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City Software Mega Deal: Mad Mouse Monday from $30


City Software Mega Deal: Mad Mouse Monday

  • Microsoft Explorer Mini Mouse for $49.95 SAVE $50

  • Microsoft Arc Mouse - Black for $39.95 SAVE $60

  • Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 7000 for $39.95 SAVE $60

  • Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 for $30 SAVE $39.95

  • Microsoft Wireless Notebook Laser Mouse 7000 for $34.95 SAVE $45

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    Lots of mice deals recently.

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    Explorer Mini - $59 at austin.net.au
    Arc Mouse - $49 at austin.net.au

    The rest are good value.

    • Prices have now been updated…!

      • Nicely done, sir.

      • +1

        Yeah kudos for the update. Good to see vendors ensuring that their deals are actually good deals!

        Shame that suss Dell pricing only came out yesterday… if Dell reneges on the Logi mouse price, probably get more hits here (on the desktop mice anyway)!

        $30 for a bluetooth notebook mouse is pretty awesome value, not quite as good as when the MS cashback was running ($25 after cashback), but at least you don't have to wait 8 weeks for your money.

        • Shame that suss Dell pricing only came out yesterday

          Only if Dell honours the price, of course…

  • have to buy $200 for free delivery

  • +1

    Arc mouse is 60% off which is good to see, normally $99.

    • The Arc mouse looks real stylish, gonna get it for desktop.

  • Yeah you didn't mention postage. It's only free delivery if you order over $200 worth of stuff…

  • "$11.00 Ex GST, $12.10 Inc GST". WTF Inc gst

    I say give or take around $10 for postage

  • $39.95 for the MS 7000 is good too! I have one but it's a noisy mouse, yes it actually makes low pitch sound. Not sure if that can be a reason for exchange (bought it from OW).

  • Was tempted by the Wireless Laser Mouse 7000, but the $12+ shipping is just enough to stop me…
    Tea, Earl Grey, Hot.

    • Was tempted by the Wireless Laser Mouse 7000

      Don't! I got it price matched and also got the $25 cash back, so end up only paid $20 odd dollars, but still…two main problems:

      • the re-charge mechanism is poorly designed, there is a spring that slowly pushes the battery away, so it stops charging after a few minutes. The fix is the wrap paper around the battery to make it fat so it doesn't move in the battery compartment. This is not something you would expect from a mouse that retails for $99.

      • it makes low pitch sound.

      Bear in mind that it wasn't a refurbished unit from some shonky online shop, it was a brand new retail pack from OW. So it says a lot about the quality control.

      I got a MX Revolution as the result of the other deal, haven't unpack it yet, so hopefully it lives up to its reputation.

      • Thanks for that BrowserDude.

  • Are their any good rechargeable desktop mice?? Jezz.. according to the website all those desktop mice are non rechargeable :(

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