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Steam Sensation 3-in-1 Steam Mop $34.95 (Half Price) + $2 Shipping


Clicked on this product this morning and it was $69.95 + $16 delivery. Then went back again a couple of hours later to look at the reviews it was $36.95 delivered. This is what I paid for it a couple of weeks ago - just got it in the mail today. Thought I'd post for anyone who missed out last time.

Can't tell you if it's any good or not as I can't work out how to put the darn thing together (hence why looking at reviews). Everyone else seems to like it and doesn't have any issues…I am yet to decide if I like it as can't get the main component to click in. Will update if I get it to work before bub is up from nap :)

Edit: Well, got it working by using brute force. The mopping function isn't too bad - I would use it to get tougher marks that I'd usually have to scrub out off and also for sterilising the floors without chemicals (great for crawling bubs). I wasn't impressed with how wet it left the floor, about the same amount as mopping does. The window squeegee attachment was crap. Too much steam, just had water running down the windows no matter how fast I went. The pointed nozzle was great for cleaning places that brushes don't quite reach (around taps, grout etc). Overall am happy for the price as I will use it to sterilise floors and clean places that are normally hard to get to.

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    I was only once I hit the word "mop" did I realise that this deal has nothing to do with videogames

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    Part of the Summer Sale?


    Is it just me or does that look like a Portal-inspired mop design?


    I brought these last time. They are good value.

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    Caution: I bought a similar product ( from BigW, the one as-seen-on-tv ). It was leaking bad after uses it for some time. It looks like the plastic expanded due to the heat, plus the mop's cover get dirty fairly easy. I was using it on the timber floor, and 1500W is a lot of power to chew on. So i go back to the good old mop + tea tre oil/eucalyptus oil.


    OP Great effort coming back to review product. Thanks!


    Bought a similar product and found these were quite useless. Mopping the floor would take less time.
    The steam I find isn't scolding hot, plus the steam would only come out for around 10 seconds before you have to let it recharge.

    The steam I found was only hot when you had the nozzle attachment on, where it was concentrated into a single focal point. Even then if you held your hand 10-20 sec away from it, it would only feel like warm steam.

    Whats everyone elses impression of these cheap steam mops.

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