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Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 Canon/Nikon $699 Manfrotto 190XDB $99 Free Pick up $14.95 Ship CamerasDirect

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  • That is a fantastic price for the 18-35… considering BH photo are taking pre-orders for $799USD + shipping from USA…….
    If only I had the money…

    • thats amazing

      price was supposed to be $2,000+

      how does sigma do it for the money???

      • Price was never going to be $2000! Not even canon charge that much for an L series wide angle zoom. Not sure where you got that from.

        Just sucks it for crop sensors…

  • How does the sigma compare to the Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8? I have it this one and it's really sharp. The sigma looks a fair bit heavier and bigger. Amazing they got a f1.8 in a zoom.

    Trying to decide between a Fujifilm X100S or Ricoh GR next. No one seems to have stock :(

  • Amazing price for the 18-35, kind of glad pentax mount isn't offered, enforced saving!

  • Yeah very tempting… but waiting on announcement of the 70D and 7D2 before locking myself in to crop sensor. Otherwise I might be upgrading to FF. This would be a great kids party lens I reckon. I was looking at this lens the other day and found these sample pics if anyone is interested.


  • no sony alpha mount? :(

  • Very cheap price for a new lens (and with good early reviews too).

    Not sure I'd have a use for a f/1.8 lens a those focal lengths at the moment… my 15-85 f/4-5.6 (and 17-85 before it) is still what I tend to go for and I have a 85mm f/1.8 and 17-50 f/2.8 as well if I need the larger aperture. Have hardly used those later two lenses so the 18-35 will probably fall into that category for me.

    Still, kudos to Sigma for doing such a lens at this price and definitely a consideration before I buy a 30mm f/1.4 lens.

    • I have the 15-85 as well, but big difference between f4 and f1.8.. I was thinking about the 30mm f1.4 as well, but I also have the 40mm f2.8 pancake which is pretty sharp. I think for indoor groups shots with the ability for some zoom would be pretty handy but I think the very high IQ of the 35mm f1.4 is about the same price as well… choices… :)

      Will be keeping an eye on reviews for sure.

  • Fantastic price, cheaper than US.
    All this need is a good review after release (all the reviews so far are on pre-production model)

    To OP, any deal for a combo D7100 + this lens?

  • Great price. Rep, could you please do a deal for the LowePro Trasit Backpack 350 AW?

  • Hi Rep, can you add Cameras Direct to the title as per the Title Guidelines please?

  • I am just wondering if I am crazy or not thinking that I should sell my Canon 17-40mm L f/4.0 and get this Sigma instead. It's a lot faster… but it doesn't have the red ring! =) By the way, is Cameras Direct a genuine real Australian company, so that I could use my 28Degrees card price insurance, just in case the price drops further in the next 6 months?

    • Hi Jakentta,

      If you're after a faster lens, then you should certainly have a think about the 18-35mm. Have a look at some sample images on the web to see how it stacks up.

      Yes we are a genuine real Australian company, the same real Australian company that has been around for the last 10 years :). Not sure how those cards work so wouldn't be able to comment on that sorry.


  • Any idea of when the Pentax version will be available for pre-order? I'm keen for one if its for this price.