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Harvey Norman - Asus Tablets, Laptops, Desktops - Various discounts up to 30%


Note that the search link (the one linked to this post) doesn't display the discounted value till you drill in. The discounted links are below. I've not checked all, but they do appear to be the lowest prices on static ice. If you're looking for a mind-boggling, hitherto unseen bargain, this is not the post you are looking for ;-)


Asus Memo Pad HD 7 Tablet - $168
Asus Nexus 7-v2 32GB Wi-Fi - $318
Asus Nexus 7-v2 32GB 4G - $419
ASUS VivoTab Smart ME400C Tablet - $427
Asus Memo Pad FHD 10 Tablet - White - $368
ASUS VivoTab RT Tablet - 32GB - $394
ASUS VivoTab RT 3G Tablet - $498
Asus Vivo Tab TF810 Tablet - $704


ASUS VivoBook S200-CT209H Laptop - $427
Asus F502CA-XX081H Laptop - $439)
Asus VivoBook S500CA-CJ016H Notebook Laptop - $543
Asus F550CC-XO068H Laptop - $662
Asus F550DP-XX008H Laptop - $790
ASUS Taichi 21-CW015H Convertible Laptop - $1074
Asus Taichi 31-CX022H Convertible Laptop - $1429
Asus Taichi 31-CX018H Convertible Laptop - $1669


Asus P1801-B062K Convertible AIO Desktop - $1249
Asus M51AC-AU006S Desktop - $1347

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Should this say 10%-30%?

    For example the MeMO Pad 10 FHD should be $297.50 at a minumum 25% off but it's $368 :S

    • Well the Nexus 7's don't even have 10% off by my calcs.

      EDIT: < 7% discount on the Nexus 7

    • Thanks. I've corrected it. Should probably do a search engine comparison anyway, since HN prices are normally inflated. But some of the deals are pretty good, and were the lowest on static ice when I searched.

  • +1

    It doesn't look like either of the two Nexus 7 devices listed have anywhere near 25% off.

    • I've updated the title to reflect that. It's still not a bad deal. According to static ice, it's still the lowest prices for a Nexus v2 4G. (eGlobal has it for 399 + $29 shipping without insurance). Likewise for the Wifi model.

  • +1

    The prices aren't exactly that great. For example the asus tf810c was 350 at dicksmith and also posted on ozbargain. It's double the price at harvey.. Same goes for other models such as the asus s200e

  • +1

    ASUS VivoTab Smart ME400C Tablet - $399 at Officeworks ! ($28 cheaper)


    • -1

      and includes office.

      • +1

        3 month trial , pretty much the same as a download version.

        • +1

          keep reading, at the bottom of the page it says Office 2013 home student is included. Also at JB HI with office but $468

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