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GENUINE Apple 30-Pin to Digital AV Adapter $23.20 (iPhone 4/4s, iPad 2nd/3rd Gen) FREE POSTAGE


GENUINE Apple 30-Pin to Digital AV Adapter for iPad/iPhone (Part # MC953ZM/A)

Product enables you to connect your iPad/iPhone/iPod to a compatible TV/Projector via HDMI (HDMI lead not included)

RRP $48.00 - Grab yourself a bargain at more than 50% off what you would pay in an Apple Store.

See ebay listing for full details > http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/171168692203

Long time follower second time poster (first attempt unsuccessful - please be gentle)

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  • when Obi-Wan Kenobi sells you 30-Pin to Digital AV Adapter FREE POSTAGE, you buy.

  • How long is the cable?


    Yes it was deleted with the following explanation from the mods:

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      Cheers for the explanation. I've revoked my negative vote; I'm sure a mod will be along shortly to help you with the ABN issue. :)

  • i dont really care about the whole ABN thing, but is this really a deal?

    • Not really, these thing are crap. My friend have a genuine one that he bought from apple store. For some reason work on his iphone 4 but wont work on my 4s. Only work on stuff like youtube and apple TV. Wont even do screen mirroring. Does not pick up a lot of video program. We tried to watch stream soccer on the TV since we have a fox sport app on our iPhone but it would not pick up the stream video. These thing are worthless. Would not even spend $5 on it.

      And i am concern about the GENUINE claim by the OP as the one my friend bought come in a box with instruction manual. Not in a platic bag that look like a cheap chinese knock off.


        Thanks for the informative review. Yes they do have limitations when it comes to mirroring what is on your Apple device. The main issue I am aware of is that not all apps have the relevant code that allows for mirroring written into the app.

        See feedback from ebay customers, the product is genuine. Apple changed their packaging awhile ago but if you go into an apple store or authorised reseller you will see items packaged in a similar manner to these.

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    How often can you get GENUINE Apple accessories at less than 1/2 price?

    You can refer to my ebay feedback rating and buyer comments which should provide anyone interested in the deal/product with enough confidence to buy from me.

    Congngo - it is an adapter, not a cable, measures approx 10cm. I will update the picture which gives you a better indication of the size/functionality

  • Hi Rep, Do you sell genuine Apple Lightning Cable for iPhone 5 at discounted price?

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    Buyers - Do note that this is the older 1st gen cable (which comes in a bag - MC953ZM/A - A1388). The newer 2nd gen cable released with the 3rd Gen iPad comes in a box - MD098ZM/A - A1422.

    If you use this cable on the 3rd Gen iPad you will receive a popup as noted by http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4108

    "Note: When using an Apple Digital AV Adapter manufactured before early 2012 with iPad (3rd generation), you may see the "This accessory is not supported" alert. Dismissing the alert will allow you to use the adapter."

    For a way over the top technical explanation of the differences see this http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1581053

    For a laymans review of the differences http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/backstage/comments/apples-d...

    If interested in the newer adapter Macfixit has it for $24.99

  • Does anyone know if you can mirror the iphone PPTV app using this adapter or the one from Macfixit?


      The link provided by abc above to the apple support page states:
      "To determine if a 3rd party app supports either feature, refer to the Info page for the app in the App Store, or contact the developer".

  • I do have lightening to digital av adapter and it works great with my iPhone 5 and ipad to watch videos on tv through 2nd screen. But one backdrop is not all apps support 2nd screen. I bought from apple store but I think it worths for wht I paid. I paid $60 for it.