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Seagate 500GB Backup Plus Slim Portable Hard Drive @ Officeworks - $20 (Now Instore Only)


I just picked up a 500GB portable hard drive from Officeworks in Frankston for only $20 each. It is now solely instore as they appear to be out of stock online now.

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  • In store only. Limited stock most places.

  • not available online

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    not available online

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    Got last one at oxley 4075

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      how could you….

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        I rang Oxley before this deal went up and the guy told me no stock.

        • interesting times eh? i see at least one liar out of the two in doubt :p

        • Serial numberNA5QH9H3

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          Just rang up Seagate, that's a fake serial number guys. We've found our liar…

        • Damn liar…. could've embarked upon an exciting adventure… now im sitting here without hard drive or cheesy garlic bread…

  • usb 2 or usb 3?

    Edit: website said is usb 3, great price!!

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    damn you lastnoob

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    Went to office works at north Ryde. Showed them the website saying plenty in stock. They stated they ran out long ago and it's not their duty to update the website.

    • i thought OW's new motto is to fix up their online inventory

    • The website is managed by the head office and the stock level is not accurate.

    • Same with my local store in SA when I called, the guy actually laughed and said, you're the 40th person today to call about this we ran out of stock ages ago. (hint - perhaps they need better website integration with their POS)

  • I was lucky enough to get one at Belconnen. It was the last one on the shelf (I did not ask if they had any more squirelled away. Big Thanks, ComradeBarry

    • Braddon is all out as well.. eerh too quick

  • Just got off the phone to Officeworks Aspley… all gone.

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    to save my victorian friends

    carnegie no stock
    ringwood no stock
    nuna no stock
    vermont sth no stock

    no stock, No Stock, NO STOCK


    • saved me a trip, cheers

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      I think staff of all those OW branches will be giving you + too.

  • How did you get that link??
    Called Gilles Plains, Keswick and Prospect in Adelaide, they all said it wasnt in their systems and shouldnt be on the website.
    Lucky people…

  • None left in ADELAIDE anywhere.. I rang up.

  • went to my local officeworks, theyre saying its a pricing error…. :(

  • Campbellfield, Vic also out. Bummer.

  • anyone in 5000? please

  • A good find, no stock in and around Hawthorn/Melbourne. The lathergic staff answering the phone give the impression they're getting bombed with inquiries.

  • Just got one, great price!!

  • All my local OW staff are going mad with the stock queries
    The OW website stock level (or limited stock) seems incorrect

    I have tried as far as Morayfield (North) and Oxley (West) - all OW store in Brisbane have no stock
    Except Aspley - they have two but holding these for some lucky dudes and will not offload them… good honest staff there.

    • Walk into store and say "hey i'm here to pick up my hard drive that you're holding" hehehe

  • Any news from wa? Seem Malaga is in stock, any lucky pal?

    • Malaga is out of stock. Called to double check.

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    East perth all gone. Confirmed in store.

  • none left in Vic

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    1 left in stock at Campbelltown - I ask the guy to double check and I will be there in 10 minutes - comes back to the phone and says "Unfortubately it's being sold out" - translation - Thats a good deal, I might pocket that for myself!!!!!

  • None left in Liverpool and bumped into quite a few OzB'ers.

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    Who knows if JBHIFI or harvey norman sells these?

    If Officeworks don't update their stock on the website i think a price match will work.

    It shows stock in three stores in NSW.

  • None left at Epping, Campbellfield, Caroline Springs and Taylors Lakes….but did pick up the last Seagate Blackarmor 1TB NAS from Campbellfield.

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    Visited a few places in Sydney

    Confirmed none in stock at:

    • Carlton
    • Five Dock
    • Petersham
    • Punchbowl
  • Good deal!

  • ozbargained

  • Looks like no one has managed to find stocks except the OP. That it self qualify this as a very nice deal. :)

    Has anyone managed to find stocks anywhere??

  • Looks like Pakenham has a few in stock, maybe call before you go though.

  • No stock at West Ryde.


  • no stocks in perth, malaga and morley..

  • Called up Auburn and Old Guildford in Sydney, no stock.

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    sa = 0 left

  • They had heaps at Officeworks Oxley, but not at $20. Got a price check to confirm. :(
    Wandered round the store, no bargains at all.


  • Sold out at Chadstone (VIC). Checkout lady said they'd sold a fair few last night.

    • to Broden.

  • I was at one store they said to check at another in VIC but I called and they said it was a price mistake….

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