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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon @ $3.60 / €2.49 - uPlay Platform (PC) - DirectGameCards.com


Roughly around $3.60 (excl PayPal 2.5% currency charge), most likely will become $3.90 - DOES NOT REQUIRE FAR CRY 3 BASE GAME

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is a spin-off that contains around eight hours of original content and features a single open-world island to explore, with many of Far Cry 3's gameplay systems and mechanics making a return. Keyword: RETRO 80s

Make sure you use the coupon code DOUBLEDRAGON. If you use the coupon code for anything else it won't work. The keys are instantly delivered and this is a uPlay game and can only be activated via uPlay.

Type: Promo code which makes check-out @ uPlay Store $0, not a physical copy
Delivery: Instantly via EMAIL
NOTE: CHECK OUT IN EUROS, let PayPal handle the conversion - if you have a EURO balance it will be cheapest
How to redeem: http://shop.ubi.com/ - add Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon and add Promo Code you received from us, get the game officially from the ubishop.

Offer lasts as long as stock holds.

Additional note: You require a working phone number to purchase at our website (no costs for you, all costs on us,generally takes 20-30 seconds to arrive, no need to fill in your country code). We are using this as a security measure. If you have difficulties please contact us via Facebook or livechat and we'll try to work something out for you. Currently due to server migration issues, we cannot receive e-mails but only send them.

If you are unsure if we are a "good" reseller or not, please check out our Facebook comments and interaction with the community (we're 4.5 months old): https://www.facebook.com/DirectGameCards?ref=hl
Furthermore, we are www.gamekey.nl (used to be #1 in the Netherlands for these webshops)
http://www.trustpilot.nl/review/www.gamekey.nl - reviews can be found there. There was only 1 out of 50 negative review (overall 9.2 score) because this person did not check his/her spam folder. Note that this is in Dutch.

Previous OzBargain posts:
http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/104065 - same deal, but now half the price!

**Far Cry 3: The Lost Expedition also available for €11.99/$17.05 (excl PayPal fee) - Coupon code: FarAus3 - coupon codes only work for 1 game at a time: http://www.directgamecards.com/far-cry-3-cd-key.html **

Didn't receive your order within a minute after purchase? Check your Spam-folder. Our delivery system is so fast, the delivery e-mail is likely to come before the order and paypal confirmation; subject is CD Key Instant Delivery. Didn't receive ANY e-mails at all? Contact us on live-chat or Facebook, we kindly suggest you to then create a new gmail and let us know what this is. Chat with Order ID, Full name and PayPal Address for confirmation of owner.
Don't know how to activate? Read above, it's in BOLD.

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  • Invalid promo code. If you have any issue using your promo code, please contact our customer support.


    • Worked for me, make sure to remove any spaces.

      Thanks OP!

    • The promocode should work under DOUBLEDRAGON, copy pasting should work. Note that it has to be the only game and 1 in the cart or else it won't work.

  • I input verification phone number…
    - wrong number

    I try another format…
    - wrong number

    Try another format…
    Retries exceed available amount.

    Unbelievable. Another well-thought-out shopping website that expects you to know what number format they expect.

    So, no thanks. I'll wait for the Steam sale.

    • Any format should work, as long as it is a mobile phone number. Our apologies for the inconvenience. As I have said, if you have issues with it you can contact us and we can work around it.

      • Didn't say mobile phone in this bargain or the website. I was trying a landline. That's a deal breaker for me anyway (mobile phone spam avoidance).

        Otherwise, a good deal. Thanks.

        • +1

          Turned it off for you shortly if you are still interested. For the others worrying about spam, check out our previous node, not a single complaint! But we understand your concerns.

        • Thank you. Completed purchase and redeemed on UPlay.

  • Deal worked great for me, awesome bargain!

  • Coupon code isn't valid.

    • Could you tell me what exactly you filled in and what you had in your shopping cart? And on our (directgamecards.com) website right?
      We already had many sales, so not quite sure why this is the second time it isn't working.

      • Fixed.

  • +6

    There's a few codes to enter so it can be confusing.

    1. Go to http://www.directgamecards.com/far-cry-3-blood-dragon-cd-key... and checkout using DOUBLEDRAGON

    2. You'll receive an email subject "CD Key Instant Delivery". See "PIN" at the bottom.

    3. Go to http://shop.ubi.com/ , search for blood dragon and add the PC download version to the cart. At the checkout input your "PIN" from step 2 into the Promo Code box. This should make the price $0.00.

