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Nissan 370Z Coupe Manual $59,990 Driveaway, Almost $13,000 off


You may have won the lotto, commenced your mid-life crisis, or perhaps you love nothing better than burning rubber and drifting (keep it in the track).

Now that the 370z is under $60K DA you can leave 320i, 86\BRZ and C class poseurs in the dust.

I've driven the 370z and its a hoot to steer, built like a Swiss watch and goes like the clappers.

Shameless cut and paste is below:


  • 3.7 Ltr 6 cylinder VQ engine (245kW/363Nm)
  • SynchroRev Match Transmission
  • 19" alloy wheels
  • Satellite Navigation
  • Reversing camera with Predictive Path technology

*Maximum recommended driveaway price for new 370Z Coupe manual models ordered and delivered between 1/11/13 and 31/12/13 including dealer delivery and statutory charges. Prices may vary between dealers. Nissan reserves the right to vary or extend this offer. Premium paint available at additional cost.

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  • +350 votes

    Bought 3, thanks OP!

    • +43 votes

      Now we know who just won the lotto, hit mid-life crisis and is a motorhead.

    • +8 votes

      Haha. I don't know why people neg these comments? Made me laugh +1

      • +5 votes

        4 negative votes
        189 positive votes

        Yep, the overwhelming portion of the community seems to neg it :P

        It's probably some grumpy jv's ;)

        • +1 vote

          Probably people who bought one last week at full price.

    • +19 votes

      Is that you Broden?

    • +5 votes

      Is there any cash-back offers and can I use gift-cards?

      • +37 votes

        You could ask them if you can pay with your ING pay wave over 600 transactions to get 5% cash back

        • +18 votes

          That would put you into legendary OzBargain status.

        • +3 votes

          Youd want to pay that back in the 55 days interest free period, otherwise 20% on $60,000, ouch.. or sorry as mastercard would say, priceless

        • +2 votes

          ING is not a credit card, nor a master debit card.

        • +1 vote

          Yeah it is, its visa tho

          edit: visa debit

    • +4 votes

      Might be Moog

      • +5 votes

        True that! Still waiting for mighty car mods to release that new episode…the suspense is killing me!


          New episode? Oh I wouldn't know since youtube's design makes me miss just about everything new.

    • +1 vote

      Wow! 250 votes on that comment. Not sure if the wiki is up to date, but the current record is 191


        I'll update it tonight if no one beats me to it.

    • -9 votes

      Ford XR6 Turbo $39,490 - Drive away
      Ford XR6 Turbo Ute $35,490 - Drive away
      4.0 Ltr 6 cylinder DOHC DI-VCT TURBO (270kW/533Nm)


      Nissan 370Z $59k - Drive away
      3.6 Ltr 6 cylinder VQ engine (245kW/363Nm)

      The XR6 puts this Nissan 370Z to shame at leaves it in the dust!!!! for allot less money.

      I guess there's a reason they call the XR6 Turbo the poor mans Ferrari.

      • +1 vote

        You don't buy a 370z for the speed alone.

        Who would choose a Ford over a Nissan? Who would choose an XR6 over the prestigious 370z. lol!

        • +2 votes

          Less than half a second 0-100 yeah the Ford wins that.
          Steering feel? Handling? Interior? Looks?
          Nissan wins.

        • +1 vote

          Actually, according to someone else below, I was wrong on that.
          Ford wins NOTHING!

          I was sure the F6E did 4.9 sec to 100 and the 370 was around mid-5s?
          Ahh my memory fails me ;)


        Power isn't everything. The Z will run rings around the XR6 on the track and in the twisties…Traffic Light GP doesn't really count :p

      • +4 votes

        Sorry but I prefer not to be flagged down by the public mistaking me for a taxi

      • +5 votes

        Plz tell me your not comparing a xr6 to the z, i have owned the xr6 and it steers like a boat, my current car 350z roadsters handling difference to the xr6 is day and night. Not to mention its a true sports car unlike a family sedan.. Not hating the xr6 just saying their not in the same league

  • +2 votes

    Throw in low/no interest finance and i'm sold!

