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NRA Roadside Assistance $40 to $74 Year (AUST WIDE)


Ourdeal have roadside assistance by national roadservice australia from $74 for one year to $239 for 6 years ($40 year)

I have had NRMA for many years and consider this cheap. Avoid markups for 6 years at gamble business not failing. As with all group buy I recommend credit card purchase for the cosumer protection guarantee.

I have not seen much feedback or any negative feedback in regards to this company or comparison to NRMA please tell you experiences below.

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  • Anyone in wa have this roadside cover? Better than rac?
    Any reviews?

  • Is this voucher for WA only or nation wide?

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    As long as its not from this NRA (www.nra.org)

  • Looks great. I would be tempted myself to join. I pay roughly $100 per year for NRMA. So, 6 year sounds like a great deal only if you can cancel it anytime and they refund you the remainder. Otherwise, its a bit risky.
    Couldn't find any reviews online.

    In absense of any reviews, I would be reluntant to jump straight into it. Its one of those things. When you are actually in trouble, you will regret taking up this offer incase they offer really poor service.

  • They may be a reseller of Allianz Roadside Assistance. A lot of companies are. It takes a very big investment to run your own fleet 24 hours a day, so most roadside assistance companies which aren't one of the big clubs like RACQ, etc, just outsource to another company.

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      If you have comprehensive insurance with Allianz their Roadside Assistance is complementary

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    NRA roadside assistance

    It ought to be the right, nay the duty, of every citizen in this country to have roadside assistance. It's a cornerstone of this great country of ours that every man, woman and child ought to be able to drive a crappy Camira if they choose to. Remember, if you outlaw breakdowns, then only outlaws will have breakdowns. From my cold dead battery!

  • This deal was on a few months ago as well but I didn't sign up due to lack of reviews available online.


  • do you get a rifle on signing up?

  • National Roadservice Australia is part of the National Warranty Company

    This worries me. National Warranties aren't really worth the paper they're written on. I've been in the industry for about 6 years now, heard nothing but bad stories.

    If its actually allianz roadside, they're fine.

    • Can you clarify. 6 yrs experience but you don't know if its Allianz but you've heard bad stories? About what?

  • Also, consider any fringe benefits you may/can use with RAA, etc when calculating cost. 5% off Woolies group will cost you more than these "savings"

  • If it is the National Warranty Company - http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/1785057
    Beware it seems (please note I have never used them before and can only go off what other people say, which is Beware…).

    • Just got amazed until I scroll the page down and see the logo "National Warranty Company".

  • Ok im not expecting fantastic service like nrma I never have to wait long. I expect maybe a long wait. apart from that what can they do?

    Does anyone know any company info, have they been registered long or change of name.

    Someone who buys please test the service and let everyone know.

    Its roadside assistance not warranty so I dont think you can compare apples with apples. The integrity of the company may not be as good based on those claims but I would like some actual reviews more than speculation. Extended warranties are easily dismissed but how can roadside assistance be dismissed.

  • Do Allianz and whoever these guys use, use Assist Australia (http://www.assistaustralia.com.au/) (the same guys AANT/NRMA/RAA/RAC(Q/T/V/WA) use)?

    Would you end up getting the same guy no matter who you're with?

  • I'd like to know if you could cancel at any time to be refunded the remainder of the period as well. For example if I sell my car and move overseas.

    • getting money from small biz is like squeezing blood from a stone
      big biz is worse
      especially if they are dodgy
      like arfur daley

    • I'd like to know if you could cancel at any time to be refunded the remainder of the period as well. For example if I sell my car and move overseas.

      You're buying from a daily deals site. Highly unlikely

    • Membership transferable but applicable to one vehicle at a time, but is transferrable to new vehicles acquired during the length of cover.

  • Only a 50Km tow (75 in the country). I wonder how much if you need more than that?