    4. You'll receive a serial key from Ubi, but you'll notice that Blood Dragon is already activated for you in UPlay. Done!

    • +1

      Thanks, can I hire you?
      I was actually about to post that, but copying links on my mobile phone is quite hard so you beat me to it! Thanks again.

      • +2

        Haha no problem, thanks for the deal

    • Thanks for the instructions.. Downloading now =)

  • Just worked for me…..Thanks.

  • Works perfectly no complaints cheap game and worked first time now for some 80s action :)

  • Bah! and I just bought this for $20 on the PS3 the other day. :(
    Interesting if not a comical game, nice OP!

    • Haha, we always had it for €7 though! But maybe PS3 is better.

      Status update on the game: it's being sold rapidly, the majority comes from Ozbargain. Unfortunately I am not at office to restock, won't be until night time for Australia. If it becomes out of stock (should have enough for many more), I will try to restock asap with the same price.
      Another note, we will randomly select 2 winners for the FC3 BD sales. The winners get to pick a game: Sleeping dogs, LA Noire, Bioshock 1 or 2. All Steam activated. Will keep you informed.

  • +1

    Game any good?

    • +1

      Buy now, find out later ;)

  • Bought it. Thanks a lot :)

  • Nice price. If it were on Steam, I'd grab it. Don't really want to install another games platform on my PC though :/

    • +1

      fairly sure it would launch through uPlay anyway

      • yep, even if you buy it on Steam it has to go through uPlay for it to work, so stupid

  • I bought a copy, can't go wrong for $3.50

  • out of stock??

  • +1

    Edit: being restocked as we speak, but the guy is doing many things at the same time so might take 10 minutes or so.

  • Noob here.

    How do I actually buy this?

    Do I need to set up a Uplay account first, and a directgames account first?

    Then what icon do I press on the directgames site to buy it - the EU & Uk region icon?

    • Being restocked as we speak. Around 10 minutes for it to appear.

    • Hi, you don't need to press any icon. Simply check out at our website with the coupon code doubledragon, receive the promo code, go to ubisoft shop, add game to cart, redeem promo code. Voila! And you do need an account to purchase/play.

      • Thanks - how do I get to the checkout?

        I've created a login etc

        • Hi, you click on the deal link on ozbargain, add the game to cart, then you click "add game to cart and check out" then you can use the coupon code for the price to drop.
          But we are currently out of stock, an employee is working on it but he is a bit slow!

        • i don't see a "add game to cart and check out" button - maybe it only appears when you have stock available?

        • That is correct. Being restocked now, apologies for the wait.

  • are these just codes or a box/card scan like it states on the page?

    • Hi, the deal is in a digital code format. These are promo codes you use to check out at the official store, not a cd key.

  • Delivery: Instantly via EMAIL?

    Umm, I still havent got mine yet

    • Please read the bottom part of the deal. You can also contact live-chat.

      • I did, still nothing

        • Kindly suggest you to send us a message on Facebook if you still have the issue as stated on the main post.

  • Out of stock :(

    • 5 minutes!

  • Single Player game?

    • Yup, this is a single player dlc!

  • +2

    Apologies, was so busy replying on ozbargain, I got out at the wrong stop to check up at office. Shouldn't take longer than 5 minutes max. Restocking right now!

    • In-stock now, cheers!

  • Cool - got to checkout -

    All good - thanks!

    • It's okay I believe. Our system just checks if the IP and locations are strange or not, should be fine if you leave things blank if there is no red star.

  • great buy!!! :)

  • Error 503 server is being ozbargained….. sigh…. :(

    • We're actually still getting in sales. Yesterday we migrated servers, so chances are that your browser is still pointing at the wrong dns. Using a different browser can usually solve the problem.

  • got it now, download later. thanks

  • I already have this game (and finished it)…. It's actually really fun. Lots of 80's jokes, music similar to terminator and the main character is voiced by the actor who played kyle Reece from the original terminator. Be warned he uses the F word a lot! This is not a kid safe game! One of my favourite games in a long time though!

  • Sold out, Are you getting any more at this price?

    • +1

      Hi, this deal is going to be mark as EXPIRED Until further notice. If I can restock at the same price I will let you know. This will be the final comment so subscribe to this if you wish to stay updated! I will unexpire as I know more.