    • +6 votes

      Repayments over 10 years interest free and maybe my wife would let me.

      • +3 votes

        I couldn't. Just couldn't live with a 2 door car.

        • +2 votes

          Just pretend to be Magnum PI. Chicks will love you, guys will want to be you, did I also mention chicks would dig the mo?

          Link for the younglings


          My god that mustache is glorious, not as good as Rick Rudes though.


          Not only they are 2 doors, they only have 2 seats. Double the awesomeness ;)


          I always wanted to have that kind of body as a school kid but was never able to achieve it no matter how hard I tried.

          referring to Rick Rude.


          It's never to late.

        • +1 vote

          If you get the convertible, dont really need doors


          a true OzBargainer will buy this car as its @ bargain price with more than 100+ votes!
          and then manually cut extra 2 doors (diy @ home) so it will be 4 doors car!

          what a bargain!

      • +6 votes

        The car may out last the wife

        • +20 votes

          Unless the judge gives it to her.

        • +2 votes

          Or she kills him for it!

  • +2 votes

    I like the concept of the SynchroRev Match Transmission. Always wanted to test drive one of these cars just to check it out.

  • +27 votes

    whoa. there goes $60000 from my bank account. S#!t.. just realised my balance is now -$59000 Bloody hell.

    • +4 votes

      Which bank is this, I need an account!

      • +13 votes

        I'm sure he'll let you have his


        It's called a car loan mate. :D

  • +61 votes

    They take paywave right?

    Save another 3k by tapping 600 times.


    Can i pay with the BP fuel cards received here… ? :)

  • +11 votes

    Not bad, but still twice the regular price of a Toyota 86. Around twice the real world fuel consumption as well.


      Its also half the price of an m3. What's your point? The 86 is not equal to the 370.

      • +23 votes

        My point is that the OP compared with the the 86/BRZ - I just responded to that. He did not compare that to an M3.
        A neg? Really?


          He didn't compare it with the 86/BRZ he dismissed the 86/BRZ as 'lower class cars'.

        • +1 vote

          Which they actually are, anyone that suggests otherwise is just deluding themselves. At half the price, you expect them to be, so I don't know how valid it is putting the 86 in a comparative list where the rest are 60-80k.

        • +1 vote

          Just before the 86/BRZ came out, Wheels put one on the cover above a Porsche Cayman with a slogan something like 86 thrashes Cayman. As a Cayman S owner I was appalled, and promptly cancelled my subscription. To be honest I never really bothered reading wheels it's mostly poorly written advertorial interspersed with Ads that are more informative. I subscribed for the free Sidchrome socketset set deal I saw here on OB :>

          The 86 looks great to me, so does a 370z, mx5, Veloster.
          I don't get why some people take such an adversarial approach about cars though - check out Ford Turbo guy's posts. I'll bet he runs around saying his girlfriend's tits are bigger than his mates' girlfriend. Such a class act.


        The "COSTS MORE!" 370Z is not equal to the XR6 Turbo so whats your point? LOL

        Ford XR6 Turbo $39,490 - Drive away
        Ford XR6 Turbo Ute $35,490 - Drive away
        4.0 Ltr 6 cylinder DOHC DI-VCT TURBO (270kW/533Nm) ( FAST CAR )


        Nissan 370Z $59k - Drive away
        3.6 Ltr 6 cylinder VQ engine (245kW/363Nm) ( SLOW CAR )

        • +2 votes

          LOL, You realise that the 370z, with its "less power", has a faster 0-100 time (yeah, 0.1 sec but still faster) then your "FAST CAR" XR6 Turbo?

          Ever heard of power-to-weight ratio????

