are no advantages for having Virgin Atlantic Silver when flying in Australia or any Virgin Australia route for that matter, unless you are on Virgin Atlantic 201 SYD-LHR-HKG. Someone should probably edit this into the description to make it clear for everyone.

        • +3

          Down the bottom of this page:
          it says:

          As a Silver member you will receive extra benefits with Virgin Australia:
          - Priority Check-in: As a Silver member, you can check-in at the Virgin Austrailia Premium Economy desk when travelling in Economy.

        • I stand corrected then :) Funny though, that little section only shows up when you login to your account.

  • Anyone have issues getting the Regus Gold? After I enter my Fly Club number (which has successfully been upgraded to silver) and click validate, I get taken to the "get Regus Gold for 50% off" offer targeted at Fly club Red members..

    • +2

      Once you update to silver (using the 2nd link), your membership number changes…enter this new number when registering Regus GOld. Mine worked perfectly. Good luck!

      • Hi ShootingStar,
        How did your membership number change? Mine has not upgraded yet but would like to activate my regus membership

  • Red member… no silver?

    • Never mind. Silver now :-)

  • Is there a free upgrade for the Virgin Australia Frequent Flyer program

  • Went to 2nd Link put in the info. All good I receive an email from VA. But status still Red?

  • +3

    Not working for me. Still Red. 30 minutes delta from signup.

    Me thinks they are now upgrading manually by hand or either that a cron job has stalled.

    • Not good!!!

    • me too did it over 45 mins ago :(

    • me three! :(

    • Same for me :'(

  • No auto-upgrade to SILVER for me. Doesn't look like this offer works anymore. I'm still stuck on RED status after having filled up upgrade form manually. Might have missed the boat.

    • For me, I made an account for each of member of my family. I manually upgraded the first one, the others were auto-upgraded to silver, probably because I used the same number for all or same ip who knows.

  • Just getting "You have been registered for the offer"
    Still RED

  • juz did mine…still red….did i miss the boat? =_=

    • No worry, just check the small print of Silver membership…you need to re-new it EVERY YEAR. How? hv 15 tiers every year (15 trip)…

      Forget about it~

  • Im flying with malaysian in july - who are a partner of virgin. Am i more likely to get things like upgrades and priority boarding from this deal?

  • Signed up for this, not sure if I'll use it in the next year but with three O/S trips coming up, perhaps! :) Thanks OP

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