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King of Knives under Administration? 50% off [Instore Only, Not Franchisee Stores]


King of Knives supposedly under administration

Email says "min 50% off" while their website says "min 70% off", instore only

I havent been to a store though

edit: called blacktown, no stock, closing today
called QVB - franchise
called Penrith - some stock, 70% off

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    feel sorry for the franchisee

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      I do to in a sense.. but their stuff has always been soo overpriced. Some good deals in stores though..

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    i went to the west lakes westfield store (SA) the other day. they close on the 16th, but stock was very low.
    had a few knife block sets that were still overpriced. no single knives left.

  • Saw this sale at the Garden City (WA) shop yesterday. Stock was reasonable and they did have a few items which looked like a good buy.

    I was interested in some Laguiole Cheese knives. They had individual knives for $7. I was confused because I thought they were usually about $70. However the lady informed me that the ones they had for $7 were the Chinese ones and not the French ones. I didn't know there were different types but anyway for $7 it wasn't too bad. Peters of Kensington appears to sell the same item for $11

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    Their website is lying. It's 50% off.

    They don't seem to be stocking as many knives as before - maybe they sold most of their knives wholesale to another company already? All that's left are plastic gimmicky things like egg slicers, salad knives and avocado storers.

    • the store i went to was 70% off everything.

  • The one in Westfield Doncaster closed not too long ago too.

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    Under no circumstances would I ever, ever buy anything online from a company under administration. Good luck getting your money back if they suddenly close up shop.

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      the online store has closed

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      So you wouldn't buy a bottle of Coke from a shop that was under administration?

      I honestly don't think it is that big of an issue for this kind of product. Check the knives over when you buy them for damage and take good care of them and you will be fine. Electronics or something like that is obviously a whole different ball game.

  • Their price is so expensive couldn't compare with online store, that's why.

  • Etailers: Usurper of knives

  • Is there a way to identify which store is franchisee or not?
    It's a bit embarrassing to call up and ask if they are closing down soon or being abandoned.

  • Call Castle Hill (NSW), The guy told me 70% promotion end few weeks ago and currently they have 10%-50% off on all items and 70% off on some. Could be a franchise store.

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    The Morley store is 70% off storewide, I was gobsmacked though that 70% off takes the prices down to reasonable prices/comparable with other stores - they were SO overpriced to begin with. No wonder they're closing down… No bargains that I could find (and this was a few weeks ago when there would have been more stock)

  • marion SA(westfield) had mostly empty walls.

    • any single chef knives left?

      • don't think so….generally a lack of any food knives…. just cooking knick-knacks and camping style knives was all i really saw. The walls were REALLY empty :)

  • I had my fingers crossed for some LED Lenser torches but the shelves were all bare at my local store. Seems like all that is left is junk, no quality brand names for knives or torches. They had some Humvee folding knives but even with the 70%-off they're still cheaper on Amazon, and personally I wouldn't even pay Amazon prices for those crappy knives.

  • Moore Park Supa Centre (Sydney) has 50% off too. Can get some good bargains there.

  • I was at the Westfield Southland (Vic) store about a week ago, was 70% off. My friend bought the last knife set there, other than some paring knives and stuff. Other than that there was some gimmicky stuff and a few frying pans but not much else. I would assume it is mostly if not all gone by now.

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