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Lumo Energy - Switch & Save up to 17% off Your Monthly Energy Bill [VIC]


Switch to Lumo Energy Save up to 17% off your Monthly Energy Bill - Victorian Residents Only
Save up to 17% off Electricity & 15% off Gas.

PLUS Receive $50 off your first bill when you mention this coupon:

Lumo Energy are Victoria's leading energy provider offering huge savings on your energy bill.

Contract is 2 years. See Product Information Statement PDF

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  • +4 votes

    This appears to be for a contract which is not clear on your info above, please add this information

    How long is the contract for?

    What are the early termination costs?

  • How long is the discount for, just the first year? If so, is there an ongoing or any kind of discount afterwards?

  • Nice things to say by customers…….NOT!


    • +4 votes

      Excellent 36 10%
      Good 10 3%
      OK 9 2%
      Bad 9 2%
      Terrible 302 83%

      That is incredibly bad service… There must be some kind of award for that ???

    • Just beating out Click Energy, who are sitting on 1.7 out of 5.

      I think most people don't need to contact their energy provider very often and that's probably a good thing!

    • Shame OzB doesn't link off to that, must have changed their name at some point so it's not being picked up? It's always helpful to have the product review rating visible and clickable so the punters get an instant snapshot of any reviewed company that posts here.

      I've noticed that when some other stores post which have abysmal reviews, they link off to obscure online catalogues and don't bother to fill out the affiliated store field. I've often thought that they may do this to avoid having their terrible rating on public display.

      • It's now linked. As always, you just need to ask.

        We can link the productreviews to any deal. It is however a manual process.

  • I am with Lumo and I have to say despite the poor customer service, the rates and discounts are pretty good… I regularly check my rates and compare them with other companies and haven't been able to price beat so far. They have a no risk offer where you get locked in to a 2 year contract with $75 exit fee but if you can find a cheaper rate they will either beat it, match it or you can cancel the contract with no fee. Will only recommend if you are prepared to call them up every now and then and spend 30 mins bartering for a lower fee and if you check your rates and bill regularly as they do increase rates without providing notice.

    • +3 votes

      and if you check your rates and bill regularly as they do increase rates without providing notice.

      I'll pass, thanks…

  • The first few reviews are mainly being ripped off. I wonder how many bothered to report to the ombudsman and actually get something done about it.

  • One of Lumo sales knocked on our doors to promote the discount along with $50 eftpos card last year, it has never arrived.

    Not to mention their broken phone support and terrible service.

  • stay away from Lumo, terrible

  • 17% off doesn't mean a thing without the rates that are on offer. Not to mention other energy providers offer 20% off (origin and Australian power and gas come to mind).

    Best not to rush in to a 2 year contract, look around at all providers.

  • i compared the rates in my area with momentum energy for 3163.

    momentum energy don't offer any discounts and they are still cheaper than lumo energy even after their 17% discount.

    rip off.

    • That's true,same in ringwood,its much cheaper than the other cold calling smugs..always saying. .did you hear the the energy rate in your area gone up and you might end up paying more from current supplier blah blah..always check the rates and supply charge..dont bother about discounts..always use a calculator ,than someone doing itfor you over the phone!

  • those x% off deals are always shoddy because they just put their base rate up.

    Eg AGL offers only 10% off the electricity but Origin offers 18%
    If you look at the base rate after the deductions its virtually the same and the origin connection fee is higher.

  • Hi Neil, is this offer available to existing customers under the 'no risk offer'? If so how can it be arranged? Also, is this offer on the whole bill and not just usage, just want to clarify? Thanks.

    By the way, we have been happy customers of Lumo for many years, despite a very rough beginning with Victoria Electricity (Lumo's former entity).

    • Don't ask me, I just work here.

      Best to call Lumo since the rep has disappeared

  • Seems like the service charge is more than everyone else. I use dodo power and their rates are better than this deal and I get 20% off. Don't take me wrong, dodo is as bad as it gets when it comes to customer service. So don't expect any quality of service there