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FREE Instant Access to 2000+ Newspaper from around The World (Including Australia)


Just stumbled on this website via my local library. All you need is a library card number, and you can read … as the title suggest… 2000+ newspaper from around the world for FREE!

I’ve tested it, I could read the full New York Post, SCMP (Hong Kong), Irish Times, Wall Street Journal, not to mentioned (almost) all the Australian newspaper. The only exception was the Age, I think it’s because it’s a Melbourne paper and I’m in Melbourne. (But I can read the full Melbourne Herald Sun … bloody Fairfax!)

It’s just a read-only website, you can’t search or download articles.

And yes, I know if I spend a little time googling, I can also have access to of all the news articles for free, but having all the newspaper on one website is a lot easier.

Anyway… happy reading

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    It seems any 8-digit number will do as the "library card number".

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      @ Alvian

      It seems any 8-digit number will do as the "library card number".

      Yup !

      Nice one

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          This is NOT free.

    • I get Library PressDisplay Demo, but it does seem to work the same as library access. Nice.

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      But support the library anyway. Go and visit your local library and join. It's free and will help keep their services available for everyone!

      • Use it or lose it. The UK library system has been decimated under the conservatives.

        • +2

          What, every tenth book removed?

  • +1

    Thanks for the link.
    BTW, I was able to read The Saturday Age and I am from Melbourne as well.

    • Interesting, it used be geo-blocked. Cool, maybe they've unblocked!

    • Nice pick up. I gave up long ago trying to access The Age.

      Spoke too soon - looks like you get access to the front page only - Still better than The Hun

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    I can now explain to my kids about the advantages of going to a library. People find bargains there also. Great job OP

    • +15

      You'll probably have to explain to them the concept of a "newspaper" first.

  • This is great!

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  • Thankyou

  • Thanks OP

  • awesome find!! thanks op!

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      This is what you get login-free:

      Register for FREE to PressDisplay.com and enjoy:

      • Unlimited access to the front page of over 2000+ newspapers and magazines
      • Reading 2 articles for free in every issue, every day (i.e. thousands of stories)
      • Anytime/anywhere access to PressDisplay.com from your PC, Mac, iPhone, BlackBerry and >Windows Mobile device
      • Bookmarking up to 30 articles for sharing with friends via email or on your blog
      • Monitoring mainstream media for up to 3 keywords/phrases and being alerted by email when >a story with your keywords hits the presses
      • Downloading, reading and storing, for up to 14 days, publications on your PC, Mac or >Smart Mobile device
    • Sorry but this is NOT free.
      While you can register on that site for free, you only get two read two articles in every issue.
      For more than this, you need to pay $0.99 for each newspaper or US$29.95 per month.

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        Sorry, my mistake.

        • +5

          What a tool when someone here negs you for making an apology.

  • +1

    Cool. I am now globally informed.

    • Now have to figure a way to download them for offline reading.

      • You can't. Best you can do is print, but that comes up with watermarks, and pretty sure it was something like 1 page at a time.

        • +1

          Screen capture works well.

  • +1

    Our system has determined that the computer network you are using is located in or routed through Australia.

    As per publisher request The Age is not available for viewing in your area.

    We invite you to contact the publisher of The Age and insist that The Age is made available for viewing on this service.

    • +11

      And nothing of value is lost.

    • With the way things are going for "The Age", soon no one will read the print media as well!

  • How are you guys logging in? I can't get it to work. :(

    • Same here. I can't find a library number field.

    • +6

      98765432 worked for me

      • Thank you! :)

  • This service has been available free from any library in Australia for about 15yrs. Can be accessed for free from any TAFE or UNI library, too.

    • TAFE, Uni, Local or State Library. Anyone at least in QLD can get it for free (so not sure why universities here pay for something already provided by the state library).

  • You found out about this now? Its been around for a very long time, and has been on Ozbargain several times. I suppose its good to make it known to new people on Ozbargain who don't use the library.

  • +7

    I suppose if you only found out about this now, I can give you hints as to other things provided by most libraries (which have also been on Ozbargain before).

    Overdrive: You can borrow from a range of new eBooks, and Audiobooks, to use on the PC, or phone, or eReader.
    Zinio: You can get a range of magazines for free, with no limits on number, and no expiry.

    • +1

      hurry up and bring back choice online :)

    • hi,
      can you recommend site where to download free ebooks?
      thank you=)

      • +5

        Depends on what you want.

        Libraries provide Overdrive and a few others that allow borrowing new eBooks for free for up to 21 days (usually).

        If you want to download DRM free books for free you can get out of copyright ones from Internet Archive, Gutenberg and a few others.

        If you want PDF textbooks (For Dummies etc.) you can get some from Scribd. You need to first make an account and upload something, then you can download for free.

        • thank you=) I was after For Dummies ebook.=)

        • Thanks just joined scribd. Had never heard of it before. Now free newspapers and books forever! Woo

  • Thanks mate

  • +1

    It has been free since a few years ago. Have been using this 3 years ago :)

  • Doesn't work for me. Spits out my IP and says "If you believe that your library (your IP address has subscribed to this service, please contact the reference or enquiries desk for assistance."
    maybe some IP's are blocked? I'm on a corporate network, wonder if that matters

  • Didn't work for me

    If you believe that your library (your IP address nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn) has subscribed to this service, please contact the reference or enquiries desk for assistance.

