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ACER ICONIA [B1-A71] 7" TABLET 8GB WI-FI $69 after Cash Back at JB Hi-Fi [in store only]


Just saw this I think should be better than the Coles Pendo for $69.

  • Android
  • 1 USB Ports
  • USB Version 2.0
  • microSDXC Card Reader
  • Webcam
  • Bluetooth
  • WIFI
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 7 Inch Screen
  • 1024 x 600 Screen Resolution

EDIT: Still available in store. Check your local store for availability.

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  • I vaguely recall there being some issues with the Acer tablet, dunno if it was on this model. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Actually it might be a windows 8 model I'm thinking of.

    Either way a great deal for a tablet that's from a reasonably good brand name and a local store.

  • +1

    great price

    Cheaper than those Chinese ones

    I still hate the fact that its only 512 Mb RAM

    • +6

      Heaps better than the coles one…

      • definitely 100% , hence i upvoted the deal

        • still made in china

        • +17

          Yes, a shame about the Australian tablet industry….

        • You mean the tablet industry in the world!

          Frankly, the Taiwaneses (they set up companies in China to produce most of the components) are the backbone for these cheap branded tablets.

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          We are also the producer of Tablets….PANADOL……(o) and we are really good at it

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          If it is made in Australia, you will be paying $799 instead of $79

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    Was going to buy one of these a couple of weeks ago when they were $80 after cashback at bing lee but they were sold out.

    I was considering a Galaxy tab 2 7" for myself but my mum wants a tablet to play candy crush on, If this one isnt what i need then i can always just get the samsung and my mum can have this one.

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      thanks for ur life story…

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          well played

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          whiteflame = post of the year
          Well played!

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          logged in just to + you. was having a really average day till just now LOL

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          I dont get it :(

        • solid comment. made my day!

        • …your statement of gratitude just earned you another badge, Congrats !

        • joined just to + this.. had a long day.. thanks for that

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          thanks for your spiderman? photo mate ..

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          I dont get it :(

          Relax Spiderman, nor do i, or at least why it's meant to be outrageously funny.
          Maybe it's some kind of inbred gaming ref.
          Looks to me like he's banging it anyway…

        • LOL, Same here :)

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        • Is this the most upvoted comment ever??

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          It's the most overrated comment I have ever seen.

        • If you fellow ozbargainers saw this through mobile interface, you won't get it. Once you don't get it, it was be as interesting revisiting.

          **Thanks for all the upvotes didn't realise it was funny until my friends mentioned.

        • I remain unmoved…

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        Needs dragons.

  • nice find

  • Includes GPS. Looks way better than the coles/kmart junk.

  • Tempted to buy one just for the lulz

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    I have an Ainol ELF II. Any idea how this will compare to my ELF?

    • +1

      ELF II is better since it has faster CPU and Mali 400 GPU.

      This tablet is using a PowerVR SGX531 — which is fairly low end. You can see the antutu benches here

      • Whats it like just for movies?

        • Not sure about the performance of this Acer but from what I can tell of PowerVR SGX531 on my old Lenovo phone, it can play (and record) 720p video, if only just. Gaming wise, 2d games will run OK but 3d ones will be fairly unplayable, especially on a higher resolution screen.

          Seek to 6 minute mark for a video test

          the video shows 720p video test, the GPU does not seem to handle it very well.

          You want to watch movies, I suggest a China-tablet with IPS screen and Mali-400 GPU. Something like RK3066 would be ideal. Or spend more and get this http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/111442

        • Bummer, was lookin to get this. But yeh ive looked at the ainol ones on mp4 nation, cant decide on which though. Alright thanks mate

        • lol @ that guy accidentally showing a pic of his gf in lingerie in that vid…….

        • At 5.47 minute mark.

          You can also zoom in and out here, quite.

          Just trying to help out man…

  • +1

    I was gonna post this but i was busy going to my local jbhifi lol
    yeah i brought one few hours ago
    great pive even without the cashback
    pretty good tablet for the price
    recommended to everyone interested
    also guys if you have the ING account with the 5% cashback use that then the 29 dollar cashback =bargin :)

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    There's no XDA for this tablet is there? I'm trying to find the section but they only have A100, A500, A510 and A700.

    But there is a thread that has apparently achieved root on this.


    Good price but expect no updates or software support of any kind. If you can give it tethered internet from your phone, would Probably good for in car Navigation.

    • +1

      The rooting guide looks a little hard to follow and perhaps not without risk.

      • +1

        Yea looks messy with software built for other tabs being used to root, Yea would have picked this up had it been popular with the devs.

        • Heres hoping that at 8347 clicks the development community has grown a little.

          I managed to get flashplayer working on it ( http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1061194 ), but ABC iView is not really playable due to security changes on 20 June 2013. ( http://www.abc.net.au/tv/iview/faq.htm ).
          It may be back by years end though: http://www.goodgearguide.com.au/article/466537/abc_hopes_bri…
          Meanwhile there is aview app on the google play store which may suffice but content may no longer be unmetered:

        • Really, have you tried ABC from dolphin browser, I've managed to play a few flash videos from sites that chrome and stock browser just didn't want to on an A500,

          Yea I'm really on the edge to pick one of these up just to use as a browser whenever you want to look at achievements guide or anything at all having a small tablet at hand is awesome, however might as well and wait till clearance on N7 2012 happens, there's bound to be some great deals on that for just 70 more.

