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JB Hi-Fi Audio Sale - 30% off Receivers, 40% off Speakers


This sale seems to come up every 6 months or so. Prices arent bad but range isnt huge.

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    Pity it doesn't include car audio.

  • is the price on their website already include the 40% off or are we meant to take 40% off their website's price?

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      looks like already deducted. This unit was 997 and now 697


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        I've seen that exact unit. I'm telling you, set this up and corey Worthington has nothing compared to the party this baby will create.

    • That was my question. Doing a little research it appears the price already includes the reduction (without any sign as such). However you are right, the prices are still 'too damn high' for what's on offer.

      Where in Oz do you find sensibly priced speakers? They all seem to be double the proper price.

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        Where do you find sensibly priced speakers? 2nd-hand from eBay or Gumtree all the way!!

        It's incredible the calibre of speaker you can find for amazingly low prices if you just take the plunge and go the 2nd hand route plus you've got the added benefit that they're already run-in too :)

        Sane, what are you looking for exactly?

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          The above one is a very good unit. Going 2nd hand is a risk which might cost more on the long run.

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          Two separate things… if you're talking about modern feature-packed Amps & Receivers then yes I agree, stick with brand new as far too much can go wrong for the normal person… however if you're just talking speakers as per Sane above then 2nd hand should definitely be considered.

          Most of the speakers in my collection/s are 2nd hand, some extremely desirable & valuable, cost far less than many brand new speakers of the same calibre, sound better and have been flawless since the day I purchased them… plus some of them are so collectible they're actually appreciating in value over time!

        • Small, cheap, but acceptable, bookshelf speakers.

          Basically I'm sick of the logitech level of PC speakers, and want something better on my desktop (considering how often I use it).

          I've got a Lepai 2020A+ amp and now need something to connect to it.

          In the UK I'd probably get something like the Wharfedale Diamond 9.0 speakers for £40 ($68), but here worse speakers like the JB HiFi Wharfedale speakers are at a higher price, even after the 40% off. No shop seems to even try to hit sensible pricing.

          2nd hand seems about the only route, but you never know if someone hasn't blown the **** out of them before…

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          Ah cool, a nice little Tripath Amp you've got there and hopefully the beginning of a new age of audio enthusiasts who understand that power isn't everything. The 20W per channel form your Lepai through even mid-range speakers will blow your mind in the clarity stakes but of course wont rock da house either.

          What capital city are you in/near?

        • Melbourne

          You don't want too much power, sitting right next to them, just a big enough bass to fill in the low range without a sub.

          The home theatre kit I've got means the quality of the usual PC speaker annoys.

        • Doesn't look like there's anything currently on Gumtree around Melbourne for you sorry Sane however you never know what can appear literally seconds after you refresh your browser too so just keep an eye out!

        • Run in … properly?

        • you could try the audioengine A2 sane for around $220

        • check your local carpark for a white van………

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        My hifi speakers in my bedroom (top range Sansui speakers from 1970) and my rear computer speakers (polk audio S4) I found on the side of the road during council cleanup. My front computer speakers (B&W Englund) I bought from Vinnies for $15.

        Just gotta keep an eye out.

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          Shhhh Gunner! Don't let everyone know how good vintage audio gear is because it'll make it harder for us to find and also drive the prices up too! :)

          My ultimate find was a pair of Yamaha NS-1000Ms I rescued from a council collection. Worked perfectly and just needed a thorough clean that took me a couple of weekends. Extremely fussy speakers from the late 70s through to the late 80s but will blow your mind when driven properly. They're legendary, very desirable and currently worth around about $3000 a pair 2nd hand and continue to rise in value over time. They proudly sit with five other pairs of vintage speakers connected to a switchbox in my Loungeroom so I can flick between them all.

      • The Accusound 8.6XD bookshelf speakers might suit?

        Check out their eBay shop for 5" and 8" versions.

        About a year with front speakers from them and we're very pleased.

        Forget UK (or US) pricing as it's simply fantasy-land in Oz. I mean, I could have bought an RS Cossie (clone) XR4i 2.8 AWD from a guy in Basildon for GBP 2500 in '94.

        Look at Top Gear — they recently showed sub-7K cars that are usually GBP price x3 here. Or in the case of the 850i/Merc S series, ten times more!

  • Nice find, does anyone know when the promotion ends?

