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MYKI Launched - $5 Starter Pack with No Initial Card Reqisteration Fee


On the launch of MYKI, its offering the $5 starter card with card registration charges which wud be $10 and $7 for conncession card holder.

MYKI has only launched to selected places like:

myki is now operating on all McHarry’s and Benders buses within the Geelong and Bellarine Transit Systems.


myki is now operational on Seymour Town Services and Seymour to Puckapunyal bus routes.


myki will be operating on selected Ballarat bus routes soon.

1 – Wendouree West
2 – Wendouree
3 – Creswick
4 – Invermay
5 – Black Hill
6 – Webbcona
7 – Brown Hill
8 – Eureka
9 – Canadian
10 – Buninyong
11 – Mt Pleasant
12 – Sebastopol
13 – Delacombe via Pleasant St
15 – Sturt St West
16 – Lake Gardens
17 – Miners Rest
18 – Alfredton
19 – Delacombe – Sebastopol West

for further details look at the website…

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    A bargain at $1.3 billion! :)


    Why don't they just overhaul the system and make it $1 per ride.
    Much easier to implement this way and more people will use it.


      yeah ! totally agree…

      But can't do much…they will do what they have to do…
      If they can't get enough funds,, they start applying fines for basic stuff to passengers..


    so does that mean that it is free for the $5 starter card?


      no you need to pay $5 to get this card which will have $5 balance in it as well to use in your ride.

      they have only waived the card registration fee.


    It would be a semi decent deal if they gave (and actually stuck to) a deadline of when they are bringing MYKI online system wide.


    Ah! I get it. Pay $5 get a $5 card - drive up to the nearest country town and use it - and if you are lucky it will charge the right amount!



    and you can't register for it unless your in the greater geelong area….


    registration fee of $10 ?

    I rather purchase the old cards which is more reliable and no REGISTRATION FEE.

    No for now. where can I travel for $5 ?


    Please do say Victoria only in title. For sydney siders like me where we live so backward, It took me a while to understand what is this !.

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