        • +1

          Done ABC iview from dolphin browser (and Boat too) -iview loads, but then freezes once you go to open an episode. Flash is working on other sites. The flash issue is purely to do with ABC (requires flash version 11.7 which is not available for the android platform) and not the tablets fault.
          You can watch iView with the AView app -it works great -smooth and in synch.

          At the moment you can only functionally watch iView from a desktop computer, the iOS app or AView.

        • Oh yea I forgot about the 11.7 problem, Adobe abandoned Android right, guess we're starting to see some of the problems now.

          Thanks for the info! will try out iView and Aview, hopefully on a cheaply acquired N7! LOL!


  • +26

    Bought, will think after…

    • +6

      thats the ozbargain spirit !!

      • +5

        The true ozbargain spirit is bought and found that never use it.

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          basically, Ozbargain spirit is what is keeping the retail economy ticking? What the economists call "growth" we call a ozbargain spirit that month

          need a chart for this

        • I know of lots of spend thrifts that dont even know about ozbargain.

    • +1

      Hmmm, now thinking… not sure I want it… anyone want it or I cancel? :)

  • FYI It's a very low specced tablet. http://versus.com/en/acer-iconia-tab-b1a71-8gb-vs-google-nex… change the right hand side with the model of your choosing

    • +3

      Yes but also very low price …. :)

      • +6

        I'd rather put that $70 towards the new nexus 7.

        • +1

          For web-browsing, the Nexus is way better.

          But if you just want to read a book, watch a video, get directions from google maps, email, play Angry Birds, the lower spec is not much of an issue.

        • +2

          I was wondering how long it'd take for the first nexus 7 post to show up.

        • Where can you get a N7 for $149 atm. That's right, nowhere. Second hand, online maybe. Last time I recall that price was from DSE with the 8GB model. You certainly wont see this price again until the release of the new one.

        • DSE did have the 16GB version for $149-$150 for a while there. All gone now though

  • Nevertheless good price

  • +5

    From the product page on the Acer website http://www.acer.com.au/ac/en/AU/content/model-datasheet/NT.L…

    For a limited time, Acer is offering a bonus 1 year Accidental Damage Cover in addition to the standard warranty. Click here to learn more

    LOL the excess (A handling charge (excess) of $75 inc GST applies for each Accidental Damage claim) is more expensive then the tablet

    • LOL link down for damage cover…

      "The Website is down for Maintenance and will be back online on 3rd Jan 2013 6:00 AM AEST. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause."

      • Damage cover working again.

        • Yea, but no point in getting it. $75 for it.

    • Thanks ciab - it applies to other Acer tablets as well (including more expensive ones)

  • Hopefully Acer has picked up their cashback game. Recall many having issues in recent years.

    • +3

      I have made 2 claims in the past few months. They are a lot more efficient and communicate a lot better. I have no complaints.

      • +1

        Great to hear

  • It should make a great bedside clock/newsfeed/cctv monitor/music/podcast player.

  • Can this be charged by USB?

    • yes

  • I'm not familiar with Android; has anyone used a powered USB hub with an Android tablet?
    Is it just plug and play?
    Does it depend on Android version?

    I'm thinking of plugging in both a harddrive and a camera/card reader at the same time (backing up photos while on holidays).

    Thanks for any help anyone can provide

    • +1

      I believe you will struggle to run a external HDD using this tablet, I can't confirm but it's likely to have a mini-usb port like most cheap 7in tablets.

      Unless of course you mean a AC powered HDD?

      • I've got an old mini usb 2.0 hub that has a power adaptor to boost it.

  • +4

    Has to be one of the worst screens I have tried. Very low res and very washed out on the unit I tried. Even at this price I wouldn't want it.

  • -1

    Does anyone know if you can use a usb hub with this?

  • -1

    Does it work with new Google Chromecast to stream internet TVs?

  • Offer valid until 30th November 2013.

  • NOTE: Make sure you claim cash back within 14 days or not valid.
    (according to small print on claims site)

    • I did a cashback on an Acer laptop I bought this year. I managed to still claim it even one month after my purchase. But maybe because I was lucky?

  • +1

    i think ive seen this tablet in store.
    the screen quality/color isnt good.
    might be soemthing to think about if youre gonna use it for reading and web surfing

    • Yeah, you have to view it straight on. At even a slight angle, it starts to have problems. Worth the price though.

  • Ok

  • front facing camera?

    • no front facing camera.

      • apparently the only camera is the 0.3M FRONT facing camera…

  • +2

    As an avid OZBer, i am not going to think too much about this deal, i will try and get one first and think later !

  • Damn, I was just in town and I can't believe I didn't see that.

  • Got one, also got one for a mate. JB bundled in their overpriced ($39?) 32GB class 4 card for $20 cause my mate needed it for his sons 13th birthday on Saturday.

  • -1

    Seems everyone's trying to compete with the everyday-price $69 7-inch/foot tablet from Kmart. (don't worry, I won't link it again)

  • Now all we need is some linkies to cheapie cases/covers…..Currently hunting….Post when you find some nice DX/LIghtake etc ones at a low price/acceptable quality.

  • -5

    Great toy for a 3year old, Where's the 3G version :(

  • Does officeworks have this for a price match?

    • Couldn't see it online.

  • +3

    A couple of reviews for anyone who is interested.

    Apparently it is decent for the price.



    • First review makes it seem quite the excellent entry model.
      3D gaming looks mostly possible.
      The only issue appears to be the screen viewing angles.

      Thanks dimefan90 for posting these.

  • what version of android does it have?

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