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      Monday Oct 7

    • And cheaper than the Z623 2.1 system….

      Maybe the Z623's are meant to be discounted but aren't?

    • I really liked these speakers and was waiting for any deals on them, But its just bullshit they only show these advertisements and good prices because they're all out of stock, I am from Canberra, I rang woden store first and they put me in hold after 5 minutes I hang up and went to store, they said they only have ex display and Tuggeranong store have them in stock, I drove to Tuggeranong store and they're like "Ooh we only have 1 unit and its that ex display no one has them in stock Australia wide" I knew I can't win an argument with them, I ended up buying ex display unit which isn't that bad but has some scratches and doesn't have that new look, I was disappointed to see they didn't even bother cleaning the dust of box when I picked up my speakers from store box had dust.

  • Just what I needed. Anyone rate the Sherwood 500w 5.1ch Home Theatre Receiver at $193.90?

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      Decent little entry-level Receiver but not a lot of adjustability for fine tuning. It'll make good enough 'crash & bang' for your movies but don't expect it to be a good all-rounder. Better to spend the extra $80 and get the entry-level Pioneer IMO (http://www.jbhifi.com.au/home-theatre/pioneer/600-watt-5-1-c...) as it's a better Receiver plus you get a bonus pack of small speakers that you could use elsewhere or sell off as new for $50+ if you didn't need them.

      I have both (but it's actually the 521 Pioneer) and the difference is night & day. The Pioneer wins for sure.

      • Cheers mate, might pickup the pioneer

      • Is there any way to connect that receiver to bluetooth so I can play songs from my phone to it?

        • $6.50: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/MINI-USB-Enjoy-Wireless-Bluetooth...

          You'll need to use an old phone charger or something to feed it power plus you'll also need to get a 3.5mm -> Stereo RCA lead to plug it into one of the rear inputs but that should do the trick.

        • You can get little Bluetooth adapters with a 3.5mm plug, that you can plug in to allow phone/tablet type usage. ~$22, or $40 from dick smith.

        • That could work, nice!

          Another question: I use a WDTV media play a lot. Will this work with the receiver? Do you just plug the WDTV into receiver instead of TV? Or does the audio come from the TV?

          Also is this receiver much better: http://www.jbhifi.com.au/jb-hi-fi-home-audio/receiver/pionee...

          Or would the cheaper pioneer with little 5.1 speakers be best bang for buck?

        • Use the Receiver and the central 'hub' for everything then just pump the video signals out to your TV and keep the volume at zero.

          The other receiver is basically the same feature-wise but has quite a lot more power however depending on the speakers you plan to connect to it now or in the future you may not ever hear the difference so you'd probably be better off saving your money. Still, it really isn't that much more expensive so if you don't want to run the small speakers in the pack then pay a bit more and go for the better Amp IMO.

        • Thanks for the info.

          I like to get bang for the buck and not go overboard with these things.

          What kinds of speakers would benefit from the bigger amp? I'm guessing anything over 600 watt? I reckong I'd eventually get bigger speakers, but again I'd want bang for the buck speakers and nothing over the top. The small AMP should be able handle such speakers, right?

        • Use Power Ratings with a grain of salt. You can run a 1000W Amp with 10W speakers and vise-versa if you want to. A more powerful Amp will obviously blow speakers rated lower than it however it's even riskier to run a low-powered Amp with speakers rated higher than it.

          Without getting into the nitty-gritty too far, if you push a low-powered Amp too hard it starts to 'clip'. Clipping occurs when the Amplifier distorts so much that its output ends up as DC instead of AC. Speakers vibrate thanks to the AC current flowing through them but when you feed them DC they will either stay in or stay out and make no noise. Leave them in this state for too long and you will burn the fragile voice coils inside.

          This is known as 'blowing up your speakers' so even though it sounds silly it's actually safer to run a more powerful Amp with lower powered speakers. Most modern Amps have cheap protection circuitry in them anyway so as soon as they detect DC being fed to your speakers they'll shut off until the situation has been rectified. Same goes for overheating and short circuits etc.

        • Thanks. Phone chargers don't need to have the female end of a usb port, but I should be able to plug that into the TV or WDTV live for power, right?

        • Yep, as long as it's feeding 5V at a reasonable current which I'm pretty sure it can then yes you'll be fine.

        • deleted

        • SteveAndBelle,

          I have one correction to make to what you have stated.

