expired 5% off value Metcards from Sunday 22 March until Sunday 5 April 2009


From Sunday 22 March until Sunday 5 April 2009, you'll receive a 5 per cent discount when you buy 10 x City Saver, 10 x 2 hour, 5 x Daily, 5 x Seniors Daily, Weekly, 5 x Weekend Daily and Monthly Metcards online. Should set it roughly at 2008 prices.
Free postage. Minimum purchase of $10. Payable by Visa & Mastercard.

Please remember that these are multi-modal tickets so don't just limit yourself to Connex-rage comments!

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    Connex needs to offer me a better deal than that to make me happy. 5% just dosn't cut it.

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    how about a 5% rebate on my $1100 annual ticket?

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    So they put up the prices via their CPI increase (I think about 5.2ish %), then give us a 5% discount for a few weeks … How crap of connex.

    +1 to the poster though as 5% is still a saving.


    Normaly monthly zone 1+2 price is $169, a 5% discount is very welcome.


    As far as i'm concerned 5% isnt going to cut it!!

    During the TERRIBLE month of JANUARY. I payed $169 for a monthly ticket, to sit in trains which were not air-conditioned, my SERVICE was canceled at least 7 times during that period, there was free travel and sometimes trains would not run past Clifton Hill, so I had to find my own way home via a TAXI, and even drove to work when I held a train ticket to avoid being late.

    This means that, being a monthly ticket holder, I pre-paid for my ticket. Which in turn means:

    I lost money on my prepaid ticket (at least $50)
    I was late for work (which again means I lost money - $25 per hour)
    I had to pay for petrol ($25)
    I had to pay for parking ($35)
    I had to pay for taxi ($30)
    Not to mention the times I was late coming home to make personal appointments which also cost me money!!

    Now if you add all that up, there is AT LEAST $165 that I lost which I shouldn’t have, on top of the $169 train ticket I PAYED FOR IN ADVANCE!!

    How about a rebate on that???

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    People - focus on the deal!!! This offer is NOT from Connex. It is from Metlink.

    Your gripes about the train system are irrelevant. To people who catch the train, I feel your pain, as I catch an overcrowded bus each day (which is about 25% slower than the train) however this deal has nothing to do with the state of the public transport system!

    Simple fact - it is very rare that you can buy discounted public transport tickets.

    Well done to the original poster!


    Any savings / discount is a good thing. I rather more money in my pocket than in anybody elses


    This is my first time ever seen the official discount on Metcards.
    Good deal


    Moved away from Melbourne a few years ago now… still see the connex dramas are alive and kicking. 5% off? Thats almost a joke.


    The worst thing about public transport is the smell of the school kids.


      and people who never take a shower. especially footscray area.


    Gah!..just tried to purchase $100+ of tickets and i'm getting a 404 when proceeding to the checkout…pretty frustrating….anyone know if the tickets will be sent via registered mail during postage? not feeling like being generous enough to let some shifty postie get their hands on it :P


      I've purchased from metlink for the last year. They're completely at the other end of the spectrum compared to Connex: tickets are mailed regular post and arrive in only a few days supplied with the ticket sleeve, in unmarked envelope. Great service! No hesitation buying online from them.

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