This was posted 8 years 7 months 8 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Bauhn Noise-Cancelling Headphones $39.99 (Aldi -Store only)


85% noise reduction
1.2 metre audio cable
Foldable design
Includes travel case, 2-pin airplane adaptor and a 6.3mm audio adaptor

I bought a set. Not as good as my son's $300 Bose ones, but seem OK.

1yr warranty.

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    Thanks, good price. When I feel like looking like a wanker, ill wear them at the gym.

  • This was already posted about a week ago.
    How is the battery life?
    I just got the QC15 like your sons….better not be better.
    Next I will get in August the QC20's in ear bose…..
    How are they not as good?

    • Sorry about the duplicate post, but they only went on sale today.
      That being said, I can't comment on battery life. They still work as head phones even when switched off though. The Bose of course are much better. Wife has some Panasonic $180 ones that are also better. proably depends on how much you use them.

    • I take it that you wouldn't hear much bass through this compared to the Bose? The Bose do a brilliant job of preserving the bass while removing the external noise.

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        They are really made for air flights, to reduce that back ground hum. They completely cover the ear.
        I tried them in the living room, and noticed only a very soft hiss when switched on. In front of the dryer however, I noticed a significant difference. Don't buy them if you are an audiophile, buy them if you travel a lot.

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        Aldi are great for returns. Buy them. Try them. Return them if you don't like them.
        They may sell out quickly. Ask at counter, for they are kept separately.

        • I wonder if they are so generous with returns of products that they can't resell for hygiene reasons?

  • nice find

  • Totally sold out at my local Aldi when I popped by this morning.

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      try asking the person over the counter, when i couldnt find in the glass shelves asked the girl and she had a box full beside the checkout.

  • Anyone get any of these, and care to comment on how good they are/were?

    • Yup I got two aldi ones and also got myself a bose qc15. What i'd say is for 40 bucks there are good. bose definitely isnt 10 times better at $400. The sound isnt good for e.g playing whitney houston 'because i love you' you can hear that its base heavy and feels disconnected..bose on the other hand just connects with houston's low key voice at the start. bose is more comfortable and has best nc but aldi ones did a good job of noise cancelling kitchen exhaust and open tap water. Moreover, the case and the look and feel is copied from bose ditto. Either way I'm happy with my purchase of boseqc15 and the aldi one. 2 to use during my upcoming flight and probably gift the extra one from aldi to someone

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