          You cannot blow 10W speakers with a 1000W amplifier. The speakers are only able to draw up to 10W, the amplifier is able to provide up to 1000W and no more. The amp will only provide as much power as the speaker is drawing.

          Similar to how a car battery could provide you with 1000 amps of current if needed, but if you connect a 12V car globe up to it directly, you will only draw the current needed, as the globe (analg: speaker) only draws a certain amount of current (maybe 2 amps).

          Although, my tertiary education did not extend to speakers, I am just extrapolating what i learned in class, so I'm open to criticism.

        • Man your kind of a teacher, been reading your comments with serious attention. Cheers

        • Hi SheSpools. I don't have time today to write much so I'll be extreme & cryptic instead ;)

          I totally understand why you're thinking that way however with that logic why do speakers have power ratings at all in that case? Why can't I connect the 0.5W speaker from my clock radio to a 10KW PA Amp running at full power an expect it to work… or headphones for instance, why can't I just connect my headphones to the Speaker output of my amp and expect them to last at anything over extremely low volumes?

          Do some Googling to get a better understanding then post your findings here for others to learn from, cheers!

        • SheSpools - speakers are coils of thin wire, making an electromagnet. Consider what happens when you connect thin wire to the mains, then think what happens to a 10W speaker if you connect a kilowatt amp.

          Sure the speaker might have cutout circuitry in it, but if not it will get toasted, and if it does, well you aren't going to hear anything if its cutout, are you?

        • +1

          So, regarding the example of headphones into speaker output, my understanding is that this has something to do with impedance. If the impedance is mismatched (from speaker to ampifier) then you will have issues.

          And to answer your question, why do speakers have power ratings, going by my logic, it is so that you do not exceed the power output of the amplifier (and cause clipping = bad!)


          I have read up on it, and I am partially correct, if the Amplifier "outpowers" the speaker, you will not cause any electrical damage, you might just cause the speaker to reach is maximum articulation, and start doing damage to the cone etc.

          So, in conclusion, you were correct that it is possible to blow a speaker by having an amp too powerful.


      • If you need to upgrade the speakers anyway would it be worthwhile to get this?


        • Possibly yes but as per usual it all depends on how you think it sounds and of course how much you're willing to spend. You may get the same satisfaction from the $277 pack so no point blowing $520 extra on the larger pack for no reason!

          Ahhh, gotta love these '1st world' problems eh ;)

    • Have had one for a few years - not a bad unit from a performance POV, but the controls and menus are terrible and unintuitive. I find myself having to refer to the manual occasionally, which is unheard of for me…

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    Nice and cheap entry level pioneer surround system ($278): http://www.jbhifi.com.au/home-theatre/pioneer/600-watt-5-1-c...

    Probably better than most of the HTIBs that have been advertised recently.

  • DAMMIT! Just bought a Samsung HW-F450 soundbar from BigBrownBox 3 weeks ago for $250. Now JB is selling them for $221.

    • +2

      Better not buy that extra slab of beer this week then to make back the cash.

  • Does anyone else hate their website colour scheme and font so much that you can't focus on the deals at hand?

  • what's are everyone's opinions on the best bang-for-buck receiver in the range?

  • Which is better



    in terms of sound quality

    Pioneer: Can i play movies[MKV] thro' USB

    • +1

      Tough to know without hearing them and of course everyone hears things differently so only use opinions as a general guide until you've heard these systems yourself.

      I'd say the Pioneer would have a more capable Amp section than the Samsung however the Samsungs speakers would probably have the edge over the Pioneers purely because they're larger. Personally I'd also go with the Pioneer as the Receiver can be used stand-alone without all the integrated crap the Samsung has included however I know many people want the convenience of an all-in-one system so it's really down to what you want/need.

      Keep in mind that you can also use the Pioneer with better, larger speakers at a later stage when you want to upgrade your system whereby the Samsung is basically designed to be run 'as is' until it starts to die in 3-5 years. The Pioneer could easily be retired to the Rumpus for the kids or the Garage/Workshop or used in another room as a nice 2-channel Amp in a dedicated music system or even as an Amp for your computer audio or even just used to power some outdoor speakers when you replace/upgrade the lounge room system in a few years time. Much more flexibility going with the Pioneer but again your call as some people may not care about any of the above too.