          Not to mention the XR6 will handle like a pregnant cow compared to the Z…

          The Z is a sports car. The XR6 is a friggin family car with a powerful engine…

        • +1 vote

          Falcon's faster according to Wheels -
          370Z = 5.6sec 0-100
          XR6 Turbo Sedan = 5.2sec 0-100
          XR6 Turbo ute = 5.5sec 0-100

          the new VF Commodores seem to be getting faster times too for more like $40-45k.

          Faster on a track is all good for the folks who take their cars on track days (everyone on ozb I'm sure) but for a car I'll drive every day, I'll take the faster one that's a bit average around the corners but which rides comfortably over the shit roads we have where I drive.

          To call the 370Z slow ala vid_ghost is probably pushing it a bit far though.

        • -2 votes

          put an aftermarket exhaust or even just a retune on the XR6T and it'll walk away from the 370z like it's standing still though.

          Not that they're cars that should be compared IMO. Just saying, if you're trying to argue that a 370z is as fast or faster in a straight line than an XR6T you will lose.

        • -1 vote

          OMG, are you telling me a modified car will own a stock one? Didn't know that!


          depends on where you are getting your figures from:

          Motor Trend even got a 4.8 0-60 time (I know its not exactly the same as 0-100, but close enough)

          I think its suffice to say that the XR6 could be just as/slightly faster/slightly slower then a 370z on any given day…


          Well "modified" in the smallest possible way. A retune alone will get you pretty significant gains, as with most turbo cars they are very detuned when stock.

          The point that I was getting at moreso was that a stock 370z is pretty much as quick as it's going to be unless you spend big money on it. For $1k-$2k on top of the already significantly cheaper XR6T's purchase price you'll be leaving the 370z in your rear vision mirror right from the get go.


          Just wanted to reply to this, even though we've wandered way off topic :)

          You're correct, you can't compare times unless they're on the same day in the same place in the same conditions.

          Wheels has a different testing method to most US publications (in addition to testing an Australian spec car of the type we can actually buy here, which apart from having the steering wheel on the opposite side likely has other differences due to regulatory requirements and market differences). Wheels magazine tests the cars with a half tank of fuel and two guys in the car. They also rarely do their testing on a drag strip where they could get better grip allowing for a faster take off.

          You'll almost always find they get slower times for comparable cars reviewed elsewhere, but across cars measured in the same way it can still be useful data.


          Wait. You're comparing a 4.0l turbo vs 3.7l atmo?
          Hollow victory mate. Stick a huffer on the Zed and make it interesting.

          Or, if you're comparing kW/$ ratio let's play this game:

          kW per $1000
          XR6T: 6.75
          370Z: 4.08
          HSV GTS: 3.90

          (For reference)
          Veyron: 0.42
          Boeing 747-400: 0.37

          And the Winnah is…
          My car: 160.00

          (my car was $400 ;)


          If you're concerned about the unfairness of comparing the performance of a $20k cheaper car with the 370Z because of a factory fitted turbo, maybe you could look at other naturally aspirated 6 cylinder cars and compare their performance with a 370Z.

          Porsche's own webpage specifies a 0-60mph time of 3.5sec for a 911 GT3 which seems to soundly beat its natural rival, the 370Z. Two cars clearly in the same class due to the similar engine types since price is irrelevant.


          GT3? No.

          The 370Z was openly, publicly benchmarked against the Cayman during its development. And for that generation Cayman, on paper at least, it beat it on power/weight ratio and was much cheaper.

          The R35 GTR should have been up against the 911T, as they're both AWD, both 2+2 and both primarily road-biased cars. Motor magazine instead compared it to the GT2 against which it had little chance.

          I believe the GT3 has no equivalent rival, as like the GT2 it's a lightweight track-focused version of the 911.

    • +3 votes

      FOlks who buy cars like these don't buy them for the fuel economy. I actually looked at these a month or so ago, nice cars BUT!! 2 years on they are worth about 1/2 of this. As a user chooser on a novated lease I would be worried about my residual.


        not quite true, the cheapest manual one on carsales which is 2009 4 years old is selling for $36K and its got 112,000km on the clock so not as bad as u described it to be.


