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Final Inno3d GTX670 Clearance Sale $265 + Free iChill Mouse Mat [ + Many More]


Hi Guys,

The final shipment / last stock in the country of the Inno3D GTX670 2GB + Free iChill Mouse Mat has landed and its all ours to clear! Limited (20 Units) once sold out its never coming back, strictly no back orders available. Only $265.00 Sorry guys, sold out!

Also have a couple of iChill Overclocked GTX670's back in stock (2 units).

Also, for anyone interested we have a bucket load of new iPhone Lightning($4) / Android($3) / HDMI 1.4 ($4) / CAT6($2) / DVI ($3) / displayPort($9) cables super cheap. Shipping prices make them a tough sell on their own but if your considering another item anyway you can throw in these without paying any extra in shipping! http://evatech.com.au/100-cables

Also we have 3 models of 120mm case fans at 50% off,
SilverStone 120mm Blue LED FN Series $7 [was $17]
SilverStone 120mm White LED FN Series $7 [was $17]
Ultra 120mm Transparent DC 12v $4.5 [was $9]

Cooler Master i100 Notebook Coolers
Cooler Master i100 15.6" Black Notebook Cooler $12 [was $19]
Cooler Master i100 15.6" White Notebook Cooler $12 [was $22]

The long awaited acrylic cases from QDIY have also landed.
Tower ATX - http://evatech.com.au/other/2900-qdiy-acrylic-atx-modders-ca...
Tower mATX - http://evatech.com.au/other/2898-qdiy-acrylic-matx-modders-c...
HTPC ATX - http://evatech.com.au/other/2899-qdiy-acrylic-matx-modders-c...

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  • Great price on the 670. Most start around $350 on staticice:


    This is the second GPU price drop today, though, so maybe we'll see more…

    • Hmm thinking of getting this one instead now actually, cheaper price works for me. What do you think?

        • +12

          I think you need to buy a new keyboard so your caps lock isn't stuck.

      • As you can see on staticice link, it's a great price for a 670, which is a hell of a GPU, at least by current standards. Probably will hold up well against the next gen consoles? Not sure.



        I'm much more tempted by this deal than the other one, but I think I'll wait and see, personally.

        But again, good price, on a powerful GPU. Should max settings in a lot of games for a while.

        • +2

          Probably will hold up well against the next gen consoles? Not sure.

          The 670 is better than the GPUs in both the Xbox One and PS4 (e.g. PS4 is 1.84 TFLOPS vs 2.46 TFLOPS for 670), but it remains to be seen how well optimised next gen multi-platform games will be on the PC. My guess is that it'll hold up well, though, particularly since both next gen consoles are x86.

  • Ha ha, those acrylic cases look awesome, totally transparent:


    I wonder if they let heat out better or worse than a normal case?

    • +1

      I had an acrylic case once and it was a pain had to unscrew a dozen screws just to get the side panel off. Better off with a normal ATX case.

  • I've had a 670 for six months and swear by it. It will eat any game you have on ultra settings for breakfast

    • +1

      Unfortunately my gigabyte 670 cannot run bf4 beta on ultra… hopefully thats because its only beta at the moment.

      • +1

        Might need to download the latest drivers, I think there's a beta driver for the Nvidia cards that reduces the choppiness in the bf4 beta.

        • Yep there's definitely a driver issue with BF4, update and see how you go because mine runs fine

  • how much is shipping for the GTX 670 ?

    • Hi Swiftty-13,

      Shipping is calculated based on the destination address starting at $7.55 for Melbourne metro, $10.55 for Sydney, Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra and Newcastle. Rural areas are a little pricier, you can get a quote on the product page by entering your post code in the blue bar and clicking the 'Estimate Shipping' button.

      • +1

        Yeah shame about the rural shipping prices. $36.70 for shipping kills the deal for me.

      • +1

        Yeah, my house was $35 but my office in the city is only $10.55, I'd just get it delivered to the office.

  • +1

    Awesome price for a great gfx card, two of these in SLI will destroy most of the current $600+ cards if your motherboard & powersupply support it, they even match & in some cases beat the $1000 GTX titan upto 2560x1600 res.


  • +2

    Any chance of a special on the Inno3D PCIe GTX670 2GB OC iChill G670-1SDN-E5DSX?

    • +2

      Sorry guys, we have 1 unit left in stock and its been completely discontinued. Not to mention its already over $200 cheaper than the handful of other stores with stock left in Australia.

  • Is it possible to have this 670 and a geforce 670 sli? Even though different brands?

    • +1

      Nvidia Geforce is not the card brand, it's the chip (GPU) brand. All 670's are geforce.

      Google "nvidia sli requirements" to found out what you need to check in order to be sure you can SLI a 2nd card.

  • Any upcoming deals on the 7970 OC version? Yours seem a little steep in price, wondering if that indicated a price drop or sale soon?

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