      Thank you for the purchases, 94% came from Ozbargain. We will be holding a Giveaway for the Ozbargainers soon.

  • the emailed code that I received is not being accepted by the Ubisoft site, I receive "Invalid promo code" when following callistus's steps. Can you assist/advise?

    • Please contact us directly for issues, on live-chat or Facebook messages. Or send an e-mail to [email protected]. Kindly state the nature of your problems and add screenshots to back it up. Solving the issue on Ozbargain just creates more unnecessary posts, as we cannot give out your private information here either. If you feel that our service was lacking then you can off course complain here as you would like.

      • I have emailed this issue directly to you and await your response, I will post my feedback on the resolution here afterwards.

        • We did not receive any e-mail. Kindly send it again, perhaps it is also better to send us a private message on Facebook. The E-Mail servers are not working 100% when receiving as indicated on the main post and on our website. It is slowly working again.

        • Just received a report from our migrators, our e-mails won't be fixed until tomorrow. Kindly send us a message on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/DirectGameCards for help.

        • So it appears someone at directgamecards gave me a defective code and there is no more stock so I'm being refunded and I miss out on the deal now. I'm not sure if I'm the only one who had this problem but it may explain key problems that some of you experience.

        • Hey, you forgot to add that I mentioned that an employee rushed things and only had this key wrong - we are only human, not machines, we make mistakes, our apologies. Furthermore, I also offered you to be able to get it at the same price EVEN IF I were to get the game again later at a higher price. If you have a better alternative, then please do let us know so we can improve our customer service.

          "If we get a Blood Dragon key, regardless of the price, I will let you know and make it the same price for you if you are still interested in it by then"

          Naturally you are free to say what you want and leave out the things you wish, just thought that I would clear it up for the community.

        • +1

          At time of posting this is what had happened, I do appreciate mistakes happen but at the time I had paid for the product and had missed out as a result which is what I posted.

          Your staff have just now sent me a new code which has worked and I am now downloading the file successfully. I commend your staff for getting back to me as quickly as they did and correcting the problem, this is a good thing to see and I will vote the deal up accordingly.

        • Thank you, Davo-CC. Thing is though, you don't miss out on the deal, it's a slightly delayed deal. We would just give you the same price as soon as we get a new batch (as stated), which takes just a few days generally. But since we cannot guarantee it is a few days and might take upto a week, we wanted to refund you so you can have the liberty to get it via a different deal or from us again at the same price. I guess it is just looking and saying things at a different perspective! Again, thank you very much.

    • For some reason my post got duplicated, ozbargain said that it was "down" at the moment, maybe that's why ;<


    • +1

      Thank you,
      all worked great, and fast.
      please keep us in mind for you next wave of sales ;)

    • Any chance on a cheap Farcry 3 key?
      Thanks :)

      • Can't go much lower than the price stated at the end, can go €1 lower, which becomes €11.99. Going to update the node as well with the €11.99 price. If you would like to buy it, coupon code: FarAus3 — for Far Cry 3: The Lost Expedition — contains 2 DLCs

  • thanks Rep, grabbed one.

  • I downloaded this game and created a Ubisoft account when prompted however when I go register the game in U-play I get a message saying the registration code is already in use. I contacted Ubisoft about this over a week ago and have received no reply. Pretty disappointed.

    • I am having this exact same problem! I have contacted Ubi by website & phone and they are useless.

    • Shaun, I have sussed out the problem. The error I've been getting (and suspect the exact error you're getting) is "Activation Code is already in use with another Uplay Account".
      Well basically, that's a faulty error response from Uplay. You are most likely getting this error because it is already registered under your own Uplay account, not anyone elses!
      Within Uplay, click on the Cog icon and select Account Information". The product and key should appear here.
      Then exit that screen, go to the GAMES link at the top of Uplay, and FC 3 should appear there. Click on it and download it.

    • Hey, yes, it seems like Ubisoft Support in AUS region is pretty messed up. I been hearin stories of them not replying for over 2 weeks.

      Anyway, if you managed to "purchase" the game from their shop with our code, rest assured that you already have the game in your possession (or at least legally are eligible to claim it, as you should receive an e-mail of them).

      Besides this, as ozbargainer "noz" pointed out, it is most likely already in your uplay account. Simply start Uplay and go to "My games" and it should be there.

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