      • +1

        Get the pioneer, even the amp / receiver alone is a bargain for the price. Plus you can run any type of top speakers through that amp later on. I reckon the speakers would be ok for a starter pack too, you can replace the 2 front ones with a couple of floor standers or bookshelves later on if you listen to music especially.

        • +1

          The Samsung does have network capability though which could be a deal-maker for some.

          Tough call so totally down to the individual but yeah Sound Quality wise the Pioneer all the way…

      • Can you explain what a '2 channel amp' is? As in, are there amps with more than 2 channels? Can 2 channels still do 5.1 surround sound? I'm a complete newb and need a brief education before I commit to something!

        • +6

          2-Channel Amp is exactly that, it amplifies two channels of audio aka 'Stereo'. No aurround sound, no subwoofer nothing, just two channels… one for Left & another for Right.

          A 5.1 or 'Home Theatre' or 'Surround Sound' Receiver/Amp is capable of amplifying multiple channels giving you surround sound and allows you to also connect an active SubWoofer ('Active' meaning it has its own Amplifier built-in) so you get the full cinema experience.

          A 2-Channel Amp can't do 'Surround Sound' however a 'Surround Sound' Amp can act as a normal 2-Channel Amp for playing stereo sound (music etc.) but whether or not it can do a better job at playing pure 2-Channel Stereo signals is another story :) Purists will argue over & over that a multi-channel 'Surround Sound' Amp will never be able to play simple 2-Channel Stereo sound as well as a dedicated 2-Channel Stereo Amp… but that's up to your ears and your budget.

          Keep in mind… there's are many reasons you can buy a 'Surround Sound' Amp for under $200 but some people fork out $100,000+ on a Stereo Amp… and sometimes it's not just the wank factor either!

          Welcome to the never-ending search for ultimate sound ;)

    • +1

      That's a no brainer, the Korean one is rubbish.

      Pioneer build quality, Samsung build crap.

    • If you are ever looking to play MKV's through USB keep in mind that all Blu Ray Players use Cinavia and from what I understand that includes on their HDMI inputs for all in one systems such as that Samsung. So if you are looking to make legal back ups of your Blu Ray discs to play from a network for example you are going to be in a world of hurt with an all in one system.

  • +1

    Looks like a pretty decent price for the TDK A33 Wireless Weatherproof Speaker @ $116.20


    Can't find it any cheaper at other sites including amazon.

    Looks like I will pick one up today thanks OP.

    • +1

      Grabbed a TDK A33 myself. Paid for online and I'll pick it up tomorrow. Can't wait! The reviews are quite glowing for this little baby.

  • any good soundbar to purchase for the 70inch TV?

    • If you want it to 'match' a 70" in terms of size etc, you're probably going to be out of luck. The Samsung 751/551 are supposed to be pretty good though.

  • +2

    Purchased the Pioneer package here: http://www.jbhifi.com.au/home-theatre/pioneer/600-watt-5-1-c...

    Hopefully it's a good purchase!

    • I have the older version, and it does fine. I think it's great value for money. It won't please the audiophiles who spend megabucks on their systems, but for the average bloke who wants to watch their blurays etc with some nice surround sound it's great. It's much better than any all in one systems like my old Panasonic :)

  • Bought one too. Need the HDMI switching…
    Seems however the Amp hasn't got a line out for the sub (the sub is not powered) so not sure if options will be available to run larger speakers with a different crossover frequency… Correct me if i'm wrong :)

    Will do for my second system as is though…

    • I dont understand this question, but I'd like to know the answer too. Does the limit future sub/speakers I'd wish to use with it?

  • Thanks for the heads up people.

    Bought a Wharfedale SW150 subwoofer and a TDK A33 Wireless speaker :)

  • may be this question is stupid..can u tell which one is better, sound wise…comparing new with old one from gumtree..

    to add some info I'm upgrading from logitech z623.

    • +2

      Again, Sound Quality (SQ) is in the ear of the believer so don't believe the hype or rated Power Output or what your mate tells you or anything but your own ears! I've run cheap Chinese generic speakers (around $200 RRP) in my system and have done A-B comparisons with my very high-end speakers (current value easily exceeds many thousands) and have been amazed at how good some of the modern cheap stuff is BUT I've also run some other cheap stuff and it has just been pure junk too. Only YOUR ears will tell YOU how good/bad it is.

