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Wii U Basic $278, Wii U Premium $348 at BigW Online - (Click+Collect Available in NSW)


I was browsing on the Big W website and noticed reduced prices on their Wii U consoles.

Wii U Basic - $278: http://www.bigw.com.au/entertainment/video-games-consoles/wi...

Wii U Premium - $348: http://www.bigw.com.au/entertainment/video-games-consoles/wi...

Certainly nowhere near as appealing as the recent DSE clearance, but for anyone who signed up for the recent AMEX promo and hasn't used it yet - http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/116940 - it would knock another $50 off making it a decent price overall.

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  • click and collect is only available for NSW stores.

    • Don't count it out just yet. Wait till next year after Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8 & even Wii Fit U come out. I'm hoping they do cross compatibility with the 3DS like the Gamecube did with the GBA.

      • Super Smash Bros. makes the Wii U worth all the treasures in the world <3

        • still waiting, please be the saviour the Wii U needs. same with MK8. possibly even a pokemon game like Pokemon Battle Revolution, although I would prefer something Colosseum esque

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  • If I were Nintendo I would pay whatever Rare/Microsoft/who ever owns the James Bond licensing rights wants and port N64 Goldeneye to the WiiU in high definition with online multiplayer support. The game itself needs to be EXACTLY the same, EXACTLY!, right down to the joypad sensitivity of the analogue stick. No extra levels, no extra voice acting, NOTHING!

    That is the only path Nintendo have out of this mess. I would bankrupt the company to get it.

    Not gonna happen though.

  • Does this mean Australia got the price cut like America?

    • Australia didn't get the price cut, so there's two ways of looking at this. On the positive side it might just be Big W clearing out the old bundles before the new bundles are released next month. On the negative side they might just be following in Dick Smith's footsteps and dumping the Wii U altogether.

      • Do you mean the same bundles the UK is getting? Are we getting them as well?

        • So far I think they've only announced the Super Mario/Luigi Premium bundle, rather than either the Wii U Party or Just Dance 2014 basic bundles. Given the past history of releasing bundles I wouldn't hold my breath on more than just that here.

  • if anyone is considering this Ill sell u the wiiu (basic) I bought for $50 less than this