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2kg Speciality Coffee Beans Fresh Roasted to Order $49.95 (Normally $79.90) + FREE Shipping


Get 2kg of speciality coffee beans freshly roasted to order for only $49.95 (normally $79.90)

Includes the following:
1 x 1kg Columbian Huila Supremo Organic
1 x 1kg Lucky Dip Speciality Single Origin/Blend

Price is inclusive of shipping anywhere in Australia.
All orders will be roasted fresh to order on Fri 21st and Mon 24th June and shipped same or next business day.

For more information on coffees please click on deal or visit our website

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  • woohoo! alot of people have been complaining about not being able to go through coffee from past deals…. timing has been perfect for this household

    great coffee and service…


    • +1

      So you forgot to vote for the deal then?

      • The only mandatory voting is in September, wherein OzB will institute a fine system unless you have a reasonable excuse.

      • it seems that ozbargin.com.au does not allow voting from ip's not geographically located within the country, and i like my privacy thus always use a secure server to avoid such things as PRISM :)

  • Can't see this particular single origin listed on your website. Can you please confirm it's not the Columbian Organic Decaf?

    Also, whats the description for the Columbian Huila Supremo Organic?

    • No not decaf
      Fully washed Colombia Huila Supremo. We roast this coffee for a rich, medium-bodied cup with citrus brightness and a clean finish.

  • +1

    Still waiting on my 70g sample from 10 days ago .

    • Mine came 2 days ago. Took a while.

    • All samples were sent so not sure why you haven't received. Email me so I can look up you're details

      • Arrived about an hour after posting . Thanks .
        More about to be ordered :)
        I'm in W.A. So thats probably why it took so long . It was worth the wait , tastes ten times better than coles beans .

  • I can vouch for the great coffee. Im still going through the Yemen batch which was a very unique flavour.

    Mannabeans, got any tips for using the aeropress? Lots of different methods but which is best?

    • inverted?

    • I prefer using a fine grind, almost espresso grind. There are some good video tutorials available. Try this one from the world barista champion http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48ics7oymw8

    • I really dislike my Aeropress. Any coffee extraction method that doesn't produce a crema is a fail as far as I'm concerned :(

      • Want to sell your Aeropress?
        10 bucks to WA?

      • It makes a good cappuccino though =)

  • +5

    Mannabeans, any chance of doing a 1 kg deal? I've only just finished my 2kg beans, and I am so over my beans sitting around for up to 2 months! I really wouldn't mind a repeat of the last 1kg deal:

    Any chance?

    • +1 Bought 2kg from the last deal and it's just too much for me. I use about 1kg a month.

      • Mannabeans, if this isn't possible or feasible, could you please let us know? I've expressed this a few times before, but there hasn't been any response.

        We understand if it's not feasible to do the deal, and it's OK to say 'Not right now'; all part of doing business. But to see responses to other people's questions, ignoring the 1kg queries really does leave us hanging.

        I believe most will get the 2kg deal if you specifically say 1kg is not available - that way we know there won't be a 1kg deal later on where we'll be kicking ourselves for buying the 2kg deal etc.

        • +2

          Hi Schwinn, with the increased prices in transport recently it's hard to make it cost effective to run smaller quantities. After consideration though I do want to help the people who feel 2kgs is too much for them so I have decided to run a deal for you guys. I will launch it tomorrow morning :-)

        • That's fantastic news! Thanks Mannabeans for the response :D

        • Yay! Thank you!

  • -1

    Any chance of a similar deal on preground espresso? Not every coffee drinker has (or wants) a grinder….and spare me the sermon!!

  • +1

    On a more serious note, myself and another family member have both received your free sample, and I have to say that the it's nice, fresh coffee. Thanks op

  • +1

    Good coffee. If i wasn't roasting my own now, i would definitely be getting this. I have had 6 kilos from manna, all delicious .

  • Too awesome!

    I only have a few days left of the Guatemala washed from last time, so I will be getting a batch soon! =)

    Always love your recommendations Simon! =)

  • Unless you drink serious amounts of coffee, what's the point ordering 2kg of freshly roasted beans if half of them won't even be fresh when you use them?

    • +2

      Even 2 months old it's still pretty good, better than supermarket and cheaper.

    • +2

      It is still 100 times nicer than any bean that has probably been roasted months ago from Coles or Safeway.

      I would prefer the packages come in 4x 500g personally but I have loved every single bean type I have purchased thus far.

      • Thanks for feedback. Happy to assist. You can pay additional $1 per bag for any additional bags required. Please just pay through 'send money' tab in Paypal and leave notes. Payment made to [email protected] Thanks :-)

      • -1

        Not better than Vittoria I think, I switched back after a while.

  • How about regularly sending out smaller amounts of beans?

      • 500g per month looks more reasonable for me. But that cost more than double the price of this deal. It's no Ozbargain.

        • You can't have your cake and eat it.

          Convenience or value, pick one.

    • +1

      They have a coffee subscription option

  • Love Manna Beans coffee! Even my fussy barista son says it's good! Was buying from another site mentioned here and when a bag arrived not properly sealed and issue wasn't resolved satisfactorily I changed to Manna Beans and am very happy to have done so :)

  • Deal said to expire 10 July, but roastings on 21 and 24 June. Will there be roasting dates later during the deal period? Thx.

    • Yes the first wave will be sent out over next few days as listed but we will continue to roast fresh as ordered. All coffee orders are shipped the same or following day that they are roasted

  • Anyone in Brisbane want to split this two or four ways? I.E. 500g of 250g of each.

    Extra bags are an additional $1 each as Mannabeans says above.
    I'll need payment before I order.
    Pick up from Norman Park or can maybe arrange in the CBD.

  • Hi mana

    last order i had with you (1kg deal), I found to be a bit weak for my liking. How does the strength of this roast compare with the last 1kg deal?

    • Both of these coffees should be of a fair strength.

  • I recently bought a Breville Dual Boiler, and I was going to stick with blends for a while before experimenting with single origin. No doubt these beans will still be suitable?

    • certianly would be ;-)

  • ordered Friday, arrived Monday… now that's service.. ;) cheers,

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