      Going by pure lab controlled tech specs though, the Sony on Gumtree boasts 100 Watts Per Channel x 6 at 8 Ohms at 1 kHz with THD 0.7%. The cheapie Pioneer from JB outputs 100 W at 6 Ohms at 1 kHz with a whopping 10% THD and to be honest that's pretty poor and must be embarrassing for Pioneer but is about the same as those Sony Muteki systems.

      On paper it's all about the THD (Total Harmonic Distortion), more distortion = 'poorer' SQ so in this case the Sony should offer well over 10 times the output quality of the Pioneer when driven at 100W. This changes drastically when the output power is reduced (ie. when you turn the volume down) and the Pioneer would probably come close to the Sony when at a normal listening levels of 10-20W so does it all really matter anyway? Possibly not but hey it's fun to compare ;)

      I could go on & on about this all day but again in the end it's about how YOU perceive the sound because we're not robots and we all hear things differently. Another variable is Amp types… I love the sound of my 20W per channel Class-A Amp capable of an insanely super-clean 0.00002% THD however I also love the sound of my valve Amp too which potentially has even worse distortion than the Pioneer above but that's the secret to producing that organic 'analog' (warm) sound!

      • +1

        @SteveAndBelle thank you very much for giving me insight. It really makes sense n m heading out to test now. If ok with normal audible limits then warranty is better..
        Thanks for THD explanation. Thats good information.
        Now this one looks much better as it has iControl as well. But iControl can't be a deciding factor. 1% THD can be. Let me test these.

  • I can't see the 775 Yamaha on JB's site - what a shame.

  • I was considering this the other day (which is still the same price, but then again it's cheaper by $1 than dse's weekend sale)

    How do you reckon it would compare to the tdk andy bought above:

    Also after reading reviews on amazon, considering the jbl flib for $50 more:

    To be honest, I think the Logitech one is probably all I need, it has a lot of fairly good reviews, plus its really little and has a long battery. On the other hand, if I can get a better sound for not much more I would get that instead.
    Any advice?

    • I find computer brand speakers to last 4-6 years and have a crackling sound after that. I have thrown out half a dozen speakers due to that issue but then again,they are cheap.

      If you want to spend in the couple hundred dollar range, try audioengine A2. They are decent, look good and don't take up too much space. Other one is the harman kardon soundsticks 3 that was posted at 125ish a week ago. I would have bought then if I were in the market for some cheapies.

      Edit - changed A4 to A2.

      And replied to wrong line, but ah well. The recommendation still stands for the speakers in those price range.

  • I'm currently have logitech Z5500 that hooked to TV through optical fiber to watch movie and listen pop musics, just wondering if it's gonna be a huge improvement in terms of sound quality if I upgrade to another system listed here http://www.jbhifionline.com.au/support.aspx?post=1&results=10&source=all&bnSearch=Go!&q=Home+Theatre+System&submit=Go for under $1k?

    • It all depends on all the gear upstream. It starts with file quality. If you download 128bit files, it's a definite no improvement. I don't use iTunes but I heard it is 256 so you may hear some difference there, it depends on sound card/player that's decoding it.

      Hope that helps.

      • my gear working flow is "movies/musics in laptop - hdmi cable - tv - optical fiber cable - Z5500".

        Not sure which device decoding the sound eventually, laptop or tv or z5500?

        Most movies/musics sourcing from internet with various quality. e.g. 128bit .mp3 to .ape, cam .rmvb to movies/musics movie. what you reckon?

        • Sorry for the late reply. Personally, I wouldn't upgrade if my source is that questionable. You will notice a difference, not in sound quality, but mostly in sound signature. You can tweak the EQ for that. For the couple hundred that you would spend, I would buy into some entry level Hifi speakers. An example is the Swan or Audioengine A2. That way, you can build from there by adding a sub or better front speakers and changing the A2 into rear speakers.

          Buying into a complete system is only good in the short run and is something you already have. So if you have to spend some money, spend it on a real upgrade.

          Also, the laptop is your decoder and everything else is just a pass through to your speakers.