      59990>>this is the drive away price, the 86 gt version is 29990, without on road costs, add all that up and the drive away price would be somewhere around 33,500 and that's the gt budget version, the gts which is closer to the accessories of the 370z (still not as feature packed as the 370z) is 40k drive away, not to mention the wait times on a 86, a friends brother wanted to but one last year, I think still waiting or changed his mind and bought a used skyline v36 (g37).

  • +9 votes

    Will Officeworks pricematch?

    • +35 votes

      OW dont stock this model. crafty buggers.

      • +3 votes

        They've already updated their systems to reflect the discount price, sneaky bastards.

  • +3 votes

    Stocking up for Xmas presents.



    • +1 vote



    I need a bigger car

  • +5 votes

    and price drop on the GTR?

  • +10 votes

    Gotta resist… bought more than I needed at last sale.


    Its a sign. I'm taking the lotto today! :D

  • +8 votes

    And it's $326 under the luxury car tax limit!

    • +2 votes

      That's not how it works. LCT is calculated only on the vehicle's price, accessories and delivery charges (after GST is calculated). It is not calculated on rego/CTP and stamp duty. If the car was $62,000 driveaway, there still wouldn't be any LCT applied.

    • +63 votes

      Why not just spend the extra $1,000,000 and get a Rolls Royce Phantom Series II? Best decision I've made since I sold the Lambo Aventador.


        Yeah? I'm a bit strapped for cash at the moment; I'll keep an eye out for bargains posted here on Series 2 Phantoms though.

    • +78 votes

      Driving an STi instead of a base WRX just means you are a senior IT analyst, rather than a regular one.

      Subaru should include a welcome pack that includes a polo shirt, a belt clip for your Android device and a pair of chinos.

      • +5 votes

        jjcf, that may just be my favourite OzB quote of the month.

      • -36 votes

        So you're saying it's a small upgrade from WRX to STi?

        I don't really get what you're trying to say in the second line…

        STi is way better than the base I am glad I didn't get the WRX, at the end of the day we all just quickly overlook the WRX and say hey it's just a WRX no matter what they do to it. You don't get any respect from real car enthusiasts unless you completely transform the car.

        The STi comes with recaros, brembo calipers, DCCD, non plastic intake manifold, 6 speed super strong gearbox, a lot more that I've missed out.

        I have a new turbo sitting here, ID1000 injectors, fp, 3 port EBCS, process west TMIC ready to go on to push through 300kw atw, thats like 350-360kw @ the flywheel (so 450+HP). That's enough to destroy or give those supercars a run for their money. The WRX 5 speed would be shredded to pieces by this amount of power, the brakes would be pretty useless. I know someone who tracked their WRX and the piston seals on their calipers went bust. Where as my Brembos are fine.

        Pretty sure you'd have a lot harder time getting this 370z up to that spec.

        What do you drive a Golf R and use an iPhone? LOL

        • +22 votes

          But it's still a WRX.

        • -21 votes

          That's what people say to the WRXs…. The STi is a different monster.

          I see those little WRXs around.. they're doing stupid stuff and not even thinking what their "MODS" are doing to their car. Whereas you see most STis are doing things right (some exceptions).

          Most of the STIs I know around are putting quality parts Rays forged rims, Work Rims, upgrading to 6 pot calipers, using ohlins, JRZ, etc.

          Whereas you see the common ones just use taiwanese/chinese brands in vital components.

        • +1 vote

          and it's still a wrx and no evo.
          pointless posturing imo.

        • +42 votes

          I don't know what I like more: that you so spectacularly missed the point, or that you then launched into an epic and impassioned wrx defence that no one will ever read.

          I hope someone was covering the helpdesk while you frantically smashed that out.

        • -16 votes

          slowmo: Urmm it's an STi, major components area completely different.