  • If it doesn't work, go into your library and ask them for help. They will likely set you up with a pin code.

    The system is free and full service for all library users.

  • +1

    yes oldie but goodie - http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/26290 :)

    current newspaper only

    no, back issues are available via the calendar :)

  • Any way to get this to work on http://www.pressreader.com/ which is part of Pressdisplay and has an iOs and Android app?

  • thanks OP!

  • Did not work for me.
    "If you believe that your library (your IP address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx) has subscribed to this service, please contact the reference or enquiries desk for assistance".

    • You are probably using work computer or are behind a proxy that routes traffic from overseas.
      I couldn't get in at work too, US based ip address.

      • Thanks dealman, but I am using my home computer and do not have any proxy setup.

      • my normal IP is australian… only way I could get in was by using ProxMate.

      • +1

        No, that message comes up everywhere unless your accessing the site through your library.

    • +1

      You didn't log in, that message is normal…

      Either go to the link provided by OP, and then for Library ID put any 8 digits and click Login, or go to your library website and login through there (eg. if you live in QLD Click Here)

  • Thank you for visiting Library PressDisplay.
    Unfortunately, your library's subscription has reached its maximum simultaneous users level

    Please try accessing Library PressDisplay in about 10 minutes or at another convenient time, or contact your reference librarian for assistance. We hope to see you again soon.

  • +1

    I was so happy until to the point that I couldn't access it.

  • All hail NancyCat :D Thanks for that, free newspapers forever!

  • +2

    Having fun isn't hard, when you have a library card.

  • Only way I could access papers was to install Proxmate on chrome, any browser prox extension would work I guess.

  • Nothing works for me.. neither my library card number or any 8 digit number.. keeps saying invalid barcode number :(

    • I was able to login to the link provided by op using "11111111". If you want to use your library card, go to your local library website and then follow the links (usually something like "eresources").

  • Tried varied 8 digit numbers with no luck. Tried 11111111 and it worked.

    However, when I click on any headline it goes away, thinks and then comes back with the same page showing (the one with all the headlines). How do I READ the article they are showing? I'm going blind I think :)

  • Finally after so many randomly number attempts I got access but now I can't remember the library card number I entered can anyone help how to find it?

  • Is this legal?

    • +1

      Is this legal?

      Asketh the Turd
  • +2

    Most newspapers are part of the propaganda machine… It comes at no surprise to me that this service would be free

  • Thanks Op, look in India and Canada section there are some well known magazines for free, awesome !!

  • awesome thanks op.

    their mobile site did an ok job on my nexus 7.

    btw the random 8 digit number didn't work for me. my brimbank (vic) library membership number did work.

    • Thanks freakitude.. I used my brimbank library card no too.. I am so happy that i can read my fav indian magazine for free.. !!!

  • Gold - thanks OP!

  • Thanks a lot Nancycat..

    • Huh?

      • ¿huH

  • anyone know if i can get this running on the iOS app? library.pressdisplay.com works on the ipad through safari, but it's not really user friendly (cant zoom in so articles cant be read unless clicking on the headings)

    • they have apps for iOS and android but no way to login with your library card. they require you to have a subscription.

  • +5

    If 70% of these newspapers are run by Murdoch, it means only 600 of the 2000 would actually be worth reading :P
    I wouldn't trust a word printed in a News Corp paper.

  • To those who asked - no, it's not free, your library is actually paying for the subscription.

    A bit like the way they buy all those books. :)

    If I could buy shares in this company I would.

  • Can only read the front page.when I go to read next page it just goes back to main menu :(

  • Any random number worked for me
    Reading sunday mail now, all sections as well
    Thanks to the OP

  • Here's what you have to do:

    Get a library card!

    You login through your library's website 'Online Databases'.

    Then scroll down to 'Access PressDisplay here'.

    Please enter your full library card number: Must have an 'x' in front first, lower case.
    Please enter your library card PIN: Eight digits, no slashes, full date of birth.
    Please choose your library service: Suburb of your library.

    Login into library account to see details of length of account activation time left.

    3 years activation.

  • Great, thank you op

  • -2

    Wow reading this free paper today (thanks NancyCat :) ) anyway talk about bias. They obviously really dont want Labor to get in next week or something, r really slamming labor. I dont know its like the papers trying to tell me that Labor's shit, what if I have another opinion am I now suddenly a minority cos I dont believe what a papers telling me the supposed majority's thinking. Its not what everyones thinking its what the person that owns the paper thinks or the person that is paying the paper to make everyone think. So is that why Liberal doesnt have any policies except dont vote Labor cos theyve spent it all on paying the newpapers to tell the masses daaaahhh vote Liberal. Yeah yeah sure thing

    • -1

      Epic rant… I nearly +'d it but accidentally -'d it instead!

      • Oops same

      • Just so you know, you can revoke your vote by clicking the "votes" link under a comment, and hitting the red circle next to your name.

    • -3

      Bias, you mean like how biased the ABC is towards Labor and the Greens?

      • +1

        It's not rare for people used to right wing disinformation to view relatively balanced reporting as "biased".

  • Did anyone have to fill in their credit card details when registering?

    • No mine loaded in apple iPhone looked like an ap
      Had to enter email and password
      Then the library code

  • It stopped working! Too many library readers….

  • This is fantastic. My local library (Moreton Shire) in Qld allows you to access this officially - might be worth checking out for your area.

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