    • Improvement in Sound Quality alone, possibly not however you'll have a lot more flexibility with a proper Receiver & Speaker pack. Also depends on other limitations… do you know exactly how hard you're pushing your Logitechs? Are you frequently noticing audible distortion or do you hardly ever crank the system up because you're in an Apartment? No point blowing more cash on a shiny new system boasting loads more power if you can't actually take advantage of it anyway :)

      • I living in a house but never pushed my z5500 to it's limit. The z5500 is in a 30m2 living area, I couldn't distinguish if there's any audible distortion. My concern is the z5500 mainly designed for gaming purpose, will it be a regretful decision if I spend $500 - $1k for a new home theatre system?

        • I think the only person who can answer that question is you sorry.

          Just because the Logitech system may be designed mainly for Gaming doesn't mean it's bad for Movies or Music so if you've got no problem with the sound then IMO save your pennies until you've got another reason to want/need to upgrade. If you needed a centralised method of controlling all your HDMI devices then that's a good reason to spend the money but if it's just down to sound quality then I recommend you listen to one of these systems to compare it with what you already have… then spend the money if you think you can justify it.

        • Thanks Steve, much appreciated.

        • i have the z2300, and i can say that they are absolutely useless for music listening. this are hundreds of discussions on the net about this, suggest that you read up on it. i believe tha the 5.1 version is also the same. logitech are not really a music audio brand, except may be their IEMs, but then again that was them buying out UE.

  • Gday how come for the Jensen 5.1 Channel Speaker Pack I can't click on Buy Now or Check Store Stock? thanks waiting for your reply mate

  • These bookshelf speakers seem to get pretty good reviews - at $286 is seems like a great price: http://www.jbhifionline.com.au/home%20theatre/speakers/dali-... (Dali Zensor 1)

    I myself already have a pair of wharfedale diamon 9s but am very tempted to get these for the lounge. Anyone have any thoughts?

    • Heard 'em? Hard to audition in JB with everything else going on around you though :(

      I haven't heard these but I've always liked the 'Dali' sound from about 10-15 years ago. Very Euro-Smooth so I assume these would be similar.

  • +2

    Thanks OP, another warfdale sub ordered!

    • I bought one too - looked decent for the price [needed a replacement for the 2nd HT room - Richter Thor IV in the main :)]

  • I ended up getting new floor standers, 2 new centres and a sound bar. Been an expensive ozbargain weekend with those and the galaxy tab 8.0.

  • I am really tempted by the VSX-923.
    I have an entry level Yamaha 5.1 (HTR5830) at the moment and for a while I've been wanting to upgrade to something which has HDMI.

    Can anyone provide any advice about this amp?
    Should I be looking at something else instead?
    My main uses are:
    TV (FTA. via optical)
    Movies (blu-ray on PS3, medium to high quality mkv on HTPC. both via HDMI)
    Music (streamed mp3 320kbps, flac. via optical or coax)
    Games (PS3, PC. both via HDMI)

    • +1

      I believe better speakers would be a more worthwhile investment but if you really want HDMI then by all means. But with HDMI 2.0 around the corner who knows will happen if you wait a bit longer.

    • +1

      I'd say wait till near Christmas which is just few months away if you have an Receiver now and not desperate for it!

      I've got an VSX-920(7.1 Channel) couple years back for just around $4xx

      • Thanks for the advice guys, I'll postpone my upgrade.

  • +1

    Picked up the Pioneer A4 wireless speaker. Supports Airplay, Bluetooth and DLNA. Audio quality is excellent for such a small system. It's not going to compete with a component system and standalone speakers, but easily holds its own against micro-hifis that cost heaps more.

    Fantastic little package. Total bargain at $249. These things retailed for $499 only a few months ago. Thinking of getting another one for the bedroom.

    • Me too, purchased one yesterday. Breeze to setup and adequate for my apartment! Sounds pretty decent for $250 and the wireless component is great. If only I can get it to work directly as an output from my MacBook…

  • Great savings

  • Looking at this:




    My main requirement is I need to be able to hang the rear speakers from the ceiling and fronts off the wall, so my options are limited.

    Some people made some negative comments about HARMAN KARDON? are they really that bad, at my price range, $700 at most its the only full set up with network (not required but handy feature (unsure about MKV playback though?)). Otherwise any alternatives would be good?

    Also running ceiling speakers (through the house) off a slitter at jaycar, there is a sheerwood (hard bad things about) that is a stereo amp:



    The pioneerr is actually the model down from this at $240 (VSX-323-K) but not dedicated sterio player so more flexible long term, any advice for good cheap amp for this purpose?

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