          It's people like you who maybe drive lancer/ralliart and think it's an evo.
          Or a WRX and think it's an STi, a VTi-R and think it's a type R.

          I love EVO IXs and there were more clean ones when I was looking for one.

          The new EVOs are terrible. I snapped most EVO Xs…. but I do know there are some fast ones out there but there are some faster STis as well.

          Your comparison is flawed here….. WRX —> Ralli-Art (shitboxes) and STi —> EVOs.

        • -10 votes

          jjcf: lol IT nerds don't drive these cars…

          So what do you drive?

        • +14 votes

          Comparing a Turbo car to an NA one is silly. You already paid an extra $15k to start off with…plus all the mods…and tuning. What's the grand total?

          You can buy a base WRX @ $45k and throw all those mods in…including a 6 speed box, forged internals, blah blah blah…that's an extra $30k+ in mods that'll rape your STI…Brembo 4 pots? Meet AP Racing 6 pots…

          At the end of the day its still a WRX. If you want to spend an extra 30k for some brembos, seats, "non plastic" intake, no one's going to stop you. You can pick all that stuff up on Forums easily for a much cheaper price…

          Not to say the STI is a bad car, just over priced. Its like people who pay $100k+ for a Walkinshaw Commo…yeah its fast, but its still a Commodore…

          A turbo kit from Greddy for the $370z is about $9k. That alone will eat a stock STI. Unless its wet :p

        • +2 votes

          for $20k+ more i cant justify those extras

          especially when you can get a limited edition wrx that looks exactly like an Sti…and with the $20K savings, you can turn it into a 11sec car.

          sti only has 30kw more btw

          and with the 5speed gearbox, wrx is nearly the same speed down the 1/4 mile

          oh and btw ur golf R will munch you too lol

          and before you start flaming, i learnt how to drive on a wrx.

        • -10 votes

          But in the end people will still see the WRX as a WRX, and an STi as an STi.

          Why do you think we buy STis for, extra for nothing? The chassis is actually reinforced in a few places as most people don't know this. Yes you can upgrade to 6 pots, so can we. We also sell off a lot of our parts (which are worth more and get money back).

          It's usually a long term build and that is why we chose the STi. ATM my STi will rape MOST WRXs(not all) for this newer shape anyway. I love my old Subarus and EVOs.

          So when you say an STi is a WRX… is an EVO a Ralliart? Is a C45 AMG a C180 (or whatever?), is a V8 race car a Holden v6 family car?

          The newer STi 6 speed with straight cut 1st and 2nd are pretty hard to find used.

          You're going to go through a lot of labour trying to make the WRX like an STi as well. Theres also the stud pattern, the WRX has smaller hubs and runs 5x100. The sti runs larger with 5x114.3. It will add up.

          A few years later I will have a fully built engine running a GT35 rotated turbo, it'll all be worth it.

          In the end the costs will be similar, a lot of the STis internals can be reused when building the block, even the nitrated crank we have.

          But as it stands (before I've even put my new turbo, fp, inj, etc on with E85) it leaves most traffic for dead with my current mods on p98.

        • -7 votes

          Umm no? Golf Rs lost to me so many times…. atm im only pushing 223kw at all four wheels with just TBE, Equal length headers, intake and a tune.. I have a few mates with Golf Rs, with similar mods they don't make as much power. They can't even turn their traction control off completely lol

          Don't go comparing those little figures the companies quote, that's at the flywheel.

          The 5 speed gets shredded @ higher power.

        • -2 votes

          lol didn't see your comments at the bottom. All these types of cars when being modified are money pits. We all know it when we get into this. High performance cars shouldn't even appear on Ozbargain.

        • +23 votes

          Yeah and my $800 Volvo is more comfortable and has more solid build quality.

          Why you launching into this huge WRX VS STI debate when no one cares?

        • +3 votes

          Doesnt a Corolla have more power and a better rpms then this car?