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VIC Only: Electricity and Gas Collective Bargaining - Free


Hi all

Noticed this organisation on Facebook which is designed to get people a better deal on their gas and electricity bills.

They are gathering large amounts of people from VIC to facilitate a reverse-auction with energy retailers. Looks like they're doing well given they have thousands of fans already!

Appears to be completely free to the consumer. They will likely receive some sort of sales fee from the successful retailer but will remain impartial by not accepting differential incentive structures.

Website: www.powerwithnumbers.com.au or www.facebook.com/powerwn.

Disclaimer: Other than helping you all out with potentially some $$ saved, I went to uni with one of he reps so would like to support his initiative.

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  • does this even work?


      I asked how initially as well, reply I received was that it works similar to wholesale buying/selling as reduces the cost for both the consumer and retailer.

      I'd have a look at their video and FAQ, helped me understand within a minute or two.

  • As long as they come back with an offer and your not automatically locked in whatever they've agreed to.
    If that's the case then worst case scenario it's worse than your current offer, or if there's a better offer you could take it to your gas/electric company and see if they'll beat it.


      That's right, no obligation to sign up with the negotiated deal so nothing to lose. Outcomes are all upside or at least even if people decide the deal isn't good enough for them.

    • Where did you get that from? This is far more comparable with onebigswitch, nothing to do with work choices.

  • I think after the research, the winner will be dodo electricity

    • I have to agree that dodo is cheapest, although i am still with origin.
      Being in Vic and with the exta 10% off electricity its a great deal.
      As long as you qualify for all the discounts every billing cycle :)

      i used this site for starters; http://yourchoice.vic.gov.au/search

  • just joined, please keep this thread alive until the initial offer has started as we need ppl to discuss whether the negotiated deal is worth signing up for

  • I signed up and I would like to see what he comes up with.

    I wonder if he has any industry experience? Does he know the wholesale costs and that there are different wholesales rates for different distribution networks, which could make it hard to offer the same price for everyone? I would have expected some sort of Postcode/Map -> Distribution Network selection tool so he would get an idea how many people of each distribution network he is working with to help his bargaining power. Nothing about Offpeak metering either.


    If it helps give you comfort, the rep that I know is a lawyer, with a background in the energy, natural resources and infrastructure sectors, can't comment on the others working with the group though.

    On the different zones, I believe this is the main reason they need a postcode.

    My understanding is that retailers will be bidding for the group as a whole, with different rates and plans obviously offered for consumers in different distribution zones. The group will be doing a comparison of the offers and recommending what they believe is the best deal for the majority based on their criteria (which I expect will factor in off-peak and peak metering, feed-in rates, etc).

    Here's hoping the deal is beneficial for the majority of us, looking forward to some relief!

  • Off topic: website is not displaying properly on iPhone.

  • Their privacy policy looks a bit dodgy, not worth the risk…


      It seems pretty standard to me. They merely ask for name, email and postcode…

      • +1 vote

        more than that…

        "information about your health, your race or ethnic origin and religious beliefs."

        and they share this with other parties…

        • I'd say there just covering their ass, come on how can you get any of that information from name, postcode and email address that couldn't be already determined by looking at names and info on postcode demographics.


          Is this the section you are referring to? If so, I'd expect the majority wouldn't need to provide any of this information, and even if they did, there are very limited circumstances where it would be disclosed i.e. where required by law. Whether they state it in their privacy policy or not, if anyone has such information that they are required to provide by law, they will need to disclose to the relevant party.

          I'm no privacy law expect though so happy to pass on the message to the rep I know if you still see it as "dodgy".

          "Do you hold sensitive information about me?

          We will only collect sensitive information about you with your consent (unless we are otherwise allowed or required by law to collect that information). Sensitive information includes information about your health, your race or ethnic origin and religious beliefs.

          You may wish to provide to us with sensitive information about you from time to time, for example where you have particular energy requirements due to special medical needs or where you wish to apply for a government concession available in relation to special medical needs. This type of information is treated in confidence.

          If you or someone living at your premises requires life support equipment, you should tell us (and provide confirmation from a medical practitioner) so that we may register your premises as having life support equipment, in which case certain restrictions on disconnecting your premises will apply. We may be required by law to disclose this information to certain entities, for example to your distributor or retailer."

  • Like others have pointed out, a bulk deal from the one wholesaler (not supplier) may be in the best interest of the group as a whole, but not necessarily for the individual.
    Once again, this depends on the deals that a wholesaler and/or supplier in your own area will do. (ie. Said company Dodo may have better deals in most parts of Melbourne, but may actually not be as good as what Origin or Simply can offer for a particular area.)
    I will certainly keep an eye on it. But I'm not going to throw into a deal as an individual just because the group will benefit! (Selfish… I know!)

    edit: To the OP 'bchan', you said that you "noticed this organization on Facebook" but are listing yourself as a rep for them and that you actually know one of the people that forms the group. Can you please explain what your real involvement is in this?


      I went to uni with one of he reps so would like to support his initiative.

      I did notice it originally from Facebook, which is one of the only ways I keep in contact with some ex-uni mates.

      From the rules: A friend, family member, or employee votes on a deal or posts a deal without declaring affiliation.

      Listed as a rep as I understand the rules require me to. Posted this with no other incentive (other than my own personal savings by signing up to the initiative) but based on the amount of interest, I'd expect an invite at his next BBQ!

      I will certainly keep an eye on it. But I'm not going to throw into a deal as an individual just because the group will benefit! (Selfish… I know!)

      Why not? You might be part of the group which will benefit, getting involved (which is quite simple and obligation free) might increase your personal benefit, with no cost other than the time it takes to provide 3 simple details.