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Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe, 36-Inch $79 on Amazon.com


I've been looking for a good axe recently, this one is very highly rated (#1 selling axe on amazon and good reviews for durability and its splitting ability),

$129 at Bunnings but Amazon willl ship it here for $75US, under $80AUD. The 36-inch axe is rather long, but is good for splitting tough logs.

  • Our ergonomic design distributes much of the weight at the axe head to provide superior balance for faster and more accurate splitting with less effort
  • Exceptional control for faster and safer splitting and chopping
  • Unique head shape disperses wood from the blade for clean splitting
  • Hardened forged steel blade stays sharp longer than traditional axes
  • Non-stick blade coating powers through wood and prevents head from getting stuck

The smaller axes are also not bad deals:

14-inch Hatchet $40 deliivered ($65 at Bunnings):

By the way: I checked on a couple of whirlpool forums and axes are allowed in by customs.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Sure u can ship that here without any hassles? Assuming its sent by air

  • Yeah I was worried about that too, but I looked it up, and people are often buying their axes from Germany and America, and they don't have any problems. It's apparently not classified as a prohibited weapon http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/1709120

  • If it's designed for throwing, you can't get it in. So may have more issues with the hatchet.

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    I brought the smaller X14 and X7 from amazon early last year, no problems at all.

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      I'm just going to leave this here linky
      Op might want to use it as thumbnail.Don't underestimate the star power of Christian Bale.

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    How do I change the thumbnail?

    • I don't know, but I must say I do like your profile thumbnail :D

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  • $108 delivered from an Australian Store:


    which is more than Amazon's $aus80 but less than Bunnings $129 in store price.

    probably worthwhile getting the blade sharpener as well ($us10 from USA c.f. $a20 here).

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    Few years ago I wanted to buy a sword set (It was a replica of that of POP Worrier Within), but I heard that there might be some problem getting it through customs so instead of spending $350+ to see if it was illegal to import such item to the country, I spent $10 on a hunting knife.. Well sure enough I got a warning letter from Sydney Border Customs saying that this will go in my permanent record as my first offense of importing weapons to the country and if I get caught again they will take legal action against me… So I'd say check with your local police station and get a permit or something if need be.. Also I'm in Melbourne so not sure what the package was doing in Sydney in the first place..

    • A hunting knife isn't a sword and a knife isn't an axe. The law is pretty clear about what is prohibited. Axes are not prohibited, unless they are throwing axes. Some types of knives are. For the record, long swords are OK too.
      Citation: http://www.customs.gov.au/webdata/resources/files/Import_Bla...

      • permanent record as my first offense

        Why the hell did he try to import something possibly illegal without even checking????


        • Well like you said ""Possibly illegal"" wasn't sure it was at the time mainly because the same knife can be bought in any market place with ""Made in china"" emblem costing $40+ which meant they were imports as well.. Also I did check and the item description said it was a two hand opening hunting knife(or something like that can't remember), but when I got the letter from customs it said it was a double edged flip knife.. So its not like I can say the ebay description said so and so…therefore its not my fault..

      • Btw where did you find that axes are OK I checked your link it just a list of weapons and their description.

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      I always take my spearfishing dagger through customs and I have never had an issue. Pro tip for getting through customs super quick is to have a knife in your bag.

  • Just the thing to fix my splitting headache!

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    I got this "Truckers Friend" shipped to my door in Melbourne last month with no hassels or warning letters..


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      I like this part of the product description.

      The Trucker's Friend, aka the Zombinator, is a must-have should there be a Zombie Apocalypse. You can hack, pound, pull or pry just about anything into submission. Definitely won't fly at an airport security checkpoint.

  • red rum

  • I have it on good authority (what ever that is) that European axes are pretty much useless here. The Fiskars ones are a classic example. The reason is that they are designed for splitting pine/softwood logs & are not designed to cut our redgum/red box etc. hardwood. Depends on what you are cutting, but a traditional Australian wood axe is the best, just like the competition axe cutters use.

    • Sounds like you aren't drying your wood for long enough, or you are picking wood with too many burls and knots in it.

      Fiskars axes are fine, the important thing is the head weight and handle length.

      Both are fine for the X27.

      • I have an x27 and it can not split redgum or the other hard gums unless you spend a LONG time hacking away. I find it very good for softer wood. For the hard stuff I find the best technique for me is to use the x27 to make a small crevasse and then split with wedges.

        In terms of importing blades, I have imported hunting knives, machetes, khukris, katanas and a folding knife. All no problems.

    • I'd like to pick up one of those full metal axes. You see them on TV shows all the time. Bright shiny axe head on a bright shiny metal handle. Never seen them in shops, but if a regular wood axe sells for $50 a metal one would sell for a lot more.

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    I've ordered this from amazon before. It arrived in a long box 10 days later, no trouble with customs. I've used it to cut a fair amount of wood since, and it does a good job.

    The handle is very light while the head is quite dense, so you can deliver a very decent hit because all the weight is at the end.

  • When ordering is it best to select AUD or USD?

  • Normally better to choose USD, amazon's conversion is a bit stingy.

  • If you want an axe, get a proper axe. This is more of a splitting maul/axe hybrid using the theory that speed is a substitute of mass for splitting. I find that the handle design and length makes it a subpar axe.

    For splitting less hard stuff, its great

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    Ordered on Sunday. Arrived this morning.

    • hey can you tell me the shop that your order was shipped from as I am trying to get one after procrastinating for to long

    • and how it goes with hard wood as well :)

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        Depends what you consider hard wood. I find it doesn't do well with the real hard stuff, nomatter if it's green or dry.

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