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Avancer Kitchen Stand Mixer $99. Free Shipping. Save $50


Hi Guys,

We are running some EOFY deals at the moment and will be posting a few up until the end of the month.
The first is on our range of Stand Mixers.

* Planetary Action Mixer
* 6 Level Control with One Pulse Control
* Includes Whisk, Kneading Hook and Stirrer
* 50 Degree Swiveling Mixer Arm
* Powerful 800W Motor
* Easy to Operate and Clean
* Large 5 Litre Bowl with 2kg Mixture Preparation
* Metal Beaters - Not plastic
* Transparent Bowl Cover
* Weight of Mixer: 5kg approx
* Dimensions: 36cm W x 15.5cm D x 34cm H
* Height (Raised arm): 42cm
* Full metal gears

Stand Mixer - Black - $99 - Free Shipping
Stand Mixer - Red - $99 - Free Shipping - Will be dispatched 24th June
Ice Cream Maker Attachment - $20 - Free Shipping - Will be dispatched 28th June
Bowl Scraping Blade - $20 - Free Shipping

The best thing here is that if you buy a mixer with one or more of the attachments you'll also get 10% off your total order value!
So a bowl scraping blade becomes just $8.10

The stand mixer is well reviewed and we offer a 7-day moneyback guarantee if you are not happy

Let us know if you have any questions and we'll try to answer them as quickly as possible.

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    At first I thought it was a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. I think the rep deliberately added the word Kitchen. Very cunning.

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    Aside from a choice in colors and yours in 800w instead of 1000w is this exactly the same as Kogan's?

    Personally I would go with kogan's since its 1000w over 800w and for me postage makes it just $6.42 more.



      They probably do come from the same supplier or similar but honestly the extra wattage will do virtually nothing for you as most of the time the mixers do not use the full power anyway


        Not to put down your product because admittedly I haven't used either, when I was looking for a mixer I went for a Kenwood Chef Titanium because its a 1400W workhorse but this is for a different section of the market.

        I'm not saying that 800w won't be able to do the same things as the 1000w but if you imagine it like a car with a full load and a full trailer. Sure you won't be doing it all the time but you just know that when you need to use a bit of extra power that its there.

        • also I'm very jealous that I can't get an ice cream attachment for $20, that's an awesome price.

          How come the Kitchenaid Artisan mixers (RRP$749) only have a 300W planetary motor, but you don't really see any reviews about how much weaker it is compared with 1000W+ mixers?


          I haven't looked into it deeply, and am not an expert, but the wattage measurement can mean all sorts of things depending on where and how it's measured. For example if it's the peak input usage then that's the amount of electricity it consumes e.g. 1000W. It's motor output might only be 800W (certain power is lost as heat/friction/etc.) Then the actual power output at the blade will be lower due to losses along the path of the attachment, rotating spindle and so on. So you might end up with 400W.

          And from what I understand, the wattage will be less important than the torque. The wattage means it can spin faster without a load. A high(er) torque will allow it to twist against a load more effectively, in the same way a car with higher torque is more easily able to pull a trailer/caravan/load.


          Both my Nanna and my Mum have old Kenwood Chef mixers (early 1970's and late 1980's) which are only around 400W but both still going strong and have been used every week of their lives for bread dough, cake mix and biscuit mix.


          Yes - torque, being the rotational force, is the important part. How efficiently a machine consumes power to produce torque is where the quality of any product comes to the fore. I know that my lower power Dyson vacuum cleaner sucks a lot better than an 1800 W cheap brand.

          And sneakily some manufacturers list the power consumption of a motor and not it's power output


    bought one + ice cream attachment, Thanks

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